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First inflight

Updated 6 days ago

Republic airlines traiining 2018 - 24 Replies

Hello everyone! I just finished my video interview yesterday, does any one know how fast the process moves after that. Just wondering if they send...


Updated 8 days ago

Air Canada Rouge Interview - 5719 Replies

[QUOTE who="Roumtl in Toronto, Ontario"]Yes I am. May training classes are held to ensure that flight attendants come online for July 1st. The...


Updated 12 days ago

Fall 2017 Recruitments Air Canada Flight Attendants Discussion Board - 732 Replies

[QUOTE who="Josh.93 in Val-d'or, Quebec"]Just got a call from mainline, similar to what AJ YTZ said, they told me that they were hoping to start a...


Updated 13 days ago

WestJet 2017 FA recruitment - 551 Replies

Has anyone heard back for Toronto base in person interviews, so far I’ve only done the online interview and my status still says “ in progress”....

Lisa R.

Flight Attendant Interview Process/Portfolio

Hi there! At 42 years of age I have decided to through caution to the wind, change careers, and start an exciting new life experience as a Flight...


Updated 29 days ago



lyndaD in Markham, Ontario

Updated 1 month ago

WestJet 2016 FA recruitment - Toronto - 503 Replies

Who got in and is starting training in August?

harika88 in Toronto, Ontario

Updated 1 month ago

Air Canada IFS Toronto base recruitment 2015 - 6470 Replies

Air Canada is hiring again, let support each other and update each other!!

Helpme in Edmonton, Alberta

Air Canada Jazz French interview ?

What questions will they ask ? They sent me an email saying the interview will be on hirevue.

retiredarmy2012 in roanoke, Virginia

Updated 1 month ago

ALASKA Airlines - Flight Attendant GROUP INTERVIEW process - 6971 Replies

ALASKA AIRLINES - Regarding GROUP INTERVIEWS, has anyone actually been at an ALASKA AIRLINES group interview? Please share any information related to...

Jay in Markham, Ontario

Updated 2 months ago

Air canada flight attendant interview July 2012 - 4636 Replies

Hi everyone! I had apply air Canada -Toronto base! I receive a phone interview today. After the interview she said she will move me to second...

Robert KM in Toronto, Ontario

Any WestJet Flight Attendants out there?

I'm doing some research and was wondering whether anyone saw the CBC article regarding being paid below minimum wage. If so, I would love to talk...

TorontoPaul in Toronto, Ontario

Air Canada FA medical exam

Hey guys, I did my medical exam for Air Canada on February 16th near the Toronto Pearson airport at their medical centre. They sent my urine to a...

SJcoquitlam in New Westminster, British Columbia

Updated 3 months ago

Westjet YVR Flight Attendant Recruiting May 2017 - 8 Replies

Just wondering if anyone has applied for the FA position based in YVR which was posted on the Westjet careers website until the end of May. My...

Elizabeth3458 in Darien, Illinois

Updated 3 months ago

What airlines will hire me as a flight attendant at 20 years old - 1 Reply

I am 20 years old and I have recently been applying to different airlines for flight attendant positions. I noticed that most say you have to be 21....

Ms Flying high in East Orange, New Jersey

Updated 3 months ago

Southwest Airlines - 2817 Replies

Hi. Does anyone know if South West is hiring flight attendants? If so or any information about South West would be helpful.

wildrose in Edmonton, Alberta

Rejection email

I did the phone interview, language testing and then I got a rejection email. During the language test the interviewer hung up after 2 minutes and...

wildrose in Edmonton, Alberta

Updated 3 months ago

Air Canada bilingual flight attendant hiring process ? - 3 Replies

Hi, everyone. I got a call a week ago and I had an phone interview, then I was tested for my language skills on the phone, I have one more language...

Travelgirl in Hanmer, Ontario

Updated 4 months ago

Sky Regional Airlines Flight Attendant Recruitment - 495 Replies

Hi Everyone, I started this forum for anyone who has applied for Sky Regional Airlines Flight Attendant position in Toronto. I applied back in...

Jharsh1975 in Fort Worth, Texas

Want to be a flight attendant

Is there any schooling, training or licences I should already have before I start applying to be a flight attendant?

wildrose in Edmonton, Alberta

Updated 6 months ago

Flight attendant help. - 3 Replies

Hello! I am 19 years old currently seeking a job to become a flight attendant. I have been working since I was 16 years old and have plenty of...

Someone1 in Richmond, British Columbia

Updated 6 months ago

Westjet flight attendant YVR base recruitment - 1 Reply

Hi all, I just wanted to start off a westjet YVR base topic since a lot of people from the previous topic are actually waiting for YYZ based. Anyone...

Amoriie in Toronto, Ontario

Updated 6 months ago

Air canada FA Toronto base recruitment 2017 - 7 Replies

Hello everyone! Has anyone had the language test and know what types of questions they ask?

Kev in Los Angeles, California

Updated 7 months ago

Flight attendant - AC Mainline MTL - 1 Reply

Hi, Just curious to know how was the process for you in MTL interview day.

YYZEXFA in Etobicoke, Ontario

AC 2017

For those that have received a rejection email from AC, when did you receive it?

WinstonGWalters in Toronto, Ontario

Updated 8 months ago

WestJet international expansion - 1 Reply

Good time to start FA career at Westjet now since they are expanding internationally? Heard from people working there that soon they'll have more...

