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Omahawillard in Saint Paul, Minnesota

Updated 6 months ago

Hourly pay question - 172 Replies

Hi there. I'm new to waitressing ... I've only been at it for about a month so far. Here's my question: I get paid $2.19 hourly, plus tips,...

AtExit8 in Cranbury, New Jersey

Updated 7 months ago

Owners taking our tips - 224 Replies

I'm curious about the laws concerning "tipping out." At our restaurant, the owners take a nice size of our tips and tell us that it goes to the...

Nonnamouse in Henderson, Nevada

Managers waiting tables

Mimi's Cafe has made so many bad moves and NOW to "save on labor" the MANAGERS are taking tables because they aren't scheduling enough servers. But...

AtExit8 in Cranbury, New Jersey

Updated 8 months ago

Am I being paid fairly at my job as a waitress - 1 Reply

I just started a new job working at a restaurant. I have barely been working here for two weeks and am already noticing very alarming problems. I...

AtExit8 in Cranbury, New Jersey

Updated 8 months ago

Waitress tips - 16 Replies

I have a question, My daughter works for a restaurant and they add her tips to her pay in her paycheck and then deduct them at the bottom, so its...

fihe in East Brunswick, New Jersey

Updated 9 months ago

I've been a server for 22 yrs. in casual dining. How do I move up to fine dining - 4 Replies

I have worked in casual dining restaurants for 22 years. I would like to get into fine dining serving. Am I to old? I'm 40. Do they like to hire...

AtExit8 in Cranbury, New Jersey

Updated 9 months ago

Tips/Pay - 2 Replies

I recently changed jobs. I got paid $5.44 + tips. It was up to us to claim tips besides credit cards. Occasionally they would run a report or what...

jamie32168 in Sarasota, Florida


I recently changed jobs. I got paid $5.44 + tips. It was up to us to claim tips besides credit cards. Occasionally they would run a report or what...

J-DaddyO in Saginaw, Michigan

Buss boys splitting tips with wait staff

Hi, A Michigan law question My boy and my nephew have their first jobs as a buss boys at the same bar/restaurant. They get $5 something an...

KingOfUtah in Des Moines, Iowa

Updated 13 months ago

older waitresses - 19 Replies

waitresses/ waiters really do need a union. i have waitressed at a pub for 13 years every saturday night and have been sick 3 times in that time. i...

AtExit8 in Cranbury, New Jersey

Updated 13 months ago

Raise - 1 Reply

I’ve been a waitress for about 8 years. Recently I’ve started bartending and I’ve received a dollar raise in bartending and serving. The way I’ve...

westerlylove in Westerly, Rhode Island

Updated 15 months ago

career change - 23 Replies

I have worked as a waitress for many years. I need a career change,because this job is getting very old. I can not think of anything I can do,but be...

Keri in Selden, New York

Updated 19 months ago

Average salary for waiter in NYC... - 9 Replies

I'm wanting to move to NYC in August 2010 and was wondering what the average salary, including tips, is for a waitress there. Obviously it would be a...

GiGiHolley in THOMASTON, Georgia

Updated 19 months ago

Questions about a Server's Paycheck - 1 Reply

Hi, I'm a server in South Carolina and make $2.13 an hour plus tips. I work in a popular college restaurant and during the summer it can get slow....

N.WRIGHT in Peoria, Arizona


Hello I just moved here from the East Coast and started working at a new restaurant. This restaurant is relatively new, opening locations here in...

Purple15 in Chadron, South Dakota

Updated 21 months ago

Boss refusing to give credit card tips - 2 Replies

So with our card machine it gives the customer the option of putting the tip on directly or the customer can write it on the receipt if they choose...

Laura Hughes in Mesa, Arizona

Updated 22 months ago

Tax Free Tips! - 2 Replies

Ron Paul wants to make your tips tax free! Visit http://www.notaxontips.com/ to sign the petition in support of this legislation. Congressman...

nanette91 in Manhattan, New York

Servers tipping out 35%, 15% going to BOH. Is this legal to do?

I live in NYC and I work at a new restaurant that's been open for a few weeks now. Our tip out rules are 18% of our sales. Out of that 18% we have to...

AtExit8 in City, New Jersey

Updated 33 months ago

Wages - 4 Replies

I work at wagfle king in aswainsboro ga .i make 2.13 an hour but on my pay stub they have that i make $50 a night but some nights i only bring home...

G3nshadow in Sumner, Washington

Employer holding tips till payday

Hi I was wondering if anyone had any laws or RCWs when it comes to an employer holding our tips. I work for a bar and restaurant. And we get our tips...

Jessica552392 in Long Beach, California

Tipping out

Ok.. so i was working at a family owned place. Our tip was 4% of our net. This was to be split hostess, busboy, bar. Heres the rub... we were forced...

Matthew Speakman in Warrington, United Kingdom

Restaurant and bar staff working life stduent research

Hi, I am a student looking to gather research on working life for restaurant and bar staff. from the research I am looking into product design to...

schrondingersidiot in cedar falls, Iowa

manager keeps 'losing' my credit tips

I work as a hostess, and I get credit tips. These are processed at the end of the night and stored in a safe until I pick them up. This week when I...

RobJonesFlies in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 46 months ago

Boss hiding credit card tip amounts - 1 Reply

Hello- I have a question that I am hoping someone will be able to answer as I have talked with several people who have been unable to help. I...

