percentage taken out of tips

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Galaxy in Saint Paul, Minnesota

81 months ago

I work at a restaurant and they take 2% of each charge tip for a processing fee for credit cards. Nowadays, a lot of restaurants are following suit. They have been doing it for at least a year and a half now. Not sure what other restaurants do it, but I checked it out, and it is legal. This sucks for the servers! 2 cents out of the dollar is taken out of their charge tips when they did all the hard work. The hosts don't even get tips either, and they are only making .75-.85 more than servers. They used to get a dollar or more than the servers, we got a pay cut, when the servers got a pay raise (they get min wage plus tips, min wage goes up, they get a raise). Won't be too long before the hosts and servers are making the same amount per hour.


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