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Alberto in Flushing, New York

Thinking about getting into hvac trade school

Hey everyone im really thinking about getting into the hvac industry im 22 years old I've worked in sales all my life and I would love something...

Leeann66 in Woodstock, Ontario

Updated 61 months ago

Can ANYONE HELP?!?... - 6 Replies

I have been on this forum for over a week now and I cannot for the life of me understand why no one will reply to my simple question...WHAT DO I HAVE...

bradley.ball in Caterham, United Kingdom

Updated 62 months ago

HVAC Balancing technician (water and air) - requires job - 7 Replies

I am an experienced commissioning engineer, dealing in the balancing of air and water systems. I have worked on many major projects central London. ...

Victor Julio Cerna in Reisterstown, Maryland

Updated 63 months ago

hvac technician looking for job. - 2 Replies

10 years experience in hvac field: service, repair and troble shoting. schematic and hvac plans ok. loking for job in LA San Fernando area.

mark simms in Romeoville, Illinois

Updated 65 months ago

How to break into hvac - 1 Reply

Im 23 and I just received my ged, and I heard hvac is a good career field to get into but ive never done anything related to this field ive only...

Mukesh in Calgary, Alberta

HVAC Tech to HVAC Engineer.

Im 24 and I havn't started school in HVAC but have been doing a lot of research about it and the many fields that can be achieved in this line of...


Updated 67 months ago

Hvac Tech looking for more any ideas - 1 Reply

I live in North Carolina and have 14 years hvac exp. and make 21 per hr., been at this for the last 5 years no raises or bonuses (the company has had...

tjblasi24 in Ocoee, Florida

Updated 68 months ago

Is an HVAC-R diploma worth the money? - 1 Reply

Just wondering if paying $18,000 for an HVAC-R diploma is worth it? Or should I just pay a few thousand for certifications? Looking at FCC-Anthem...

Demetrius Cobbin in Clarksville, Tennessee

Updated 69 months ago

Overseas Contracts... - 3 Replies

Hello, I am an Army veteran and I am a Universal HVAC Technician. I am seeking some useful advise on "cracking the code" to getting on board with a...

bearcat22 in Washington, District of Columbia

Would training be a waste of time?

I am disabled (Social Security Disability, mental illness) with this under control with medication. I'd like to return to work. There is a free...

Fernando in Buena Park, California

I live in SO CAL. What is your experience working in this field living in California?

I'm 29 years old. I currently have my property and casualty insurance license and have been working in the insurance industry for 8 years. The job is...

Istachatta AC in Bushnell, Florida

Updated 73 months ago

HVAC Business Owners - 3 Replies

All of the message boards are from technicians and I think it would be nice for the owners to have forum of their own! My husband and I own a A/C co...

clawsnlegs in Baltimore, Maryland

Salaries in Palm Beach County, Fl

We are interested in a move from Baltimore, MD to Palm Beach County, Fl. We have lined up a meeting with a realtor to visit potential homes and...

anonymous in Essex, Maryland

Updated 78 months ago

Good HVAC schools in MD, VA, or DC - 1 Reply

Please include any schools which offer certifications, weekend classes or night classes and exclude ITT or Lincoln Tech because they are too...

Ralph in San Diego, California

School in San Diego

I just moved to San Diego and I'm having trouble looking for a school, I was kinda interested in a trade school or something with just hands on. I...

lsulpha in Washington, District of Columbia

Becoming A Buiding Engineer?

Im about to start HVAC school a nd one of my goals is to become a building engineer and I also ant to know how to get a boiler's license so what do I...

Sparky Brother in Wantirna, Australia

Updated 82 months ago

HVAC in Northern VA or Central florida? - 1 Reply

Recently moved to the Northern VA and at the moment I'm a lube tech not going to say the company. I have spoken to some techs about hvac, some tell...

Empire Mech. MPT in Hamburg, New York

Updated 83 months ago

Why is it so hard to find commercial HVAC techs? - 20 Replies

Why is it so hard to find commercial HVAC techs who want to move up in their career. I have a client who is doing a national search for 20 techs and...

Stephen in College Park, Maryland

Updated 83 months ago

HVAC Career Advice or Suggestions - 1 Reply

I am 26 years old and decided to make a career change after spending years in retail and earning an associate degree and was 25 credits from a...

Michelle Garza in Kerens, Texas

Updated 84 months ago

HVAC jobs for felons? - 3 Replies

If someone has a recent felony for failure to pay child support, is it not a possibility to get a job as an HVAC Tech? Most big companies posting...

Ray-Ray in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Updated 84 months ago

Diploma VS Associates - 2 Replies

Im looking at going to school but dont know which to choose. One im leaning towards only has a diploma program that is 60 weeks long. The 2nd...

joe in Needham, Massachusetts

Updated 84 months ago

Good HVAC schools in MA near Boston - 1 Reply

Hey guys today i went to Kaplan career institute and started the application process to sign up for RHVAC. I was talking to a buddy of mine a couple...

