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Erika Morgan in Dayton, Ohio

Updated 12 months ago

CVG Crash Pad AVAILABLE immediately! - 3 Replies

$250/month, utilities included - 15 minutes from CVG. Designer-furnished room with Queen bed and double dresser in downtown Covington,...

skyfairy in New York City, New York

Frontier Flight Attendant Benefits

What are frontier airlines flight attendant travel benefits? I can't find this information online at all. I spoke to a recruiter a long time ago...

vikilynn51@*****.*** in Salt Lake City, Utah

Does Skywest hold open houses year round?

I am interested in going to an open house for SkyWest at the end of April. I live in SLC but there are no open houses scheduled. I am trying to...

Richie D. in Pompano Beach, Florida

Updated 12 months ago

Republic Airlines Feb. 28th Training Class - 42 Replies

Just wanted to see how everything is going for those of you headed to training on the 28th for Republic. I can't wait, I'm so excited. I haven't seen...

Deb in Mountain View, California

Updated 12 months ago

Employment History Question - 4 Replies

Hi there, I am interested in pursuing the path in becoming a flight attendant, but wanted to make sure I fill out the application as honestly as...

Tparodi in Orlando, Florida

I got an invite!!!

Ok so what happens if I decline this invite because I truly cannot make it? Will I get another invite at a later date? I need more notification :(...

paulo9w in Iselin, New Jersey

United Airlines Flight Attendant Interview!

Hi is anyone attending the flight attendant group interview for United in Houston on March 30th?

Tparodi in Orlando, Florida

I got an invite!!!

Ok so what happens if I decline this invite because I truly cannot make it? Will I get another invite at a later date? I need more notification :(...

HereNGone in CHARLOTTE, North Carolina

Updated 13 months ago

Flight attendants - 4 Replies

I am in need of some direction I am looking for direct links to apply for positions am having great difficulty because a lot of these sites are...

Dallas Hopeful in Dallas, Texas

Updated 13 months ago

Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant Candidates -( April 2015) - 1235 Replies

Welcome all Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant Candidates -( April 2015) Please keep in mind Airline recruiters- HR monitor social...

Squishee8 in Centerville, Utah

Delta FA training

Hi there

Dave in Mission Viejo, California

Updated 13 months ago

Boston fa crashpad help needed :-) - 5 Replies

Hi! I am a new JetBlue inflight crew member assigned for Boston base. I am in desperate need of a crashpad, can anyone please help me? I've me we...

Fly Angel in Medford, Oregon

Updated 13 months ago

PenAir - 1 Reply

Flight attendant

SPT in Surrey, British Columbia

Updated 13 months ago

Air Transat Hiring in Vancouver 2014 - 121 Replies

Hey there! I wanted to start a forum for people who applied to Air Transit in Vancouver. I know there are other forum but they seems to only have...

switching careers in San Antonio, Texas

Health insurance

Hi - can any current FA's give a breakdown of health insurance for their airline? I am looking to make a career switch, and health insurance is one...

dawnbelle8@*****.*** in Glendale, Arizona

Updated 13 months ago



Luv2FlyItShows in Cody, Wyoming

Updated 13 months ago

FINNAIR-JFK Base Cabin Attendant Info? - 184 Replies

Hello Every one just wondering if anyone knows anything about or is applying for the Adecco-Finnair contract hiring process, reserve or scheduled...

jisoo in Burnaby, British Columbia

Updated 13 months ago

Air Transat - Flight Attendant - 2013/2014 - 1842 Replies

I would start a thread for Air Transat Flight Attendant since they are currently recruiting. Has anyone else applied? Has anyone received a call from...

Brittany in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Updated 13 months ago

Female Flight attendants hair requirements? - 2 Replies

Hello, I recently shaved my hair off to donate for cancer patients and my hair grows quickly but I LOVE my hair being short. Like a 4 on the guard...

Flybaby in Jacksonville, Florida

Updated 13 months ago

Reserves - 2 Replies

I'm curious to know if the airlines hire strictly for reserves only positions or if reserves is just added on to a regular position for the newer...

Angela in Charlotte, North Carolina

Updated 13 months ago

Can you be a Sabbath observer and be flight attendant? - 12 Replies

Is there a way I can be a Sabbath Observer and be a flight attendant? I am new to the industry and due to start my training in 2 weeks. Will the...

Jhey32 in Memphis, Tennessee

Updated 13 months ago

JetBlue FA?! - 2 Replies

Hi, I'm wondering what is the requirements for JetBlue Flight Attendants. I saw the job posting for the LA open house! I really want to attend, but...

Ramsey in Davenport, Florida

Flight Attendants- Spanish Speaking at Delta 2017

Hello , Thanks Everyone!!! for all the great advice , I am so excited to be part of this process of becoming a Flight Attendant. But I certainly...

LeFrenchy in Raleigh, North Carolina

Has anyone been rehired before or tried to get rehired?

Would love to hear some feedback. Has it been an easy process or complicated?

Butterflycatchers in Tampa, Florida

Updated 13 months ago

Any info on IAD Crash Pads or housing - 6 Replies

Hello, I will be attending training for ASA starting Jan 19th - most likely will be based at IAD starting in February somethime. I am looking for...

