Teller Virtual Job Tryout

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Jenna in Davenport, Florida

101 months ago

As part of my application for a teller position at Suntrust I have to go through a 60 minute long virtual job tryout, they tell me to have paper, pencil, calculator on hand. What can I expect from this? any examples?

I have cash handling experience, but from another country (1 year, at a pharmacy). I am a permanent resident now, and I am a college junior (business administration). Also, I am 21, and speak fluent english and spanish and some french is this an advantage?



Jenna in Davenport, Florida

100 months ago

This is just an update. I already took the virtual job tryout, and haven't heard anything from anyone...
for those who are going to take it:

It is very easy, you don't really need any knowledge on the subject. It is long (60 minutes). It has 5 sections, I don't remember the order of each, but they have the normal assessment with the usual 1-5 (disagree-agree)questions about situations, they have another section that has empty spaces to situations and you have to type all of the things you could do in each situation (they give you about 2.5 minuts for each question) then they have another section that you get to do basic functions of a teller. This is the part that you will need paper, pencil and calculator. They will give you different situations, example: Ana Rodriguez wanted to cash the check (they show you the check) because she is plannning her daughter's birthday blah blah blah... then you need to enter in a little box the check's routing No., cash amount, check no. etc. That's easy because each part is named. but then they can ask you about what type of transaction you just did, and what was the name of the person, and why was she saving for. They want to make sure that you pay attention to details. in that section they will also provide you with every single coin and dollar amount possible with empty boxes and they will tell you, for example, Ana wants to cash $1,200, she wants 800 in $100 bills, $10 in quarters, etc... etc... you have to put the right amount in each box, for instance 8 in the $100 bill one; 40 in the .25 box (10/0.25)...

Hope this helped anyone...


Phoebe in Albany, New York

72 months ago

thanks for the info, i am about to take the VJ tryout.


jordyn019 in Littleton, Colorado

48 months ago

Can someone please help me get started the test? Where do I go to take it?


commline2@*****.*** in Walled Lake, Michigan

26 months ago

Can someone please help me get to the web site for the jobtryout?


holley74 in Endicott, New York

8 months ago

I am trying to access tge hob tryout site. Could someone please help!


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