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Newbie in Media, Pennsylvania

Updated 90 months ago

George Washington Event Management Certificate - 1 Reply

Is anyone taking or has completed the program at George Washington for the Event Management Certificate. I am thinking of taking it in the future and...

Keensm25 in Chicago, Illinois

Relocating to Nashville from Chicago, need help finding a event planner job

I would love if anyonr from the nashville area can point me in the right direction as to where to apply for an event planner position

Angie in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 91 months ago

event planner - 3 Replies

I want to become an event planner what are a few steps to get me started?

Angie in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 93 months ago

Starting Out - 2 Replies

I completed my lessons from Qc Wedding Planning and now im stuck and how no idea what to do from here ... well i have a idea of what to do but not...

Alouie in Hayward, California

Wedding & Event Planning Internship

Hello, I'm currently taking a certificate program for Wedding & Event Planning. I'm looking for work or an internship with a Planner that is int he...

Judith in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 95 months ago

Internships? - 1 Reply

Hi, I'm interested in starting a career in wedding planning & looking at gain some experience. I'm currently looking for an internship or a job...

Danica Valadez in Arlington, Washington

Updated 95 months ago

Event Planning - Start Up - 1 Reply

I am starting up an Event Planning business here in Seattle, WA. Have over 15 + years of doing event planning for corporations, educational...

Kitty Howard in Austin, Texas

Interested in Event Planning in Austin!

I am a graduate of the University of Alabama with a degree in Restaurant, Hospitality, and Meetings Management. I am looking for an event planning...

Zack G in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Updated 96 months ago


im really intrested in working as like and event planner or something for a magazine corp. they plan fashion shows and are part of all that...

Amanda Crank in Seattle, Washington

Event Planner Assistant

Hi, I am very interested in the event coordinator/planning industry. I would love to get my foot in the door and be an assistant to a planner so I...

Maddy in Denton, Texas

Wedding Planner Assistant

I am a recent College Grad. I want to jump start my career in the wedding industry. I am trying to find a current successful planner to work with and...

- Indeed Host in Austin, Texas

Updated 97 months ago

currently event decor coordinator looking for entry level event/wedding coordinator - 1 Reply

I am looking for a job in the event/wedding coordinator field. I currently work for a premier event decorating company, been there for 2 years have...

mbc147 in Jackson, Mississippi

special event planning courses - other options?

I'm currently a university student, majoring in political science. I'm looking at a career in campaign fundraiser events. I've researched all the...

Sandy M in Brampton, Ontario

Updated 98 months ago

Wedding Consultant / Coordinator - Event Planner - 4 Replies

Hello I am just finishing my course to become a certified Wedding Consultant/Coordinator - Event Planner I'm looking to find someone who has the...

JMK in Montclair, California

Wedding Planner Jobs

Hello! I am a recent graduate from the University of La Verne and would love to begin my career in wedding and special event planning. I am...

kiwi2g4 in Ellenwood, Georgia

Updated 98 months ago

Event Planning - 3 Replies

Hi! I would love to meet someone (ppl) who is interested working with me to start an event planning company ... which will include all types of...

njordon in Los Angeles, California

Updated 98 months ago

Event Planner salary in California - 3 Replies

Hello, I am thinking about starting an event planning business but I am not sure if there is a market for it in the Central Ca. area? Does anyone...

hawaiianrain in Huntington Beach, California

event planning questions

I am currently in college, and considering if I want to have my major be event coordiantion. I was just wondering if anyone who is an event...

eeya in Houston, Texas

Any Wedding/Even planners school who offers practical hands on practice as well as online notes?

Any school which offer online plus hands on pratice to do projects....anyone has any experince on that type of training in any school??

KSchultz in Portage, Michigan

Updated 99 months ago

Too soon to advertise? - 1 Reply

I've just started getting into event & wedding planning officially. I've planned some events here and there over the past few years for family &...

Jesika R in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Updated 99 months ago

I Need Advice Please Help =) Thank You So Much!! - 1 Reply

Ok, I Have A Couple Of Questions....It Just Recently Occured To Me That This Career Choice Is What Fits My Persona The Best.I Have No "Professional"...

091212m in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Event Management Industry

Hello, I am one year away from graduating with a recreation management degree and am very interested in pursuing a career in event management....

Jenn in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

More experience

I have a degree in marketing and really love working in events. I want more work in weddings and other private parties. I would love to volunteer...

Barb in Saint Paul, Minnesota

Updated 100 months ago

Event/Meeting Planning - 1 Reply

Hey! I am a recent graduate with a major in tourism and event management. I have been searching for a career opportunity since January, and I am not...

Angie in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 100 months ago

Please help!! - 6 Replies

I am currently a Senior in high school and I have always wanted to be a wedding planner. My plans are to go to a community college to get my general...

Houston internship?? in Houston, Texas

Updated 101 months ago

I'm looking for an event planner job - 1 Reply

I am currently trying to finish my bridal consultant certificate at Ashworth University, but would like to know where there are jobs. I'm about...