LivingMyDreams in Toronto, Ontario

Updated 8 months ago

Seasonal Flight Attendant - SUNWING - 4 Replies

Has anyone else applied for the seasonal FA position for Sunwing 2017??

ShootForTheStars in Nashville, Tennessee

Updated 9 months ago


yayyy passed an interview with Cathay Pacific Airways for LAX Base Inflight Crew for training on July 23! anyone works for CX or knows anyone who...

ShootForTheStars in Nashville, Tennessee

Mesa Airlines f2f and commuting

Are there any commuters for Mesa Airlines? If I am hired I'll be a commuter and I'd like to know if that's even possible? How long are new flight...

Toffee in Burnaby, British Columbia

Updated 10 months ago

WestJet Flight Attendant Recruitment 2012 - 660 Replies

Hi Everyone, I wanted to start this forum for anyone who has applied for the Westjet Flight Attendant (Posting 2641). I thought it would be great...

Auscan in Calgary, Alberta

Updated 11 months ago

WestJet Encore Flight Attendant - 432 Replies

Hi everyone! I just applied for WJ Encore - will keep you updated on process. Good luck to all!

Auscan in Calgary, Alberta

Updated 11 months ago

WestJet Encore Bilingual Flight Attendant 2016! - 51 Replies

Hey everyone, this forum is for anyone that has applied to WestJet Encore in 2016! I just received an email for the recruitment event on Tuesday...

Aaron in Aurora, Ontario

Updated 12 months ago

Westjet Guest Services Ambassador - 2 Replies

Hey Everyone! Just curious - anyone out there have experience with the GSA employment process? I did a phone interview, an in-person interview, and...

logic in Toronto, Ontario

Updated 12 months ago

Air Canada Recruitment YVR vancouver base - 1071 Replies

I just want to know if anyone else in Vancouver applied for the FA position @ Air Canada ? I submitted my application aug 28, the deadline for...

Kenia in Scarborough, Ontario


Hi Guys!!!! How's everyone today lol!! ?? So I was accepted to start with West Jet Mid May long weekend! Yayy. My question is how hard is the...

Saro in Pointe-claire, Quebec


Does anyone know what areas around missasauga are cheap to rent apartments and not too farfrom the area? I don't know the area very well and i want...

Melinag in Stouffville, Ontario


Does anyone know the phone number for the lady crystal who called to invite people to the face to face interviews I can't find it any help xx?

M in Toronto, Ontario

Air Canada phone call for interview

Hello, I applied for a Customer Service position in Toronto. I am in the process of recruitment but I missed a call for scheduling a F2F...

Melisssa in Ottawa, Ontario

Updated 15 months ago

Westjet - Flight attendant position - 2014 - 459 Replies

Anyone went to the interview on the 14th of August in YYZ ? Anynews so far ... rejection letter, offer letter ? Thanks and good luck all !!

Flyer in Barrie, Ontario

Updated 16 months ago

Air Canada Recruitment 2016 YYZ Mainline - 14 Replies

I'm curious to know what the experience has been in the recruitment process for Air Canada Mainline positions other than FAs. I applied for a role...

Yulmia in Calgary, Alberta

Updated 17 months ago

Air Canada f2f interview - 18 Replies

I just want to know if someone else is the same situation as me. I recieved a call for my f2f interview but I missed the call. I called back the same...

Yyzfa in Montréal, Quebec

Updated 18 months ago

Better Airline to Start FA Career: Air Canada vs. WestJet - 3 Replies

Hi everyone! If given a choice to start your flight attendant career (50+ years), which mainline would you choose and why? (Better seniority...

PanAmR in Louisville, Kentucky

Updated 19 months ago

Coffee, Tea, or POVERTY..... - 33 Replies

I was a FA for UAL for nearly 10 years and recently quit to finish my nursing degree, RN, BSN. Im am not here to change any individuals mind on...

Melisssa in Ottawa, Ontario

Updated 20 months ago

West Jet YVR 2016? - 1 Reply

Curious if anyone has heard from West Jet for the YVR FA position? The job posting has been closed but my application still reads as, 'Thank you for...

AlaskaFlyGirl in Anchorage, Alaska

Updated 20 months ago

Alaska Airlines after group interview - 2 Replies

I just wanted to start a new discussion board so the people that made it past the group interview could talk and share their experience or whatever.

champernell in Humble, Texas

Updated 21 months ago

United Airlines Hiring Flight Attendants - 704 Replies

Once again, United Airlines (thru its CONTINENTAL subsidiary) has begun accepting online applications and resumés thru its website for FLIGHT...

Rod_wfg in Richmond, California

Updated 23 months ago

Cathay Pacific JFK Base Recruitment 2016 - 11 Replies

Hello everyone! Does anyone know when they will start hiring for JFK base this year?

Rod_wfg in Richmond, California

Updated 23 months ago

Cathay Pacific SFO Base 2016 - 6 Replies

Hey everyone! I admit, I am bummed that CX LAX base didn't work out, but I guess it was a good learning experience, and now I know how to better...

Biassedbug in Cerritos, California

Updated 24 months ago

Cathay Pacific LAX Base Recruitment 2016 - 61 Replies

Hey there boys and girls! Just want to let everybody know that it's that time of the year... I sent my resume in the last week of April and I finally...

AiursGlitch in San Diego, California

Updated 24 months ago

Cathay Pacific LAX base recruitment 2015 - 681 Replies

Cathay Pacific LAX base is hiring again in the February 2015, To become a Flight Attendant with Cathay Pacific: -You must be educated to...

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