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guest in Arlington, Texas

Updated 31 months ago

Entry Level Career Advice - 6 Replies

I graduated this past May with a BS in Industrial Engineering. I relocated to Colorado for personal reasons and have been struggling to get my foot...

Zubin Ajmera in Atlanta, Georgia

What You Should Know about Industrial Engineering Jobs

Hey guys and to all industrial engineering professionals/students, The main purpose of this article is to demonstrate that the demand for...

Asad in South Africa

help needed please

Hi I'm a school student and I'm in grade 10 and I want to become an industrial engineer I go to a normal school not any engineering school or trade...

Vignesh in Houston, Texas

Cerification or other things required to do for industrial graduate student

Hi I am a industrial engineering graduate student. I want to know what certification courses that graduate students are eligible to take. Also, it...

dfsd in Connecticut

Least people-management jobs for IE?

I was drawn to IE because of its broad applications and it deals with planning and optimizing processes/systems. But I'm not a very people-oriented...

kelvin M. in Santa Ana, California

Interview for an Industrial Engineer (Simple questions)

Greeting for everyone. I am a college student, who need a report on Industrial Engineering, it will be by email. The time we would need is not going...

Navneet R in Tecumseh, Ontario

Updated 76 months ago

Industrial Engineering Certifications - 1 Reply

What are the best industrial engineering certifications to have?

lcmoore in Saint Louis, Missouri

Updated 84 months ago

Looking for a career in industrial engineering? - 3 Replies

I have a masters in industrial engineering. My background is in proces improvements, warehouse operations, quality,time studies, and lean six sigma....

J.B. in Norfolk, Virginia

Updated 84 months ago

PE in Industrial Engineering - 5 Replies

I am an industrial engineer and would like to obtain my PE in industrial engineering. However, I don't see how it will benefit me other than that it...

Richard in Cavite, Philippines

Updated 86 months ago

Is Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing still required learning for IE? - 3 Replies

Is Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing still required learning for IE? I was reading posts from a couple years back and those were the main answers...

Tom in Durham, North Carolina

Updated 86 months ago

Industrial Engineering jobs inquiry - 2 Replies

Hi, I am an international graduate student of Industrial and Systems Engineering in Auburn University, AL. I specialize in process and quality...

juanjoviejo in Champaign, Illinois

Advice on how to target companies

I just recently graduated with a B.S. in IE, and as I try to look and sort through open positions. But since there are so many options and career...

Charles in Raleigh, North Carolina

MS in IE with BA in Psychology, questions about this path...

Hi all, I have a BA in psychology and I am currently finishing my first semester in BSEE program. One of my TA's is in the MSIE program and it...

mukand bisht

air leakage problem

an air leakage problem is facing by our team on the front axle differential assembly of the tractor at the time of testing.the components are...

tina in Carlisle, Pennsylvania

Updated 91 months ago

Career path - 5 Replies

Hello, I graduated from the University of Arizona in May, 2007 in Engineering Managment(Six Sigma) & Minors in Industrial Engineering and...

tina in Carlisle, Pennsylvania

Updated 91 months ago

What is the job market for international student who pursue industrial engineering? - 6 Replies

I am an student in Texas A&M Uni. I am interested in IE, but I am afraid of my status, which means I am holding F1 Visa. I am worried that once I...

AMONIOUS in Pretoria, South Africa

Updated 91 months ago

Show me the money... - 5 Replies

What are typical industrial engineer salaries? Do some companies pay a lot more for this position than others? What does a top earner make in this...

fernhanhofelo in São Carlos, Brazil

Updated 91 months ago

required hot softwares for IE jobs - 1 Reply

Hi, I'm a MS student in IE. I want to improve my resume to hopefully start looking for a job next year. Can u please help me on this? any software...

CJT in Delmar, New York

Walt Disney World IE Opportunities

Im currently going into my junior year at RPI, I'm wondering what my chances are (and how to increase my chances) of interning with WDW for...

Mystery in Boston, Massachusetts

Updated 96 months ago

job - 1 Reply

my bachelor degrr is in mining engineering and my masters is in industrial engineering. what kind of job can i get from industrial enineering side?

Harold in Saco, Maine

Updated 97 months ago

What graduate programs can i choose with a ba in industrial engineering - 1 Reply

I am really close to getting my degree, but unfortunatly i have realized that even tho i find I.E very interesting, it is not my passion. And being...

Fred Thompson in Cerritos, California

Updated 97 months ago

I'm loooking for an IE to interview (very quick) - 3 Replies

Hello, I'm a high school student who is doing a report on Industrial Engineering and I need to interview an IE. The interview can be done via...

Greg in Dayton, Ohio

Six Sigma Black Belt Project

What are the best places to perform a six sigma black belt project?

