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Jane Doe8610 in Connecticut

74 months ago

I'm all set to attend the Fones School of Dental Hygiene for the Fall 2012 semester. However, after reading the comments on this forum and speaking with several DH's offline about the employment outlook, I'm having second thoughts. I'm considering giving up my seat in the program. Do you think I would be making a big mistake by giving up my seat in the program to instead pursue a degree in Occupational Therapy, or should I just stick it out and hope for the best for when I complete the program in two years? On one hand, I want to complete the program because I love working the dental field( I currently work as a DA) and it has taken me several years to find a career I'm passoniate about but at the same time I don't have the time or money to waste on a program that I won't be able to find employment in after graduation. Thanks

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exp in Seabrook, New Hampshire

73 months ago

It sounds like you have weighed what info. you have found and Occupational Therapy would be a better route. I would recommend that too instead of DH....what we say , majority of us on this forum and the RDH's you've spoken to are giving you the correct, real info....don't believe the schools, govt/bls or online articles written by NON-DH's they don't know or care and want to keep their jobs. I would only recommend an RDH major if, IF, the Dr. you are presently working for offers you a position IN WRITING. Passion is great, but it doesn't pay the bills or loans also, want to look at a major ie-Nursing, etc. that would be regualar set days and hours you can count on ...and the ever elusive benefits pkg....many of us get nothing other than hourly pay, no: sick/vaca/benefits...GL on your choice. Seeing what's happening now in the field, it's not fair to say go for it , for DH, because the work for all isn't there and in MO, I believe most want to work in Private Practice, not stay in school further for an MA , PhD, etc. they want to utilize their scaling skills, start to payback loans and have a career. DH is now very PT, cutthroat for a coveted position of which they (offices) receive NUMEROUS resumes to pick from, you don't want to have a job one day and be replaced: and to the nay sayers...for a cheaper RDH, willing to do what they ask, more quantity in less time. It's more about the $$$ now for alot of new practices and the "SELL" button is on for you to have an income. VET

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RDHCJ in Boston, Massachusetts

65 months ago

I hope you didn't go to Dh school! It is a bad job market. Don't let any research fool you like it did me. RDH who aren't actively looking for work and government outlook information is not accurate. There are very few RDH jobs so it is a bad career to get into.

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