Dental Assistants- Post your salary here Thread (Please be honest)

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Ocala, FL

83 months ago

Nice Idea :) - I've volunteered for a local dentist on andf off for 3 mo (around 150 hours so far) in a small town before deciding to get formal certification. $10/hr, no prior experience.

I wanted to post this website for those curious about base salaries by state...this is a good spot for it... Check out the map of the US everyone...


Lora in San Diego, California

59 months ago

My first job paid me $15 an hour. I had a few months internship experience, X-ray and Coronal Polishing certificates, but was still at college at that time. After I got my RDA license, the dentist raised my salary to $17 an hour. It was in the Bay Area.
My last job in San Diego paid me $21 an hour. I had 1.5-3 years experience. No pay raise in 1.5 years.


Lacey in Tulsa, Oklahoma

58 months ago

I make $13 an hour and I have my X-ray and Coronal Polishing certificates. I have been working for about 8 months. This is my first job with no prior experience.


Rita in Houston, Texas

57 months ago

I started dental assisting in 1999 (age 22), never went to assisting school, just trained on the job, starting salary $7/hour. Got Xray and N20 State Board certified in 2000. Got about a $1 raise every year at most places I worked. I also did front desk but I hate it. I took my RDA certification online in 2007. I was making about $41k salary at my last job but I hated it and only 3% payraise a year if you begged nice enough. I took a year off last year and went back to work this January. Right now I'm making $20/hour (age 36). I'm getting too old for this.


dria in Millville, New Jersey

49 months ago

Position: Dental Assistant , CDA, RDA,
Salary: $16.00 hourly______
State: ___NJ______
Years worked__1__
(If more than 5 years, state starting salary.)

I just interviewed for a job in a large state run organization, they offered $15.00, then when I told them that was less than current salary, they said $15.50...NOT.

Still waiting for a raise from my current job.
Salaries certainly don't compare to the DANB standard,what they print in the literature that they send out!.


EllieDav in Coweta, Oklahoma

45 months ago

Position: Dental Assistant, EFDA
Salary: $15
State: OK
Years worked: 2

Here, most Doctors will give you a $1 raise for every certificate you get. So I started at $12 and ended up at $15 once I got my polishing, nitrous, sealant. I got my radiation in DA school, so without that, I suppose they would start you at $11.


LittleRedhead in Boulder, Colorado

42 months ago

Position: Dental Assistant
Salary: $15.10_______
State: _CO________
Years worked_2___


KarenRDA in Tennessee

19 days ago

I’ve been a RDA for 32 yrs. started out at $10 . It’s not what you know and can do, it’s what state you live in....I don’t have any certificates other than RDA with radiology. I currently make $16.70. I wish I knew what others made in my town. I’m actually signed up to take the 2 day coronal polishing course offered in Memphis. Not telling the boss right now. Going to ask him once I get it, what he’d offer me a hour if I had it and see what he says. Not sure if he’ll even offer me a raise. Seeing I’m the only DA you’d think he’d like to keep me , but who knows!! I’ve been with him for 19 yrs. In the beginning we were given $100 for each year employed, at Christmas time. Now that’s been taken from us along with quarterly bonuses. Seems like all the DDS around here have pulled all perks. No medical insurance since it’s a small office.


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