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Stacie in Saint Louis, Missouri

98 months ago

Ive been a hairstylist for 5 years, and although I love being creative, theres two problems.

1) I only make about 15,000 dollars a year including tips.
2) Ive had two surgeries ( neck fusion, and labral tear repair) which make my job grueling and painful.

I work my butt off for practically nothing, and someday I want to work days and have weekends off with my future children. Ive always had a passion for animals. Ive saved many and have always wanted to be in the rescue aspect of things. But considering the rescue force in missouri work 24/7, every day of the year thats not exactly what Im looking for. I started looking into vet tech school and was seriously leaning towards that option. Until I got on the forums. It seems like everyone has so many bad things to say. Now dont get me wrong, I dont have alot of good things to say about my job, im sure everyone has more cons than pros. But the schooling for vet tech is very expensive. I dont want to jump into a field that is so costly if people are saying such horror stories about it. Im hearing the pay is terrible (which is odd cause they make way more than i do!!) That the job is physically hard and even that the hours are crazy and sometimes the vets and other techs are jerks. Im stuck at a crossroads. Im living pay check to paycheck, and want to move forward in my life. I need real honest answers to whether you guys think I should do this or not, and what route I should take. And how hard was school? Im not a book smart person, I can learn easily when hands on. Throw me essays and papers, im sure i could bust my butt to do it, but again, I dont wanna throw my money away for something out of my league!


KAT the Dog Lover in Long Beach, California

98 months ago

Stacie, I used to work in a creative industry, and after many years I decided it was time for a change. I did a little soul searching, and decided to combine my life-long interest in the medical field with my love for animals.

Veterinary medical work is very physical: restraining animals of varying sizes, risk of injury and getting bitten, lifting, holding, pushing, pulling, bending, reaching, cleaning, allergies, etc. All medical jobs have certain hazards, such as exposure to diseases and chemicals (you'll find out...). Maybe the hardest part of the job is "transitioning" very sick animals, which comes with the territory. And yet the personal rewards can be wonderful, when you feel good about helping animals and their human companions who entrust their care to you. The one thing this industry is not: M-F, 9-5. You may be able to work that schedule after getting a great job one day, but most jobs include weekends, and that is the truth.

You're right that everyone has issues in their job or professional industry. If you are curious, do a bit more research. Visit the library or bookstore, talk to your vet or the vet of friends/family pets, learn about the types of industry jobs and their requirements. It is not a high paying industry, and everyone starts at the entry-level.

If you decide that it's what you want to do, look into the educational programs, starting with your local community or junior colleges. Some distance learning programs are reasonably priced, but you have to find your own clinic or hospital to work in for the hands-on part of the program, and you have to be very self-disciplined. There is a lot of science stuff.

Look to your heart's desire for what will bring you the most personal satisfaction, whether that is helping others, making lots of money, gaining fame, or whatever. Only YOU can decide whether you "should do this or not".


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