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Lora in Austin, Texas

Updated 70 months ago


If you are a dental assistant-can they (Dentist or Office Mgr.) clean up toilets, patient bathroom? Just curious.

Jude L in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 70 months ago

Need a job! - 10 Replies

I am having a hard time finding a dental assistant job. Hardly anyone is hiring and im fresh out of DA school. Ive went to just about every...

Sharon in Denton, Texas

Updated 70 months ago

On the job training for Dental Assistant - 3 Replies

I am interested in asking a Dentist (Texas) I know about being able to do some "on the job" training. I have no dental experience and I am...

Natalya in Saint Paul, Minnesota

Updated 71 months ago

pay rate - 385 Replies

I can't beleive the low pay scale they want to pay in Ga, or any where. go figure front dest help seems t make more than assistant. This up set me...

Jinova13 in Richmond, Virginia

Updated 71 months ago

Where in US is Dental Assistant paid well? - 1 Reply

I'm about to enter Dental Assistant program in Las Vegas NV. I don't think I will be happy making only around 30 000 dollars in the future,I'm...

toofairy in Portland, Oregon

Updated 71 months ago

They wont pay me for a working interview - 1 Reply

I had a working interview with a large chain. I have done a working interview with them before and was paid at the end of the interview. I was asked...

Silvia2012 in Fayetteville, North Carolina

Moving to a new state.

Hi, I'm wanting to go to a 13week program to get my dental assistant here in Fayettville, NC but I would be moving to Oklahoma City, OK in a year....

Lora in La Jolla, California

Updated 72 months ago

I'm already in school for DA but feel I made a mistake - 1 Reply

I go to a school for dental assisting and I'm paying so much money to become an RDA but supposedly I'll be getting an AA at the end of my course, but...

leonor in Deltona, Florida

Updated 72 months ago

Looking for work in Orlando - 11 Replies

I am an assistant with 20 plus years of experience. Having a terrible time finding the right office. I've spent a lot of time looking for positions...

rozanne Hoopii in Kahului, Hawaii

Updated 73 months ago

looking for an or go in??? - 1 Reply

The program I'm in requires us to find our own internship. I'm wondering what is the best way to do it call...what time is the day? Or just go in and...

Chris in Pleasanton, California

Updated 73 months ago

california rda law & ethics exam - 1 Reply

Anyone get their results yet?

Lora in La Jolla, California

Updated 73 months ago

Dental Assistant - where to start? - 1 Reply

I have given lots of thought to becoming a dental assistant. What is the best place to start? Thanks!

juliusbarnes45@*****.*** in Washington, District of Columbia

X-ray re-certification

where can i go to get re-certified to take X-rays in Maryland and Va

Roxy in Dover, Delaware

Updated 73 months ago

Dental Assistant - 1 Reply

is there anybody can give me a right advise?. i am 32 years old guy and i want to change my career and i want to start with dental assistant.i live...


Updated 73 months ago

"Office Confessions" - 3 Replies

Hi everyone! I've been a DA in NYC for going on 2 years now. Let's face it: We all are overworked and underpaid. It comes with the territory lol....

Anonymous in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Updated 73 months ago

Want to get paid more - 2 Replies

I have been a Dental Assistant for 17yrs. My last job I made 22 dollars an hour in a general practice and my boss thought that was too much! I am...

Monique in Paso Robles, California

Updated 73 months ago

Ever heard of Lowry Academy of Dental School or California Acadamey of Dental Assisting? - 11 Replies

I am interested in these 8 week courses but I am concerned of the credibility. Who will hire you if you have to wait 15 months to become even take...

rubberdam in Seattle, Washington

returning to the dental practice

i have more than 18 years as an assistant/office manager. i was trained on site in a nyc dental office and have worked every single dental procedure...

Lisa in Phoenix, Arizona

Should i become a dental assistant or not?

i have read horror stories about dental assistant's interactions with their crazy dentists. is this a good career choice? if not, any suggestions?...

hs3127 in Mesquite, Texas

Dental Assistant in Texas

I live in the Dallas area and I am currently enrolled in a Dental Assistant program at a CODA school. What is the job market like, currently? Do you...

HeatherCDA in Piscataway, New Jersey

Dental Office Hours

Why are dental office hours so difficult! I understand dentists like to accommodate patient's needs, but what about the staff?! We have lives too!...

Lora in La Jolla, California

Updated 75 months ago

Dental assistant - 1 Reply

i am a cda a burly graduated back in August, I've been working in a dental office for 8 months and the doctor beryl made me permanment and full time...

djphelps07@*****.*** in West Chester, Ohio

professional resume writers

I was wondering if you guys have ever used the professional resume writer. I have been out of the field a few years and my resume...

anny in Beaverton, Oregon

Updated 75 months ago

CDA 8yrs ago but never worked in field. What do I do now to start? - 1 Reply

Hi, I need some advice PLEASE!!! I graduated Atlanta Tech College in 2004(8 yrs ago), as a CDA with expanded duties, however I never worked in my...

shesharpshoots@*****.*** in Los Angeles, California

Considering a WDS position in need of INPUT

I am considering pursuing a interview with Western Dental Services as a biller. I was wondering if any of you have ever worked or are currently...

Ruth Ann in Allentown, Pennsylvania

Dental Assistant

I just moved to the area. I have been in the Dental field for 18 years. I have experience in all aspects of Dentistry. If anyone out there can help...

