hvac technician and hvac instaler make the same money? can a instaler helper become a hvac technician?

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TheFenix007e in Houston, Texas

55 months ago

hi, i have went school to learn hvac.and i got a job in a company as installer helper. but i want to be a hvac technician. i also want know that you need experience if you want them to pay more $$$ . i don't know if anybody have a experience like mine or maybe anybody know one like it . did i started with the right feet?


Hvacsvc in Rensselaer, Indiana

35 months ago

I started as a helper, worked my rear end off and then went to classes at night. My boss saw I had aptitude along with people skills and would teach me things as I went along. There is a big difference between the classroom and applying hands on in the real world. That was a lot of years ago. I opened my own shop 25 years ago. I would say as many guys that are trying to even get a helper job and can't, use your opportunity to get your foot in the door.


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