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Updated 9 hours ago

How do I get supervised hours to get LPC license? - 117 Replies

Hello, (My apologies in advance if this is not the right place to post a new question) I am currently living in Chicago and have asked Illinois...


Updated 2 months ago

MS in Psychology/Counseling is not enough - 450 Replies

web site dictating requirements by state (specific coursework refers to a CACREP program, approx. 2 years)


Updated 2 months ago

Help deciding which one? - 1 Reply

I know that for virtually most school jobs, a teaching certificate of some kind is generally required unless it's a charter school or something like...

flowersunbloomed in Budd Lake, New Jersey

Can someone give me suggested paths following a ba in psychology?considering msw

Hello!I'm almost done with my ba in child psychology. Iv'e been told that a ms is pointless in the field unless going for a phd. Alot of social...

Natalie in Dallas, Texas

Updated 7 months ago

Why is it so difficult to get a counseling job in Texas? - 4 Replies

I recently graduated with my Master's degree in counseling from a CACREP accredited university and moved to Houston from the Philadelphia area. Prior...

SeekingEmployment in Houston, Texas

Unemployed for 4 months, how do I get a job in Houston?

I graduated in December 2017 with a Master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from a CACREP accredited university. I lived in another...

doink in Bunkie, Louisiana

Updated 13 months ago

MA In Counseling from Pacifica? And general questions about LCP... - 1 Reply

Does anyone have any experience going to Pacifica Graduate Institute in Carpinteria, CA? I am about to get my BS in Liberal Studies (long story,...

Helen in Trenton, New Jersey

Supervision problem

Hey all. I'm in distraught over a past supervisor. So the story is that I paid this person for supervision and it went on for 3-4 months. After...

Wisdom by acting in Leawood, Kansas

Application of PLMFT in MO

I am just graduated from a COAMFT accredited master program of Marriage Family Therapy. Now I need to get my provisional MFT license. Is there...

Camille McDaniel in Atlanta, Georgia


Do you need a client-attracting website for your business? Being represented on social media is great BUT make sure you are being represented on...

T-Supervisor in Mount Laurel, New Jersey

LAC supervision

Hello, I am a licensed clinical psychologist and approved clinical supervisor(ACS). I am interested in supervising Law's. If interested please...

CounselorStudent in Desoto, Missouri

Updated 20 months ago

How to find a supervisor for PLPC in Missouri? - 2 Replies

I am currently a student working on my Master's in Counseling degree expecting to graduate in Spring 2016. I have heard several counselors talking...

rosej in New Bedford, Massachusetts

Updated 21 months ago

Interview licensed counselor - 2 Replies

hi. hope someone can help. I am a grad student looking to interview a licensed counselor for an assignment. I have searched my area with no luck,...

Alex in Denver, Colorado

LPC supervision confusion

The LPC requirements website for CO says I must complete 2000 hrs (min 2 yrs) (post MA) of supervised hours. Does this mean you can work as a...

Ladybug in Austin, Texas

To start LPC program at 60, unrealistic plan?

I am nearing retirement in my current job but need to continue to work for financial and other reasons. I am admitted to a accredited grad program...

bloombergm in North Carolina

Seeking a CRC Counselor to Interview

Hello everyone! I'm a current/new graduate student in the Career and Rehabilitation Counseling program at my university. I am hoping to interview a...

LaniLancaster in Round Rock, Texas

What can I do with my Masters in Counseling?

I am a graduate student pursing my Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with the intentions of getting my LPC (licensed professional...

Sarah in Carnegie, Pennsylvania

Updated 33 months ago

Illinois LCPC Application - 2 Replies

I am looking for some guidance regarding the LCPC application in Illinois. I have a Master's in Counseling Psychology, and I am an LPC (took the NCE...

Sarah in Carnegie, Pennsylvania

Need NCE pass letter

Hi, I passed my NCE exam 6 years ago and need my letter from NBCC to apply for my PhD. Problem is, they won't send me my scores because they are...

Cindy2000 in Farmington, Michigan

Updated 34 months ago

LAC (Licensed Addiction Counselor) - 1 Reply

As a CACIII already, I have a lot of supervised hours which allows me to sit for the LAC exam once I obtain my Masters. I am in a Masters in Human...

tcaud in Miamisburg, Ohio

Updated 34 months ago

LPC with misdemeanor charges on record - 1 Reply

I am currently working on finishing my BS in Psych and then moving directly into a masters program in clinical psych. I want to work in VA hospital...

freewolfhunter in Springfield, Missouri

Substance Abuse recovery counselor or group

Recent holder of a B.A. in Human Services. So how can I gain experience in the field without the experience or becoming an intern? Are there CIT...

Jake T in Downey, California

Updated 35 months ago

NCE Exam - 1 Reply

Here's a great site for NCE test prep... it's a simulation software program which draws on a huge bank of test questions to create exams from:...

georgewduke in Upper Marlboro, Maryland

Updated 35 months ago

Advice on Job Placement - 1 Reply

Hello, I am currently in my first year of my Mental Health Counseling Masters program, and I am working in a field completely unrelated to...

Kim in Charlotte, North Carolina

Updated 37 months ago

Any LPC's who work @ University in Student Services? - 8 Replies

I'm trying to contact any LPC's who work as an Academic Advisor or a Career Counselor in a University/ College environment. I would like to become a...

ggeiger11 in New Paltz, New York

MHC to LPC ?