Acpro in Buffalo, New York

Updated 84 months ago


I have been working on a strait a/c system for a friend , they ask me to look at it since I have been in the field for a couple of years now. here is...

lano64078 in Olathe, Kansas

Updated 85 months ago

Good career to get into "HVAC" for California? - 6 Replies

Question? I am going back to college for my hvac certificate. What is out of school pay? Then after say first year? I have saw many listing for 3rd...

mamta in Mumbai, India

Updated 90 months ago

Hvac Career is a ged or deploma needed? - 3 Replies

I wanted to go into a Hvac career but Im not sure if they require a GED or HS Diploma? Thanx John

274 in Cleveland, Ohio

Updated 90 months ago

HVAC Apprenticeship - 2 Replies

Looking to join HVAC Apprenticeship in Cleveland,OH Lexington,KY or Charlotte,NC any info on where to begin?

jdmcmurder in Tempe, Arizona

Updated 91 months ago

what are some of the HVAC unions in ARIZONa and are they worth getting into? - 1 Reply

im 19 y/o attending gateway communtiy collages HVAC program and i am curious about my futer employment should i find a union? which union is the best...

joe b in New Baltimore, Michigan


Is there an actual hvac union in michigan or more specifically the detroit/metro area? Are there any unionized hvac companies in the same area? Ive...

vivek k shaji in Satellite Provider

How to be a Certified HVAC technician

Hello I am from Houston Tx, i like to be a certified HVAC tech but i have no experience in this field. Can anyone guide me for training schools in...

johnnn23 in Baldwin City, Kansas


Can felons join the pipe fitters union and if so what's the best way to join?

jimmy russell in Meridian, Mississippi

Updated 91 months ago

Qualified for Overseas Work - 2 Replies

Hey all, Just wondering if someone could tell me if my HVAC Qualification from New York is applicable internationally? I'd like to work in...

Mike in Cincinnati, Ohio

Updated 92 months ago

Show me the money... - 25 Replies

What are typical hvac technician salaries? Do some companies pay a lot more for this position than others? What does a top earner make in this...

COMFORT AIR, BEAUMONT,TX in Wartrace, Tennessee

Updated 92 months ago

HVAC Looking for entry level work as an HVAC Service Techncian in Modesto Ca,,, - 5 Replies

I am looking for an entry level Service Technician can any help with some leads....I just finished my HVAC training at ITT in Modesto Ca. and I have...

david baker in Greenwood, Indiana

Updated 93 months ago

Is it worth to start HVAC training for $21K and 14 months @ Kaplan School? - 2 Replies

I am 32 y/o and I was working as an AutoCAd drafter for 3 years and last year got laid off. Since then i am out off work. now I am thinking to go to...

Dane in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Updated 94 months ago

Just got out of school in mn and looking to get in apprenticeship program - 1 Reply

I got done with the hvac/r technical program 5 months ago and I am having trouble finding an apprenticeship program. I tried to find any job right...

Inachan in York, Ontario

Getting Started in Canada

My boyfriend was educated and certified as an electrician in England and is in the process of coming to Canada on a work visa. He worked in...

Nick L in Medford, Massachusetts

Updated 96 months ago

cosidering taking the training for HVAC - 6 Replies

What is the job outlook for this field right now? My husband wants to make a career change and he is thinking about doing the HVAC training at a...

green in Baldwin, New York

Updated 96 months ago

HVAC - 5 Replies

Is HVAC worth paying $19000 for school

stefan in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Updated 96 months ago

Losing a great young tech - 2 Replies

Im losing a great young tech/installer as he's been excepted into the union. Great work ethics, attitude, he has a surprising amount of skill level...

rsalazar_2006 in Chevy Chase, Maryland

Getting back into the field

I went to a vocational school for HVAC before deciding to go to college. I had a good experience in trade school and in the work field when I worked...

Gregg Mechanical Corp. in Staten Island, New York

HVAC Technicians

I am the General Manager of an air conditioning company on Staten Island in New York City. After reading some posts on this website, there appears...

branden in Phoenix, Arizona

i just started school at rsi and reading all of these comments scare me ha.

i just started school at rsi and got into the trade because im 19 and just had a son. all of these posts are scaring me about continuing my...

yatu patel in Poland

poor field

this is a very poor field this is very non growing field can't get gud salary compare to i.t field or other field get fast grow u...

chris in Orlando, Florida


Hi guys quick question. I am Universal certified HVAC technician and am also attending a tech school for electrical work My question is are there any...

kurnosui72 in Mount Prospect, Illinois

hvac tech 14 years of expirience stupid emploee tests

Is any one pass those stupid emploers test

DonnyTomball in Tyler, Texas

Updated 101 months ago

Need HVAC Technicians, Any state, does not matter. - 4 Replies

There is a new work from home MLM company that has the exclusive right to sell an energy efficiency product called PermaFrost to residential...

Beth in Nashville, Tennessee

Updated 101 months ago

Opportunities in the HVAC field seem limited - 1 Reply

I have 10 years in HVAC, fairly well rounded resume. Yet at the the age of 54 I can't even get an interview. All the companies are using computer...

Nitty in New Bern, North Carolina

hvac work

Im a universal Hvac Tech out of school 3 1/2 months still lokking for an open door in the field, so tell me wheres the luck

peter wake in Roseville, California

Updated 103 months ago

Going to this "school"...help!! - 3 Replies

I live in Philly and I am planning on going to "Orleans Tech. Institute". for HVAC. It is only 6 months long and they said they help you find...

Douglas in Saint Petersburg, Florida

Updated 103 months ago

I just started taking classes at lincoln tech for hvac two weeks ago how can i advance myself while in school? - 2 Replies

I have just recently started taking a course at lincoln tech its very slow to start and i feel im not being very challenged im sure it will progress...

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