GottaMoveToSanDiego in Falls Church, Virginia

San Diego?

Hi, I'm looking to relocate to San Diego, CA and have a few years of event planning under my belt working at a Destination Management Company in...

Alyssa in College Station, Texas

Looking for a Summer Job/ Internship

My name is Alyssa Garcia. I am currently a student at Texas A&M University in College Station. I am looking for a possible internship for the summer...

Alesha in Aomori, Japan

Updated 101 months ago

Event Planner Apprentice - 1 Reply

Anyone interested in being an apprentice program? We are looking to work with a few people this year and next in our apprentice program. The cost...

Dparenti in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin

Updated 101 months ago

planner and design assistants - 9 Replies

I am looking for aspiring event planners and designers to assist in event business. Its a long story just contact me if interested. Immediate...

Rachael Lund in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Updated 102 months ago

Need Help Finding Wedding Coordinator Job - 2 Replies

I am currently doing an internship in Naples FL and need to move back to Minneapolis to be with my husband but I am having difficulty finding a job...

- Indeed Host in Austin, Texas

Updated 103 months ago

Event Planning help!!! - 1 Reply

Hello I am a recent Bowling Green State University graduate with a major in Event Planning and Tourism Admin. I have a background in education and...

Jenny Felix in San Diego, California

Updated 104 months ago

How did you book your first event as a wedding planner? - 1 Reply

Friends and family weddings are excluded... What kind of marketing did you use? How did you handle your initial meeting with the client? Thanks!

Lonnie in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Assistant Event Planner

Hi! My name is Lonnie and I'm a recent graduate in Design in Architecture. I've planned out several events (school functions) for an organization...

roger in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Updated 105 months ago

Looking for entry level Event Assistant or Event Planning Volunteer in NYC - 2 Replies

Hello All, I am looking for an event assistant position in new york city. I am currently finishing up my event planning internship and would like to...

nicole in Sacramento, California

wedding planning business

hello, I just finished planning a wedding this past weekend and loved it. I am very interested in persuing a career in wedding planner/consultant....

Janelle in Chandler, Arizona

Event Planner in Phoenix AZ areas

Hello, I am currently looking for an event job in the phoenix, AZ area. I graduated from Johnson & Wales University a few years ago with a BS in...

Michal in Las Vegas, Nevada

Updated 106 months ago

event planning in Las Vegas - 4 Replies

I am a 21 year old college student, i will be done with my studies in december of 09. When i finish school i plan on moving to Las Vegas and trying...

mchambers262 in Pell Lake, Wisconsin

Updated 106 months ago

Event/Meeting/Wedding Planner Positions - 1 Reply

Hi! I am looking to gain additional experience as a events/wedding planner; I have successfully planned corporate meetings for years. Does anyone...

angelaM in Modesto, California

Updated 107 months ago

QC, Sheffield or some other school? - 2 Replies

Hello, I was wondering which school is more reputable for event planning education? Or is it better to join an actual event planning firm and learn...

Metrokat in New Delhi, India

Question for Brides

How do you select a wedding planner? Is it by recommendation from a friend? Do you check if they are certified by an event planning...

traceyb in Canyon Lake, Texas

Updated 107 months ago

Need help with my event planning interview!! - 4 Replies

I have an 2nd interview next week at a special events venue as an salesperson/event planner. They have told me to come prepared to tell them how I...

Lisanne in Ysbrechtum, Netherlands

Search for internship in EVENTBRANCHE

Currently I am searching for an internship, starting in February 2010 for 20 weeks, to graduate for my educational program; Leisure Management. A...

KRaaen in Omaha, Nebraska

Updated 108 months ago

Event Planner Portfolio - 2 Replies

I am worked as an event planner, coordinator, and manager for apx. 6 years. I am trying to develop a portfolio for an interview in a couple of weeks....

Planner in New York, New York

Looking for Event Planning Work

I recently graduated with a BS degree and have always been interested in event planning. I am looking for work in the event planning industry....

gohere in Chesterland, Ohio

please help with event planner research!

Hello, I would really appreciate your help! I am conducting research on event planning and I need your input. The survey will take no more than...

Tony in Baltimore, Maryland

Updated 108 months ago

Event Designer, looking FOR Higher End Clients - 1 Reply

I am an experienced Event Designer/Planner just relocating to the Harrisburg Pa area looking to establish myself in the area. I've been in this...

Angel Frazier in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Updated 108 months ago

Partner Event Planner - 1 Reply

Hi, I am interested in opening an event planning business and I am hoping to find someone local who is interested in a partner.

John Polo in Schaumburg, Illinois

Meeting and Event Planner looking for work.

Hi, I have 5 years experience as a meeting and event planner. All of my professional experience has been corporate related; however, I would have...

Coral Bosch in Miami, Florida

Looking for a temorary or full time job in event or wedding planning

I just moved to North Miami and I am looking for a temporary or full time job in the event & wedding planning business. I have been working in event...

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