Can You Survive on Pay ?

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agentNRC in Palm Harbor, Florida

93 months ago

Hi guys,

I'm pretty confused. At my current desk job, I work 40hrs/wk and am paid around $12/hr. I would love to apply and interview to become an attendant. However, after seeing in multiple spots that they typically only work 75hrs per month @ $19 or so dollars per hour. I'm having a hard time imagining how I'd pay any bills or save any money.
Can someone who has worked this job in the past explain this? How is it possible to have that many missing hours in a month as compared to 40hrs weekly, and still survive?



new-to-this in San Diego, California

93 months ago


You are lucky to be making $12.00. But I do understand what you are saying. I make $ 9.50 hr, and I am barely making it. If I was living by myself the rents in San Diego are for a studio $800.00 + mo that would take 3 weekly checks to pay for it in additional to all the other expenses.

I have been looking for 2nd job or higher paying job but I have not found any, brrrrr.

good luck.


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