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Updated 3 days ago

Jackson Community college online sonography program. - 24 Replies

[QUOTE who="jessic in Tennessee"]I attend JCC, IF you have any questions let me know :)[/QUOTE] Hi! I’m looking at starting the program but I’m in...



Hello everyone, I'm looking to buy the most ESP Breast ultrasound book. please contact me at luluirene1@hotmail.com if you are selling. Thanks!!!!


Updated 4 days ago

SUNY downstate medical center for sonography....... - 20 Replies

[QUOTE who="ottam-v in Brooklyn, New York"]Hello Ketsia, Congrats on your acceptance. I am a former student from Downstate and I am selling a...


Trying to return to the field...

I am also in a similar situation. I have been out of the field for a number of years after staying home with my kids. I am ARDMS registered in one...


Updated 6 days ago

Opinions about IUD and SMAHE online programs - 77 Replies

[QUOTE who="nickjr in Orlando, Florida"]I am intrested to know more information from current and former students expereinces of these 2 institutions...


Updated 8 days ago


I have a new book of ultrasound physics and instrumentation by frank r miele for sale. I bought it for 150 and want to sell it it is very new


Updated 8 days ago

Ultrasonography - 377 Replies

It's been awhile, but has anybody here attended or heard of CBD college for DMS? If so, what do you think of it?


Updated 8 days ago

Thinking about ultrasound tech or sonorgrapher - 31 Replies

You cannot work part time in this program. It is not like university. But the career is 100% placement for jobs in Canada. It is extremely hard. ...


Updated 9 days ago

ARDMS Breast Davies CD Mock Exam - 17 Replies

Is the Breast review cd still available? Thanks


Updated 10 days ago

Thinking of becoming a Sonographer. Any advice? - 324 Replies

I think that's a great idea. I was thinking the same. Even in nursing some may say it's not all that. Theres perks to everything. I really read these...


Updated 11 days ago

Help! Need more ultrasound training. - 47 Replies

[QUOTE who="bobbieo in Jersey City, New Jersey"]was wondering if anyone can give me advice on additional training in ultrasound. My clinical...

unknown tech

1099 sonographer rate per scan

Hi everyone. Currently I’m in a position as a general/vascular sonographer. I was curious as to the average cost per scan I should charge in the...


Updated 11 days ago

3D/4D Business General Liability Insurance, who do you guys use? - 2 Replies

[QUOTE who="Chris in Tuttle, Oklahoma"]We are starting a new 3D/4D business and are struggling to find an insurance carrier that doesn't want to...

livingandlearning in Oklahoma

Updated 14 days ago

Hate Being A Sonographer - 86 Replies

I am a newly employed tech and absolutely hate it. The responsibility is overwhelming for me and I have so much anxiety every time I have to go into...

John in Houston, Texas

Updated 17 days ago

A career in Medical Sonography, your thoughts? - 487 Replies

Hello, I'm stuck in a job I currently hate (retail) and am looking for a new career field that I can achieve with a 2 year degree. I'm 36 years...

Jigisha Patel in Clermont, Florida

Updated 19 days ago

Books for sale - 2 Replies

If anyone is interested in buying the following books let me know. 1) ESP Vascular Technology 2016 ($125) 1) Davies Vascular Technology Review...

laurencourtney in San Antonio, Texas

Updated 21 days ago

ARDMS OB GYN: Desperate for Edleman Review Book - 278 Replies

I am taking the ARDMS ob gyn exmam in two weeks, does anyone have an Edleman Review Book for me? I will pay, like over night a money order!!!!! or...

Alina in Staten Island, New York

Updated 24 days ago

Looking for a tutor for ultrasound physic - 26 Replies

Does anyone in NJ know of a tutor that knows ultrasound physics?? I'm taking my SPI exam soon and I keep reading and reading and nothing in sinking...

Hugo in Houston, Texas

Updated 24 days ago

Anyone started their own business? - 85 Replies

I am going to graduate this spring from Mountain State University. I have definitely noticed the decline in job opportunities sin first enrolling in...

NA south N.J.

Updated 25 days ago



Ruth in Pearland, Texas

Updated 1 month ago

Any PIMA Medical Institute Diagnostic Medical Sonography Graduates? - 13 Replies

Are there any graduates from the PMI Diagnostic Medical Sonography program that can provide information regarding their experience? Wanted to see...

Evadeeva in Hazard, Kentucky

Updated 1 month ago

Ultrasound Tech.--HYPE VS REALITY - 9 Replies

Well I have been reading all of the coments on this board about the ultrasound profession. Seems like everyone on this forum seesm to complain about...

Trad in Bartow, Florida

Updated 1 month ago

how good is Keiser University? - 136 Replies

I'm about to enroll in Keiser in Ft.Lauderdale, Fl. I want to become an ultrasound technician and this school is really convenient for me. just...

Hobo2012 in California

Updated 1 month ago

sonography at 37+ - 90 Replies

With a Bachelor in Education and Literature, I still wish for a career as a Sonographer. But worry about being able to get through the pre-req.s and...

Milan in San Francisco, California

Updated 1 month ago

General, Vascular, or Cardiac? - 28 Replies

Need some feedback!! I found an online CAAHEP accredited program & need a little help deciding on a concentration. Is one in higher demand than the...

