Did you know that you were qualified to be a tutor before you began tutoring?

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116 months ago

I am thinking about becoming a tutor so that I can earn some extra money and develop my teaching skills. Mathematics have always been relatively easy for me, and I took unrequired coursework at the university to expand my mathmatical abilities. That being said, it has been a couple years since I graduated and I have not been using any advanced mathematical techniques in my professional life. My anticipation is that I will be re-learning the subject matter that my potential clients are learning. Does this disqualify me to teach? Some other concerns of mine include the fact that I have not ever been in a teaching role before, I work 9-5, and I do not own an automobile.

Please share your experience of starting out as a tutor. When and why did you decide to be a tutor? Did you feel qualified? Given hindsight, were you actually qualified? How much face time, travel time, and preparation time are you investing? How much money are you getting in return? Finally, how long have you been tutoring?

Thank you in advance for your responses.

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pam in Westhoughton, United Kingdom

115 months ago

Just because you are good at a subject does not mean that you will be good at teaching it. In my experience the best tutors/teachers are those that have had to work at a subject and can understand the problems that pupils are experiencing.
Maths in particular is a subject that you need to be able to present to those who are not 'naturals' at the subject.For example, algebra is a topic that many pupils find difficult and if you find it very easy you will become frustrated when pupils do not grasp the concept easily.
Remember good tutouring is not just about turning up for a session, it includes preparation, marking and being fully conversant all the exam boards.

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