ZoeyMyah in Yorba Linda, California

Updated 47 months ago

Length of time withholding tips - 2 Replies

Has anyone had their tips withheld until they learn the menu? I've been employed three months and still do not receive tips. My employer doesn't...

bellakinns in Tucson, Arizona

understanding paycheck tips

Please explain this to me... 1)on my pay check it says i made 80.00 in tips for the week. added with my hourly wage gives me my total pay for the...

Phillygirl17 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Tipping out Non- employed people

Yes I live in Pennsylvania and I work at this place where I feel it's so unfair with tipping. The one waitress has her 2 daughters come in and they...


Updated 59 months ago

Server paycheck/ Myrtle SC - 2 Replies

I went to pick up my monthly paycheck today to see I only got paid $21.80. I worked 183 hours and they said I only claimed $460 in tips. I'm still a...

Trying to Help in Detroit, Michigan

Updated 59 months ago

waitress wage and tip - 1 Reply

Hi I'm new to be a waitress in a texas restaurant soon to be open I'm going to get paid 3.oo plus tip , employer going to give from what I make on...

Chris in Las Vegas, Nevada

Is this legal?

Hey my name is chris, I'm currently working at Todd English P.U.B at crystals in aria on the strip of wonderful Las Vegas, NV. Just recently I got a...

Chris in Las Vegas, Nevada

Updated 67 months ago

salary - 1 Reply

How much money does a waitress or waiter average a year in lasvegas working at restaurants in the casino's?

Truthhurts1 in Seattle, Washington

Catering tips kept by owner

A seattle catering company where owner charged 18% service fee (sounds like a tip to me) that he collected to cover his business expenses ie chef...

Tj8888 in Jackson, Mississippi

Updated 77 months ago

Waitress salaries in Mississippi - 3 Replies

I'm researching a novel. A character is a waitress at a cafe in a small town in Mississippi. I'm trying to figure out how much she would make in...

Future Server in Brooklyn, New York

Which Serving Job would make More? Waiters/waitresses with NYC (or Times Square) experience please answer! : )

I recently had two interviews for serving type jobs, both of which went very well. I am wondering which job has the chance of making more money given...

Shannon in Florence, Kentucky

Upselling games

I am currently working on a project for work that involves lots of different games to motivate people to upsell (bingo, hot potato, things like...

camphilips7 in Kirkland, Washington

Updated 83 months ago

What is The Proper Amount to Tip a Waiter? - 1 Reply

How do YOU, the waiters out there, determine the best way for your customers to tip you and based on what?

ThatIsNotMyName in Nashville, Tennessee

Updated 84 months ago

Minimum Wage - 1 Reply

I am a waitress at a large pizza chain. I make $4.93/hour as a waitress. Some days I do not make much money in tips, and my hourly rate is still much...


Tip Sharing

I work at a Texas café where a tip sharing policy is in place, and you can not opt out of it. The employers collect the tips from a tip jar and...

J in Marietta, Georgia

Owner taking our tips

Hi, I work at a Japanese stake house as a waitress. We have full bar without a bartender, and also have grills for hibachi and sushi tables as well....

Lesley Bennett in Warwick, Rhode Island

Updated 88 months ago

Top waiter/waitress skills needed to get the job. - 8 Replies

What are the top 3 traits or skills every waiter/waitress must have to excel? Can you suggest any tips or insights to develop your waiter/waitress...

Random_dude57 in Regina, Saskatchewan

Question regarding tips and management (A little different from the rest of the topics in here)

Hi, I'm currently working in a liquor offsale at minimum wage. The store is attached to a pub, with a door connecting the two (owned by the same...

waittables in Columbus, Ohio

Can my MANAGER do this? (concerning TIPS)

So I wait tables. My hourly wage is about $3.60, before the shift is over we get "cashed out" which means we receive our credit card tips and also...

Confussed in Kitchener, Ontario

Questions about waitressing?

Hello, I am a 17 year old female. I just got a job at a family-owned Thai food restaurant and I would like to ask some questions. This is my very...

Dana in Pottstown, Pennsylvania

Is waiting tables a good source of add income?

I was recently offered a waitress position at an upscale sports bar. I have not served before and currently make a decent income working full time...

Branon in Knoxville, Tennessee

Updated 95 months ago

waitress union - 16 Replies

I am a waitress and I feel we have been left out. I beleive a waiter/waitress union would be a better start I live in Ga. If anyone has any idea how...

braindetergent in Price, Utah

Forced to clock out before tipped.

At the end of my server shift, or I should say at the begining of the next server's shift, my manager has me clock out no matter how many tables I...

Alexa in Flushing, New York

Updated 98 months ago

tips only - 10 Replies

hi.. my girlfriend just started waitressing and is only getting payed tips. she dosnt get a pay check. but her tips are coming out to be more then...

tom in Brecksville, Ohio

Updated 98 months ago

Not paid minimum wage for non tipped duties - 1 Reply

The restaurant I work for requires cleaning duties and other duties after being cut from the floor that do not generate tips but average an hour or...

anonymous in El Monte, California

owner's taking credit card tip

hi there im a waitress and i have a dilemna so i just recently found out that the boss is taking our credit card tip money and using it towards...

anonymous in El Monte, California

owner's taking credit card tip

hi there im a waitress and i have a dilemna so i just recently found out that the boss is taking our credit card tip money and using it towards...

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