What does a copywriter do?

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Loren Woirhaye - zerodollarmarketer.com in Whittier, California

131 months ago

A copywriter is somebody who writes advertising - which is
defined as "salesmanship in print.

Copywriting is the craft of writing persuasive ads and
letters which get people to part with their money.

Its a deep skill. There is virtually no ceiling to how
much moeny you can make from writing copy and understanding
direct reponse marketing


Dr. Charles Baldwin in Dublin, Ireland

130 months ago

Copywriting is a lot of different things. Mainly, we write advertisements. It is not a profession that you would traditionally learn in college and being an English major would have no bearing on your writing. In fact, we tend to forget most of the things we learned about writing in school. If the English professors were any good at writing, they would be doing, instead of teaching! Check out the courses at AWAI, if you want to get started. You can get the basics there and graduate to the masters program or one of the sub-programs, like web copy, catalog copy, resumes, travel writing, etc. You can also visit my website for some examples. Good Luck.

Dr. Charles Baldwin


High School Girl in Manchester, Iowa

120 months ago

Kely, I was browsing online and stumbled on your post. You are very articulate and I was wondering if you could tell me what college curriculum you took to get where you are today? I'm a high school junior who is good at school; specifically writing, speech, and music. College can be a pricey experience and I want to make the best choice. Thanks!


Angelique Stevens in Apo

47 months ago

Dr. Charles Baldwin in Dublin, Ireland said: If the English professors were any good at writing, they would be doing, instead of teaching!

Dr. Charles Baldwin

I completely disagree with this statement! Most porfessors of English that I know are also published writers. Perhaps if you read peer reviewed articles, you would see that the study of English is not just about grammar and creative writing, but also requires knowledge of literary theory and criticism as well as psychology, history, sociology, and rhetoric (which is a primary factor in advertising). There are several aspects to the study of English a sa language as well, including but not limited to: the history of English, Etymology,and linguistics. Understanding how words affect certain audiences is of high value in advertising!


Laura Haynes in United Kingdom

23 months ago

Things copywriters do:
Research (My favorite part)
Write (obviously)
Source images
Manage projects
Plan and implement marketing campaigns

Laura Haynes from www.paraphrasingserviceuk.com/secrets-of-successful-online-rephrase-in-uk/


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