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Updated 2 hours ago

to be veterinary assistant, should i choose online schools or going to actual school?? - 2 Replies

Are you talking about a veterinary technology program or a veterinary assistant program? There is a difference.


Updated 10 days ago

Distance learning veterinary technician programs that are located in Texas - 1 Reply

Hi Aneeta, Cedar Valley is the only distance learning program located in Texas. Is there a particular reason that you need one in Texas if it is...


Ca RVT exam

Hello, I took my VTNE a couple of months ago and I passed :) Now I'm getting ready for my State RVT exam. I downloaded CARVTA's study guide; but do...


Updated 27 days ago

Being licensed in one state, then moving to another state.. - 34 Replies

Hi! I previously lived in California and took the national exam and passed. I never took the state test because we were moving out of state. We moved...

CindyRVT in Henderson, Texas

Updated 1 month ago

Best Route to becoming Vet Tech? - 5 Replies

Hi everyone, So I am uncertain how exactly to begin a career as a vet tech. I have fully done the research on schooling/exams and AVMA-CVTEA...

CindyRVT in Henderson, Texas

Updated 1 month ago

Wanting to work in the USA - 69 Replies

Hey i'm a VT from australlia i have been a VT for 15yrs and was wondering what i need to do to be able to work in the UAS

Akoken in Huntsville, Alabama

Updated 1 month ago

Best/Worst Distance Learning Vet Tech Schools? - 620 Replies

I want to go to school to become a Vet Tech, but am currently stationed in Italy with my husband (USAF) so I'll have to do a distance learning...

CindyRVT in Henderson, Texas

Updated 1 month ago

laws are slowly changing doctors putting a boundary between vet tech and vet assist - 77 Replies

Is it true that a vet assistant can't no longer take the exam no matter how long they been in the field. The person must attend college. Can they...

CindyRVT in Henderson, Texas

Updated 2 months ago

Best online school to become a rvt - 1 Reply

I’m looking into getting my vrt degree. I’m looking more into the online classes. I have trouble learning with a visual processing problem however...

Cj in Ontario, California

Updated 3 months ago

Has anyone here done a working interview? - 19 Replies

So I went in today and did a working interview for a clinic in Indy. Has anyone on here ever done one (I am assuming at least SOME people have,...

Richard in Laurel, Maryland

Updated 3 months ago

Any other RVT's annoyed by "veterinary assistants?" - 9 Replies

I am professionally licensed as a veterinary technician. I took my VTNE. I graduated from an accredited school. I worked my ass off in school and I...

Ashley in Mchenry, Illinois

Updated 4 months ago

Is 53 too old to start being a CVT? How much stress on back to expect? - 5 Replies

I really need some hard advice. I want to be a CVT very much but an concerned about age discrimination since I would be 55 when I graduated. This is...

CindyRVT in Henderson, Texas

Updated 4 months ago

Doctors that are rude - 1 Reply

I as told by a new practice , that I was hired into ( they called me for a position I never sent my resume to them) to not speak to the animals...

CindyRVT in Henderson, Texas

Updated 5 months ago

What are the CONS of being a vet tech? - 161 Replies

I'm aware that the money isn't there, but that's not why people get into this business. Other than money, what are some of the cons of being a vet...

mags in Center Moriches, New York

Updated 7 months ago

Why NOT to choose this profession. - 71 Replies

Ok i understand some people may have a different experience than my own, but I have seen this happen many times. I have been a licensed vet tech...

srlee in Ypsilanti, Michigan

Advice for getting vet related experience prior to vet tech program application

I've recently become interested in Vet tech work and after looking into programs, I've found that most programs at universities near me require a...

CindyRVT in Henderson, Texas

Updated 8 months ago

Getting hired - 18 Replies

I have absolutely no experience being a vet tech, but am very motivated to become one. I am seriously considering going to vet tech school. How can...

