Heavy Equipment Operators School

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Don Weimer in Eugene, Oregon

121 months ago

To the skeptics, I am one of at least ten Heavy Equipment Operators in my family. I was born into the underground construction industry. I was very fortunate to have one of the best teachers in the industry train me. My father taught me first how to operate at the age of twelve, then put me in the ditch and there I stayed until I learned to work and work hard. After 4 years working with my father I moved from Arizona to Calif. I got a job as a laborer and worked my way to the seat. In 8 months I was operating full time. I spent 18 years in calif. 12 years as an operator and 6 years as a forman and supervisor. I was very successfull and have an excellent reputation in the industry. As a forman we are always training guys to do the work. And we are also constantly learning. At 39 years of age I developed signs of skin cancer and decided to move to Oregon. I left a job that payed 50 + an hour because I wanted to live a little longer. I found myself working as an Instructor at the HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR SCHOOL in Eugene, It seems some people have nothing nice to say about these Equip. schools. Well for those that are wondering im here to be honest with you. Yes, some people should save their money, but I do recommend the Schools to those who are seriously considering making a life time commitment to the trade. Several of my students have landed jobs on the way out the door. One guy even said he was already running a crew. hmmn! If you have the right stuff you can be successful too. If you aren't afraid to work hard and work your way up. Then sign up. You have to want to work to get a job. Furthermore the most successfull operators in the Industry all started on the ground first! The schools introduce you to the industry and give you an opportunity to see if you got what it takes. I will tell you how it is out there with no B.S. Everyone earns their wage with hard work and dedication.


johannes namuhuja in Oshakati, Namibia

65 months ago

my name is johannes namuhuja i got certificate in 6 machines namely
1 excavator
2 dump truck
3 mobile crane
4 tractor loader backhoe
5 grader
6 front end loader

i currently dont have a job but i believe its because of the low training i had at my school.am looking for a better school any where in the world can you please help me out to find a good academy to add to my knowledge of machine operation i really want to learn and make a living.please email me at...........namuhuja@gmail.com.am from namibia in africa


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