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Comments (3)

sue in Jamestown, New York

102 months ago

is it legal in nys for bartenders to drink alcoholic beverages while on duty????


jojo in Brockport, New York

77 months ago

yes its legal totally up to your boss and if your of legal age of couse. no you should not get messed up to not be able to perform duties but some customers enjoy doing rounds with there bartenders and it brings money into bar. counting money and doing duties have to be well done so keep state of mind. saftey is where concerns are you need to know your limit. legal it is.


Barbara in Panama City, Florida

68 months ago

I thought it was illegal by law... your not even suppose to smoke a cig. when working behind the bar even if your bar allows smoking. Thought FTA would fine bartender if caught doing either one..??? Well learn something new everyday!! But my thought on that subject is You need to be in control of your guests and make sure nothing gets out of control. The last half hour then shift drink NEEDED!


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