CindyRVT in Henderson, Texas

Updated 8 months ago

What's the shortest amount of time you have worked for a veterinary clinic? - 1 Reply

I have read a lot about the lack of respect vet techs and assistants get from doctors and management in their clinics. I have also read about techs...

CindyRVT in Henderson, Texas

Updated 9 months ago

Is a Vet Tech degree necessary? - 1 Reply

I currently work as a vet assistant and I am considering furthering my education and getting my AS in Vet Tech. When I decided I was interested in...

CindyRVT in Henderson, Texas

Updated 9 months ago

Thinking about going to school to become a Vet Tech, questions & thoughts..?? - 104 Replies

I am 21 years old. I have just finished up my general studies & I am deciding on either going to a 2 year program to become a vet tech or going to a...

Stephanie in Westerville, Ohio

School Project - Need to Interview a Vet Tech

Hi! I'm in an online degree program to become a veterinary technician. I currently have a school project that I'm working on where I need to...

Joan Stewart in Los Angeles, California

Vet Tech with Canine Rehabilitation Specialty

Hello, Can anyone please tell me how much a vet tech with a canine rehabilitation certificate makes per hour? Is it possible to work full time at...

isabellacvt in Lancaster, Massachusetts

Updated 10 months ago

Bachelor programs online? - 22 Replies

So I am really wanting to extend my education and get my bachelor degree. Mainly because I want to specialize in emergency and critical care and I'm...

Smith283 in California

Updated 10 months ago

Purdue University or San Juan College ? - 11 Replies

Hello, im trying to decide which one of these two schools are better for an online program (vet tech), if Purdue or San Juan. Ive read amazing things...

CindyRVT in Henderson, Texas

Updated 11 months ago

Do you get sufficient practical training via Online Vet Tech Schools ? - 24 Replies

Hi Everyone, Just like a lot of other future vet tech's here I am also looking into online Vet Tech programs, which are my only option to become a...

vettech1 in Collegeville, Pennsylvania

Updated 11 months ago

Veterinary Technician degree and Physical Therapist Assistant degree at the same time? - 6 Replies

I realize this question might seem odd. I have come to a point in my life where I am looking for a new career. I have had certificates in the...

CindyRVT in Henderson, Texas

Updated 12 months ago

Help I fear burn out - 1 Reply

So I have only been a CVT for 2 years. That's it just 2 years. I started in emergency medicine and it was great I learned a lot really fast then I...

CindyRVT in Henderson, Texas

Updated 14 months ago

Decisions Vet Tech or Pre-Vet - 1 Reply

Hi, my current situation is I was suppose to go to Delaware State University to pursue my dream in being a Veterinarian. I had a great scholarship...

Bethany in Spring Hill, Florida

Updated 14 months ago

Cost of Online Vet Tech Programs - 13 Replies

i'm trying to find out the cost of the vet tech programs out there, i see people sayong about "hidden fees" and such... but can't really find a...


San Juan or Cedar Valley online vet tech program?

I'm trying to decide between San Juan or Cedar Valley for a distance learning veterinarian technology program... thoughts, opinions??

Sara in Alamogordo, New Mexico

Updated 16 months ago

San Juan or St.Petersburg College for Associates in Vet Tech degree? - 2 Replies

I am trying to make a decision between San Juan and St.Petersburg College for Vet Tech degree. San Juan seems pretty good and I only have to take...

CindyRVT in Henderson, Texas

Updated 16 months ago

Stethoscopes Ultrascope or Littmann cardiology IV? Which one are you using? - 1 Reply

What kind of stethoscope are you using as a Vet tech? Looking at either ultrascope or Litmann Cardiology IV? Or would you suggest a different one?

Josiez in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 17 months ago

How can i start my own vet clinic - 14 Replies

i'm thinking about going to school to be a veternary technician,but i don't want to work for nobody want to start my own clinic or animal shelter...

