Getting back into the field

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rsalazar_2006 in Chevy Chase, Maryland

83 months ago

I went to a vocational school for HVAC before deciding to go to college. I had a good experience in trade school and in the work field when I worked for an HVAC company.

I let go of the opportunity to get anywhere in the HVAC field becuase I was young and lacked direction and thought maybe I would find it in college. I have been working in the office environment (I hate it). If I'd known what to expect after college, I would have just stayed in the HVAC field. I can't stand sitting around for 8 hours in one place. One thing I loved about HVAC was driving from house to house every day.

I am interested in getting the CFC certification becuase I know that's what you need to handle Refrigerant. My question is can I do residential service with just the CFC license, or do I need to have the apprentice and any other certifications involved with the trade. You feedback would be appreciated
Thank you.


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