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N.WRIGHT in Peoria, Arizona

6 months ago

Hello I just moved here from the East Coast and started working at a new restaurant. This restaurant is relatively new, opening locations here in Arizona and is from California. The way they pay us is as follows. All (100%) of the tips, cash, and credit collected by the waitress's are given to the house. The house than adds them all together and gives each waitress a percentage of the combined total, as well as the hostess, cooks, kitchen help, dishwashers who do not contribute to the tip pool because they are paid hourly and do not receive tips. The waitress's,waiters receive a slightly higher percentage of the tip pool than the non tipped employees however every waitress.waiter receives the same percentage amount no matter what. My first shift I brought in around 210.00 in tips myself which I had to surrender to be pooled and a few days later when they were done collecting and dividing tips I was given 100.00. I am a career waitress and my tip percentage is very high, it always has been. I am good at my job. Once customer alone tipped me 30.00 on a 60.00 tab that day. So I dont think this will be a good fit for me as I will always be taking home less than I am actually making or paying in. I have worked at plenty of restaurants where WE tip out non tipped employees/kitchen staff but that was a percentage of MY earned tips. The way this is set up, is I am being paid a percentage of MY earned tips not the other way around. Is this legal in Arizona? Is this common practice out here?


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