Lena Kozak in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 75 months ago

Dental Assistance needed in Arlington Heights IL - 6 Replies

Looking for individuals with the following skill set for filling multiple positions at the Arlington Heights, IL location: - Experience in Dental...

Carolyn in Hamilton, Ontario

Updated 75 months ago

middle age, want to start school? - 2 Replies

any thoughts on somebody my age (55), bored with housewifing. Let's say I complete DA school, how realistic is it to get hired as a DA with no...

brandon simmons in West Palm Beach, Florida

Updated 75 months ago

Dental Assistant Position - 28 Replies

I am searching for a dental assistant for my organization. Anyone have any suggestions on finding candidates. my email is

indeeduserdata in Texas

Updated 75 months ago

Question - 2 Replies

I was a patient of a dentist. There was some work done on my teeth and I felt something was not right during the procedure. I am an immigrant and...

Desiree in Warwick, Rhode Island

U.S. Career Institute Dental Ass. Program???

Hello ! Does anyone know anything about this school ( U.S. Career Institute....Dental Assistant program) and if anyone has been able to land a job IN...

angelraeblu in Downey, California

Updated 75 months ago

I need to interview a dental assistant about their job. Help?! - 1 Reply

I would like to start off by saying I am a student at Lakes High School, and I need to interview someone with a dental assisting job. This can be by...

Confused in Houston, Texas

Updated 75 months ago

I don't get it, is all positions in dentistry full of it? (minus the dentist). - 4 Replies

Hi Everyone, I'm currently 24. I'm almost done with just an a/s degree in bio. I have 3 classes left which I wanted to take over the next...

GL in Sacramento, California

Coronal Polish and X-Ray Courses

I am look for a coronal polish and x-ray course that offer any sort of financial aid. Does anyone know of any companies or schools that offer fa? I...

Jack in Denver, Colorado

Updated 76 months ago

Male Dental Assistant - 21 Replies

Hello I have couple of questions First is it very hard for a male dental assistant to find a job (I have a good experience in the dental field...

Ashell in Plano, Texas

Updated 77 months ago

going on externship - 12 Replies

Hey everyone...I am getting ready to go on my externship real soon....I am getting really nervous....I'm scared I am not going to remember...

GetFreeDental in Houston, Texas

Updated 77 months ago

Where to start ... - 1 Reply

Hello ... I have had my share of dental issues over the years and now help the poor to find basic dental care. I would like to do more and have...

kneec in Bronx, New York

any DAs from NYC?

I've recently graduated from a DA training program and was just wondering if any DAs from the NYc area could provide any insight on what to expect....

DentalGURU2009 in Harvard, Illinois

Updated 78 months ago

interviewing - 1 Reply

dear dental assistants. I have been out of dental assisting for about 2 years partly because of breast cancer and losing my last job. I'm applying...

Nichole Hudson in Los Angeles, California

Updated 78 months ago

Dental asst. - 1 Reply

Hi my name is Crystal and I live in Maine, I have my Cert. for Dental Assisting and was wondering if anyone knows where I can go to get my x-ray...

Krystal in Los Angeles, California

Questions about Dental Assisting from someone whose looking to change careers.

Hi Guys. Well I have been working in Reality TV For about the past 6 years, and I have just been laid off from yet another post production company...

JasonDDI in Fresno, California

Updated 78 months ago

Received a job as a surgery assistant at a Maxillofacial Surgeon owned practice and now after a month having problems - 11 Replies

I went to school for 14 months at SJVC to become a dental assistant as a straight A student, 3.8 GPA, and wasn't able to find a job for 7 months...

RDA WORKER in Trenton, New Jersey

Updated 78 months ago

RDA Exam Preparation - 11 Replies

Hi! I was just wondering if anyone knows any good RDA Practical exam courses that are good to enroll in? I am taking the RDA practical exam in...

DA INST in Keller, Texas

Updated 78 months ago

Is this typical??? - 2 Replies

I am a DA working a 30 hr. work week. The dentist I work for has 1 DA, 1 EFDA, and 2 HYG. Last week we had several cancellations and I was told not...

Islander in San Juan, Puerto Rico

If DA and DHyginiest are for?

Hi: I moving to FL in may 2012 and I will want to study to take the DH certification so I can work for my cousin in Naples. But this is the ? Are DA...

Lora in La Jolla, California

Updated 79 months ago

Dental interviews - 6 Replies

I am very frustrated going from one interview to another one just to be used and be taken advantage of. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science with...

Anna in Sun Valley, Nevada

Updated 79 months ago

resume - 1 Reply

hello guys, iam looking for the DA job n to apply i have to send resume. so i am looking for the resume stuff. i will really appreciate the guys...

Anna in Sun Valley, Nevada

Updated 79 months ago

Bleaching impressions - 2 Replies

My dentist recently told me that we can no longer take the impression for bleaching trays, we can pick out the tray, mix and load the alginate, but...

Janis in Prairie Du Sac, Wisconsin

Updated 79 months ago

I have two choices for schools and can't decide! - 12 Replies

Hi everyone, I would appreciate any advice/opinions from all of you. I am currently planning on attending a one semester accredited school in...

Wow in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 79 months ago

cda test - 1 Reply

It's been a few years since I've worked as a dental assistant. I currently only have my radiology and nitrous certifications. Can someone please...

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