So how does one get experience exactly?

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mck in Covina, California

110 months ago

I know economy is bad but even before I noticed all the job postings wanted people with experience. I would find the odd posting for an entry level position, but they were few and far between. I got a masters in ME in 2007 and so far have done no engineering whatsoever because I took whatever jobs I could get.

So basically does anyone have any tips on how I can get a job as a mechanical engineer with no practical job experience?


Elias Rokos in Sante Fe Springs, California

110 months ago


Mck you are absolutely right! I have MS in CS(Algorithms) and BS in Math and I have been looking for a job for the last 5 months and there is only something like 5% entry level postings (and I am being generous with this statistics). Sometimes I wonder if some people were born with experience. And if as an entry level you get lucky to get an interview, you have at least to be Einstein, remember by heart every course you have taken and know almost everything having at least some "hands on" experience...Believe me after studying (+ research) for 7 years if I dont get a chance to work sometime out there in the real world i wont ever gain hands on experience.

I want to hope that there are still employers out there that trust educated people and give the chance to them to show their potentials.

p.s Please forgive my frustration.


FrustratedGrad in Santa Cruz, California

102 months ago

- Companies hire H1B1 workers with no experience for cheap for 5 years.
- After 5 years, they rehire some of these guys, and hire more H1B1 with no exp.
- Local grad aren't getting hire since base salary have to be at fair market


Been There in Fairfield, California

67 months ago

Have you considered starting your own company? Something like pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps. It is relatively very simple to start a sole-proprietorship and registering is free with the IRS. That is always a good way to get some hands on experience, even though it might not be as much as you would get from an already established company. Still, CEO of such and such Engineering is an excellent thing to have on your resume and it may open up some doors or catch some eyes that were not initially interested. Another avenue, is internships or volunteering. I started out this way also practically working for free initially, but my payrate gradually increased as they saw my skills and potential. Wish you all the best, but it is tough out there.


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