What are the best wireless consultant qualifications and training to get ahead?

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What is the best training for becoming a wireless consultant? What types of ongoing training or certifications are necessary to be an effective wireless consultant?

What do non-traditional career paths look like?

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Watch Out! For these companies in Frisco, Texas

127 months ago

iBAHN has been dumping people for no cause other than BAD,... VERY bad decisions & attitudes from VP and Executive level people burning bridges w/ Major Exectives from the Hotel industry.

iBAHN is based in UTAH. There are TONS of great people in other positions. The EXECUTIVES are the problem. The VP of Sales has burned so many bridges with Major Hotel companies & Hotel Management companies that I don't know why he's still there!
They lost preferred vendor status w/ Marriott International and Hilton Executives said "iBAHN is not allowed in the building!", John Q Hammons dropped iBAHN too .... This is a corporate issue at iBAHN. This is NOT the employees at mid and lower levels.

VP of SALES Joe Rook Thinks everyone in the Hotel industry is his Friend. Personal Friend. The fact is these Hotel industry Exectives hate him. They don't even know each other and give the exact same description for him: SCAM, Lier, Makes a deal but when the deal isn't honored he DOES NOT RETURN CALL, his work is worthless .... these comments are not from me but from MEN in the Hotel industry.
His good buddy is Steve Hovanitz. Steve is on the same page as Joe. Highly unprofessional & a Sterotype of a Yahoooo Texas (Texas people aren't really like that normally!)

All of this comes from excellent Knowing continuing comments from numerous current & former employee sources.... or I'd never ever post it!

Several Directors were cut early in 2007, ENTIRE sales dept. were no more than an experiment, IT Field people were cut on the West side of the US due to lack of business to justify them .... partly because Marriot no longer has iBAHN on their preferred list.

Regardless of what they say if replies come from iBAHN PR or such, remember they are just trying to cover or re-cover their business $$$. Do not believe them. If you question this..... CALL the Above mentioned companies & ask them for their opinion 1st before you take a job!

Watch Out!

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danielwong in Singapore, Singapore

66 months ago

IEEE's WCET certification is a good and relevant certification. I have taught some classes to help students prepare for the WCET certification exam. The classes were organized by IEEE and other organizations.

In these difficult economic times, though, it is not easy to get engagements on a retainer basis. Short-term project-based engagements are possible, but also not easy to find.

Write a good and relevant book, give presentations, network ..

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