Catering tips kept by owner

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Truthhurts1 in Seattle, Washington

54 months ago

A seattle catering company where owner charged 18% service fee (sounds like a tip to me) that he collected to cover his business expenses ie chef salaries, etc. which in itself is not a bad business practice. However, even with the "service charge". Wording, sometimes the client would tip the staff via their final payment sent to the owner who would not always pass it on to the staff. Instead he would keep them and a very reliable source (an immediate family member) has said the owner cand his girlfriend even said the tips are their shopping money. Myself and the other staff have all discussed how we don't. Like that we do not receive tips but when I called the owner out about his practice he fired me for some bull#*%? Reason. So I have 2 questions...can he fire me for calling him out and 2 it illegal for him to keep money intended for staff tips. He pays some well but most under the table. I worked there over 7 years and was fired for speaking the truth. Who can I report this to?


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