How much should I charge?

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adawn in Waltham, Massachusetts

91 months ago

Hi All!

I am writing to ask some of your opinions. I have just recently been hired as a political campaign event planner/manager. It would be the campaigner himself running for state senator, the PR lady whom he hired and myself. I am not new to the event planning world however am new to charging for these types of events.

Can anyone help? Or know of any good resources to turn to?


Your Next Event Coordinator LLC in Poughkeepsie, New York

90 months ago

For more of this style you would be better off going on a per hour charge. Figure out what the job in-tails and travel and expenses then take all of that into consideration when deciding on a price. Remember that you don't want to charge too much if you are unable to complete any tasks that are asked. But be sure to charge enough to cover your time and expenses. Hope that helps and good luck.


Robin in Staten Island, New York

90 months ago

I would like to know what an independent event planner should charge, as well ?


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