Shami in Etobicoke, Ontario

Updated 1 month ago

What to study for RVT RDMS exam? Vascular Technology registry exam. - 873 Replies

Hello, I plan on taking the RVT (Registry for Vascular Technologist) ARDMS exam next month and was wondering if anyone can offer some insight...

mlall in New York, New York

Updated 1 month ago

Good Sonography Programs in NYC or Westchester area? - 5 Replies

I have my bachelors in Psychology and interested in pursuing a career as an Ultrasound Tech. I am currently researching different programs in the...

Mushka in New York

Updated 1 month ago


Hi i failed my cci echo exam my score was 601 i have the practice exam cd from gulfcoast ultrasound i was doing good on that but when i took the cci...

Jennifer in Huntington Beach, California

Updated 1 month ago


hello, i am interested in knowing any sono techs out there (especially in ny) that are willing to disclose salary information. i have seen other...

tdubb in Houston, Texas

Updated 1 month ago

ATTENTION all 3D 4D ultrasound buisnesses! Owning your own 4d ultrasound clinic. - 8 Replies

I have a lot of ob gyn experience (and 3d/4d) and am looking into starting my own 3d 4d buisness. I have completed a lot of research from what name...

christoph in San Jose, California

Updated 1 month ago

Looking for Feedback on Foothill College DMS Program - 289 Replies

Anyone here attend Foothill College? I am interested in feedback regarding the program, testing and job offers after graduation. Thanks for your...

lb90 in Ashton-under-lyne, United Kingdom

Updated 2 months ago

UK Sonographer emigrating to America - 25 Replies

Hi My wife is due to move to the States in August, she is a diagnostic Sonographer with all the UK Accreditation (Degree and Post Grad...

Kristin in Nashville, Tennessee

Updated 2 months ago

ESP Physics and Abdomen review books - 14 Replies

I have spiral bound copies of the ESP physics from 2009, and Abdomen review books from 2009. They are copies, so the pics in the abdomen are not the...

mjonezn in Bronx, New York

Updated 2 months ago

Ultrasound tech vs. radiology tech - 14 Replies

Hello, I'm JUST at the beginning of trying to figure out what I want to go back to school for. I turn 30 this year, am bored with my current...


Updated 2 months ago

Pediatric Echocardiography Resources - 2 Replies

Hey there, I'm starting to study for my Pediatric Echo review for ARDMS. I'm wondering if anybody who has taken the test (or the CCI equivalent)...


Updated 2 months ago

Need ARDMS Adult Echo Registry Review Study Guide - 23 Replies

What materials should I study for the ARDMS Adult Echo Registry Exam? I really don't want to buy "Q&A" study guide.

Kristin in Nashville, Tennessee

NEEDED: ESP Ultrasound Physics Workbook

I am studying for the boards and I am looking to buy the ESP Ultrasound Physics workbook. Does anyone have the most recent edition (2017 or 2016)...

Shaun in Mississauga, Ontario

Updated 2 months ago

Anyone a Cardiology Technologist in Ontario, Canada? - 72 Replies

Hi, I have been considering a career change and have been researching this program. It is offered at Mohawk College as 2 year program in...

Nikki in Midland, Texas

Selling my established 3D/4D Ultrasound Business

I am a registered OBGYN Sono tech that currently owns an established highly profitable 3D/4D with mobile diagnostic Ultrasound business in midland,...

mlall in New York, New York

Updated 2 months ago

American training school in West New York NJ,reviews, please!!!Any advise? - 6 Replies

Hello,ALL. I am thinking to study stenography In American Training School for Medical Professionals in West New York,Nj http://atsmp.com. Does...

Mjsantos8 in Glendale, California

Updated 3 months ago

ARRT for Sonography - 13 Replies

Has anyone taken this test? My school isn't accredited yet as we were the first Ultrasound class. So instead of working somewhere for a year, you...

Shazia in Kitchener, Ontario

Updated 3 months ago


Hi there. I'm a new graduate and can't seem to get my foot in the door without any experience or being registered. I have attempted to take the...

Shazia in Kitchener, Ontario

Updated 3 months ago

ARDMS OB/GYN or AB? - 86 Replies

I was wondering from the people who took both exams, which exam was easier to pass????


Updated 3 months ago


I am looking to buy a recent esp (edeleman) breast review book.

LG982 in Harvest, Alabama

DMS program certificate vs degree

Hi, I am looking into 2 different DMS programs in AL, 1 is a degree program that is CAAHEP accredited (Wallace State). The other is a certificate...

stephanie in Woodland Hills, California

Updated 3 months ago

Ultrasound Training in the Dominican Republic - 11 Replies

I would like to know who is interested in studying ultrasound in one of the most beautiful Caribbean islands in the world, the Dominican Republic? ...

JR in Cary, North Carolina

Updated 3 months ago

does someone has taken the new congenital pediatric CCI exam? - 14 Replies

Hello there i was wondering if does someone has taken the new congenital pediatric CCI exam? How was it? what did you study.. do you have a ESP...

Nightwing in Ottawa, Ontario

Updated 4 months ago

Diagnostic medical sonography at CNIH and SAIT any advice - 8 Replies

Hello, I am an international medical graduate who currently live in Calgary, Alberta. I have a master degree in Audiology from my home country and...

Petra in Brisbane, Australia

Updated 4 months ago

How to make myself more marketable - 1 Reply

I am RVT who worked at a vein clinic for a year and am seeking a hospital job now. I feel like working at a vein clinic has lowered my markability....

Andrea in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Updated 4 months ago

Review or cross train in Echo - 8 Replies

Hello, I am offering a tutoring service in echocardiography for any current students or recent graduates that need review. Also, for any...

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