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btmt in Chicago, Illinois

116 months ago

I applied for a teller position at Bank of America and Chase my two top chose of banking industry that I want to work for. I want to know how long it is going to take after you fill out the application until they call for interview or for reject letter in email. I have 1 year of customer service and cash handling experience as a cashier at a restaurant. Do you think I am qualify for the position?


Mimi in New York, New York

114 months ago

I didn't have 1 year Cash Handling experience and I was still hired. You don't NEED 1 year of Customer Service or Cash Handling experience to work there. You want to work at two of the most hated banks. One of my friends works at Bank of America and its the same thing as Chase. The pay is probably a little bit lower. Speaking of Tellers.

Good Luck and if you are hired. Be Ready.........


candybellfower in Long Beach, California

89 months ago

i had my group interview today i wnat to know how long they will call me for my panel interview


tiffany in Waukegan, Illinois

86 months ago

you should be lucky that you guys get interviews for bank teller.. in my town everyone expects people to know spanish! Seriously i think that is a form of racial descrimination because youre holding an opportunity from people just because they have no experience in a certain culture! I swaer most of the time i forget that I am living here in America...


Rush009 in Lansing, Michigan

69 months ago

YamP in Miami, Florida said: The process with Bank of America took over a month. I applied 9 months back and nothing. Then I applied 9 Months later on a saturday and on monday I heard back. Got a phone interview, then set up for a group interview with about 17 other applicants, branch manager interview one-on-one, then 3 weeks later started working.

These places will keep your profile for about 3 months and based on your qualifications and what they are looking for, they might or might not call back.

I worked for BOA for 14 months and your experience there really depends on your managers as they are all different.

Very sales oriented and customer service oriented. Depending on your area, your chances are hired if you know another language.

In my opinion (which may vary with other employees) I did not like working at BOA. They changed managers 4 times in less than a year. Some were excellent and others were disrespectful. The pay starting off was $11 for me. Hope this helps!

I have one question how much money does the teller handle in one day and how much money they keep it as a starting cash in their drawer??


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