Realistic to go back to school to become a vet?

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AshleyElizabeth in Ventura, California

97 months ago

Hi all,

I've been reading through the postings and have seen a few similar to mine. I'm a 25 year old college graduate, but my degree is in Legal Studies/Political Science. I graduated from UC Santa Cruz in 2007 and have worked as a Legal Assistant and now as a Contracts Administrator. I thought I wanted to go to law school or get my MBA, but my passion has ALWAYS been animals. I always thought I wasn't inclined to do a science major, but I've really started to realize that I want to be happy and do something I love.

I don't feel like it's too late to go back, but I don't know where to start. I have the four year degree, but that doesn't help since I didn't take any science classes other than gen ed. Do I need to go back to a four year university to take my science classes or can I take them at a community college?

I guess I'm trying to figure out where I even begin on this journey! Thanks for any and all help :)


LauraMcG in Newport Beach, California

97 months ago

I'm in a similar situation Ashley! I'm 25 and graduated in 2008 with a BA in Anthropology and has been working in a museum for the past two years. I know I am lucky to even have a job at this time and especially one in my field but I'm am considering becoming a Vet tech or possibly a veterinatian. Just like you, I don't know where to begin. I'm considering the Animal Health Science BS program at Cal Poly Pomona or the AA two year program at Pierce College. I'm scared to make a move like this.
If anyone has any advice about where to start, Thank you in advance!


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