Hey everyone, I'm graduating in May with a MS in Mental Health Counseling from a college in NY. My plan was to move to Texas (specifically,...

BFish in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania

Counseling job education requirements

I'm looking into education possibilities in counseling. I don't have the time to get a master's but I was looking into possibly a bachelor's. Are...

lindyvan in Illinois

Illinois signing in about how to go from an LPC to an LCPC.

I didn't really see anyone from Illinois on here and I was wondering if there's anyone out there who just gave up trying to get a job with the LPC...

Lpc wannabe! in Rancho Cucamonga, California

Non-traditional but acceptable LPC hour ideas?

Hi, I recently graduated from a grad psych program where I did a practicum in a community counseling center. One degree richer and $50k poorer I'm...

hmb943 in Lakeside, Oregon

Currently a Counselor, Thinking of Making a Change

With a masters in clinical mental health counseling and bachelors in psychology, what other jobs would be best suited for me besides being a...

futurecounselor in Mount Clemens, Michigan

What is a good job to get some experience in mental health while in grad school?

I'm in my second year of a counseling program and I have a psychology bachelor degree. I am currently a codistrict manager of several fast food...

CEH in Greenville, Mississippi

Is is possible to move out of state with a counseling degree?

I am currently in a CACREP accredited counseling program here in Mississippi. I am going the clinical route. When I graduate, I will be working...

xboxer in Cactus, Arizona

Updated 50 months ago

Looking for Career Counseling Partner - 1 Reply

Hi I have a large portal with several career assessments to find the right career for an individual. I am looking partners for this portal from...

Danielle Lynee in Phoenix, Arizona

Social Work vs Marriage and Family Therapy vs Occupational Therapy?

I am interested in hearing from anyone who works or has worked in these fields. I am a career changer who was a librarian for 8 years. (I have a...

Colikins in Roswell, Georgia

School in one state, license in another?

This may seem stupid, but as I am researching graduate programs I keep seeing, "upon completion, eligible for licensure in State of X" This may be...

TxCounselorSupervisor in Dallas, Texas

Appealing Intern Hours

Hello, I am a LPC Supervisor in Tx. THE BOARD is meeting to contemplate acceptance of my intern's direct/indirect hours she earned the last few...

LadyMagnificat in Buffalo, New York

Updated 65 months ago

Can I enter the field of Counseling while working towards a MS? - 1 Reply

I am interested in changing careers from a financial background to Counseling, specifically Marriage and Family. I know this program will take a few...

LPC would have been in Portland, Oregon

Updated 69 months ago

Urgent! Moving: Counseling Masters, etc - 2 Replies

I am a recent graduate with a B.A in Psychology. I am very confused about some things regarding counseling master's degrees and I would really...

Camille McDaniel in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 69 months ago

Is Counseling a bad idea? - 2 Replies

I am 27 years old and have a Bachelor's degree in Fine Art (first mistake). After years of working minimum wage office jobs to support myself,...

Camille McDaniel in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 69 months ago

Is a MA in Community Counseling a good idea? - 1 Reply

My career goal is to to serve as a counselor or advocate for women dealing with sexual violence or abuse issues. I'm torn between community...

christiechastain in Wichita Falls, Texas

Updated 70 months ago

Interested in becoming a counselor - 2 Replies

I just wanted some opinions from counselors on how hard it is to not get attached to your patients and take it home with you. I have been told that I...

jsinn050 in Palmdale, California

MFT options in CA with MS in Psychology

I have an BA and MS in psychology. I am trying to find an online or Los Angeles vicinity location to obtain a post graduate (certificate possibly)...

CraigP in Lakeville, Minnesota

Updated 72 months ago

Can't find work in Psych field....Which grad program should I do? - 1 Reply

I want to teach Psychology in a Community College and eventually a university. I have a BA in Education but not credentialed because I taught...

CarolynL1983 in Deerfield Beach, Florida

Updated 75 months ago

Best places for a counseling degree - 1 Reply

I have a master's degree in mental health counseling.My primary interest is to work with children and families.The job search has been exhausting.In...

Counselor2013 in Astoria, New York

Counseling Jobs, Agencies in New York City area

Happy New Year! Hoping someone can advise me here... I will be moving to New York this summer to be with my boyfriend. I am wondering if anyone...

aprvllo in Williamsburg, Virginia

Updated 77 months ago

Should I Get A MSW In Addition to my Mental Health Counseling Degree? - 1 Reply

I got my M.S. in Counseling 4 years ago and so far the only jobs I've been able to get were in-home counseling which paid very little (around...

Georgewduke in Upper Marlboro, Maryland

Updated 77 months ago

MA in Counseling—advice on grad. programs & jobs? - 2 Replies

[Part. 1] Given all the folks here on the job market search, I thought this would be a good place to voice these concerns. My background: Since...

Morgs4488 in Denver, Colorado

LCSW V MA in Counseling

Hello, I am very happy to have found this website, because I have found myself very lost. I have several questions, so if anyone could help guide me...

LadyMagnificat in Buffalo, New York

Updated 80 months ago

Obtaining hours toward license while working in England - 1 Reply

I will be done with my Master's in Mental Health Counseling in six months and have been wanting to practice in England. I also need to be able to...

LadyMagnificat in Buffalo, New York

Updated 80 months ago

Home visits - 1 Reply

Hi, I'm about to start my business as a self-employed councler Unfortunately, I cannot afford to rent an office. The overhead is too high. What...

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