CindyRVT in Henderson, Texas

Updated 18 months ago

Will AAS Vet Tech degree allow me to get into a DVM program? - 1 Reply

I've decided to make a career change from my current job to going back to school to become a Vet Tech. I currently have a Bachelor's of Science with...

CindyRVT in Henderson, Texas

Updated 19 months ago

What are the PROS of being a Vet Tech - 10 Replies

I have signed up to go to the St. Louis Vet Tech Institute with Hickey school beginning the end of October. I've been unemployed for several months...

mhendrix in Fayetteville, Georgia

Updated 19 months ago

Endless job searching HELP - 1 Reply

I'm very stuck trying to find a new vet tech job. I graduated a AVMA accredited college and got my degree in veterinary technology and now...

CindyRVT in Henderson, Texas

Updated 21 months ago

Interview for practicing Vet Techs-project - 15 Replies

Hi! I am doing a project for my intro to biomed class on starting a career as a Vet Tech, I would really appreciate if any practicing techs would...

CindyRVT in Henderson, Texas

Updated 21 months ago

stuck in a rut - 1 Reply

I'm currently looking for a good veterinary assistant program onlinereferred that accepts fafsa....iI've talked to many programs and none accepted...

Nitefeatherz in Hernando, Florida

Salaries for certified vet tech in Florida???

Trying to find info online about it. I have been a licensed veterinary technician in New York (and certified in Florida) for 15 years and am making...

CindyRVT in Henderson, Texas

Updated 23 months ago

degree with exotic animals - 1 Reply

i am a junior in college and getting my degree in wildlife/range management and minoring in animals science. i would love to work with animals and...

CindyRVT in Henderson, Texas

Updated 24 months ago

I can't get financial aid for an AS, where can. I study? - 1 Reply

To start: my main career intention is to work directly with elephants in a sanctuary or related institution. I have been researching Vet Tech...

CindyRVT in Henderson, Texas

Updated 24 months ago

Needing advice - 1 Reply

I've just finished with my GED and I'm interested in becoming a vet tech. Will I need to do general classes before I join a program?

CindyRVT in Henderson, Texas

Updated 26 months ago

Vet tech school good idea or no - 1 Reply

Today I was told by a former vet tech that its it's better not to waste time or money going to school to just find a clinic to train me, I need help...

Brj in Forney, Texas

Updated 27 months ago

Kinda scared to become a vet tech but love animals - 5 Replies

I wanna become a vet tech, just wanna know do yall love yalls job after years of doing it? Do yall get grossed out when seeing open wounds or cry...

Rebecca in Louisville, Colorado

Any room for moving up after being a vet tech for a while

Hello, I am just curious if anyone has any experience with moving up within a vet office after being a tech for a while? For example, someone...

CindyRVT in Henderson, Texas

Updated 28 months ago

San Juan College Complaints & Transfer - 11 Replies

I was enrolled in San Juan because Penn Foster gave me high pressure sales tactics that I needed to commit to signing up and paying right now and I...

Kenzie in Dawsonville, Georgia

Lost on my Path

I graduated with a bachelor's degree in biology. I'm currently interning at a very small zoo (first month in for 6 months) where I pretty much watch...

CindyRVT in Henderson, Texas

Updated 29 months ago

Role of RVTs in dental procedures - 1 Reply

I was wondering if anyone could clarify a few things for me, or direct me to someone who could. I am an RVT in the state of California, I was...

Melissa in Gresham, Oregon

Updated 29 months ago

How long should a dental procedure on a dog take? - 1 Reply

I work in a vet clinic and have recently started assisting with dental procudres. I was taught that a good and thorough dental cleaning on a dog/cat...

Aushi in Salinasnull

Updated 33 months ago

Chances of getting a job? Unlicensed vet tech? Florida? - 4 Replies

So about a year ago I posted a question about AVMA accreditation and how I pretty much had no chance of going to a vet tech program that was...

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