Trump in Barnstable, Massachusetts

Updated 14 months ago

Anyone working for vista jet? - 1 Reply

Hello lovely people just wanted to get some insight as to how it is working for vista jet would love to hear from you. Have a wonderful day everyone

Mdziyaulhaque in Pasadena, California

any work

Structure fitter

bernice mitchell in Plantation, Florida

1 bedroom for rent 20 minutes fro fort lauderdale airport

Female only. Email me for more info. Buywithbernice@gmail.com

Goddessofgorgeousness in Portland, Oregon


I start training in march 2017! what should I pack clothes wise? I know we will get more info as time gets closer! Anything a newbie should pack or...

Afeliz in Hollywood, Florida

Updated 14 months ago


Ok so I applied for the Spanish Bi-Lingual FA October 8th, 2014 On 11/7 I was invited for a Video Interview with HireVue I completed it on 11/18...

El vez in Dalton, Georgia

Expressjet Hiring

Anyone work for the ExpressJet operation out of Dallas for American Eagle? Heard they are expanding the RJ700 base there and parking the 200s....

bj08 in Miami, Florida

Updated 14 months ago

SWA FA position - who made it in? - 40 Replies

So how many people knew about the position listing and how many of those made it through the application process? It was up for just about 2 hours...

Applying For FA in Cincinnati, Ohio

Updated 14 months ago

Delta Flight Attendant Training 2017 (LOD) applicant. - 23 Replies

I am a flight attendant, Dutch speaker, Applied in June, already did 2 video interviews, My status still says "under review", Does Anyone know how...

Derek in Greensboro, North Carolina

Updated 14 months ago

Delta - Been There Done That - 4481 Replies

For all of you loyal souls who have hung in there with Delta, hoping for an offer for f/a training, and have finally received a "no thank-you"...

Dimples in Riverdale, Georgia

Updated 14 months ago

Delta Airlines *After the F2F* 2013 Hiring - 435 Replies

This is a page made just for our experiences after the F2F with Delta. Date of your F2F: Have you heard anything since? Did they offer anyone a...

LAwings in Inglewood, California

Updated 14 months ago

Delta airlines flight attendants - 1 Reply

I'm really not understanding the archived but under review. I have always been there even before I was invited to do the video interview. Im a bit...

Butterflycatchers in Tampa, Florida

Updated 14 months ago

Delta Airlines Interview Process - 94 Replies

Hi! I applied to Delta on 8/25 and did my assessment a week later, was told at that time that I would hear from a recruiter soon. I didn't hear...


Updated 14 months ago

Flight attendant - 1 Reply

I have been always under archived under review. I did my video interview a week ago but I'm not sure what the archived under review means. Can anyone...

FierceFA in Atchison, Kansas

Updated 14 months ago

Flight attendant speculation and inquires - 1 Reply

What is the minimum age requirement for American airline, jetblue, delta and Southwest? What is the height requirement? What is the updated wage...

Crissi Brister in Church Point, Louisiana

Got an email for f2f

So I got an email inviting me for a video recorded interview. Says that I am suppose to get an email from Hire Vue. How long does that usually take?

FA WANTED in San Jose, California

Updated 15 months ago

Flight Attendant Letter of Recommendation - 6 Replies

For those that have been recently hired as FA's did you have letters of recommendation and if so do you think they helped in securing the job?

graysonmarie1962@*****.*** in Destin, Florida

The way I look on those OH so wonderful computer cameras

Hey may I ask. Does anyone besides myself look odd on those computer, IPad and IPHONE cameras? I feel like

Carolinad116 in Illinois

Updated 15 months ago

DELTA airline F2F interview 2014 - 3965 Replies

Does anyone had a f2f interview on 1/28 7:30am?

Flydoll in PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania

When next class

Can anyone tell me when does the next class start for endeavor ? February Thanks FLYDOLL

Alex Santos in Metuchen, New Jersey

Updated 15 months ago

United Airlines F2F interview on 1/4 2017 - 3 Replies

I am going to Houston for UA for F2F interview on Jan. 4th and I'm looking for a company. :)

Butterflycatchers in Tampa, Florida

Updated 15 months ago

Delta Training Graduates? - 71 Replies

Hey Everyone! I am a recent graduate from the Delta FA Training Academy (YAY). I just wanted to see if anyone else that graduated was on this...

Let's shop at Harrod's in London, United Kingdom

Updated 15 months ago


Could someone please tell me the interview process? I passed the 1st telephone interview, passed the assessment test, and now they want another phone...

ocean sky in Mexico Beach, Florida

Updated 15 months ago

Need opinions of experienced f.a.s please, on regional airlines - 1 Reply

Happy New Year to All! I would love some opinions on three companies. I know these are all small regionals, and nothing is perfect in the world, but...

Love 2 Fly in New York, New York

Updated 15 months ago

DELTA AIR LINES ** FLIGHT ATTENDANT ** 2016 ** NO DRAMA ** - 853 Replies

Hey everyone -- Let's put those old forums to bed, cut out the negativity and start fresh for 2016. Discuss here your process applying to be a...

Good in Irving, Texas

Updated 15 months ago

ExpressJet Open House May 2016 - 15 Replies

Who is going to the Express Jet Open House in May 2016 please?

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