Alireza in Grenoble, France

product life cycle

Anyone has some ideas about product life cycle and production

chijioke in Lagos, Nigeria

job opportunities of an industrial & production engineer in the oil and gas industry

I'll like to know areas where a engineer in this field actually fits into in the oil and gas industry

Lex in Gainesville, Florida

Average starting salary and pay?

What is the average starting salary and pay for an Industrial Engineer? How long did it take to get your first raise? How much are you making now?

Raj in Little Rock, Arkansas

Updated 109 months ago

On look out for FT/Contract openings in Industrial/Lean Manufacturing/Manufacturing Engineer - 4 Replies

I am an IE/ME with 12+ years work experience in automotive, aerospace, plastic, chemical, electronics on look out for openings. I was laid off and...

mnh786 in Bear, Delaware

Senior IE Out of Job

I'm a senior IE that has been out of steady employment for about 2 years despite having an MS IE and MBA. I've worked with Boeing for 14+ years and...

karina in Pretoria, South Africa

IE final year project

Hi I'm a final year IE student in need of a project to complete my studies. It can be anything relevant to our field and it will cost u nothing. if u...

kaz mcclure in Odessa, Texas

Updated 110 months ago

hey im doing a research paper and i need to ask some question to a IE - 2 Replies

Im in high school and need to ask a IE about 10 questions. my email is

Roberto C. in Los Angeles, California

Intervew for an industrial engineer

hey, im a high school student in Aoe (academy of engineering), can any IE engineer answer some simple questions for me. My email is...

UIG in Orange, California

Looking for Industrial Engineer with Sales and Operations Background

Hi, We are an international storage tank and structural engineering contracting firm looking to hire an Assistant Operations Manager with a...

Doug ms in Newark, New Jersey

Indus Eng schools n careers

Hi all, i have a BS in chem from NJCU and been workin for @ 5 yrs. I wanna do a MS in industrial Eng specializing in operations mngment, is this a...

Kalpesh in Muscat, Oman

Updated 117 months ago

Plastics engineer - 1 Reply

Hi, Looking for an engineer that has experience making parts for injection molding. Looking to make a platform for a person to stand on, must be...

Biged Fromny in Highland Park, New Jersey

Updated 118 months ago

Industrial Engineer Job Location - 1 Reply

Hi, I am a recent college graduate(Industrial Engineering major) looking for to move to a larger city for better job opportunities. What cities are...

robertgorsline@*****.*** in Holland, Michigan

Updated 120 months ago

How to be Master in a content in industrial ingineer by internet? - 2 Replies

I would like to increase my knowledge in industrial Ingineer. i'm living in haiti, i'don't have money to pay an expensive training program to be...

Matt in Omaha, Nebraska

Updated 120 months ago

How can i get a entry level IE job or internship ? - 1 Reply

it seems really hard to get entry level job or internship in Washington? which certification or additional stuff i can get to get a job? i...

volkantetik in Seattle, Washington

How can i get a entry level IE job or internship ?

it seems really hard to get entry level job or internship in Washington? which certification or additional stuff i can get to get a job? i...

Adam in Allison Park, Pennsylvania

Updated 122 months ago

PE in Florida Industrial Eng. - 3 Replies

Hi, I made the PE (Professional Engineer) process, and I already received my license a couple of month ago. Mi issue is that is extremely hard to...


Updated 124 months ago

Industrial Engineer - 1 Reply

I'm a Peruvian Bachelor of Industrial Engineer, I'm in the middle of process of validate my credentials in Florida (two exmans F.E. and P.E.- I'll...

Max in Cincinnati, Ohio

Entry Level Industrial Engineering Help!

I have recently graduated from Ohio University with a BS in IT (Industrial Technology) and I am finding it extremely difficult to get hired in the...

Yaron in Haifa, Israel

Career paths for Industrial Engineering graduate

Hi everybody, I am a industrial engineering student and even though I am in the middle of my MSc I dont know much more than the academic point of...

Richard in Oakland, California

Updated 126 months ago

Lean Manager: Ohio - 1 Reply

My name is Jake Bennett and I'm an engineering recruiter with CST. My client is a Fortune 500 company. The job profile is as follow: This position...

donald yuen in Central District, Hong Kong

Updated 126 months ago

Production Planner: Project Managment experience - 1 Reply

I noticed having project management experience would be very helpful for advancement. What does it mean? I am a Production planner, can some1 tell...

Sara Refaat in ca

ESG Consulting: a Senior Industrial Engineering Lead for Construction _fulltime _ Sacramento, CA

I work with ESG Consulting and we specialize in placing talented candidates into the top Engineering companies in the Bay Area Our client is a...

hombisa manakaza in Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Updated 128 months ago

Industrial Engineer Orange County California - 4 Replies

We are in need of industrial engineer 2+ years experience six sigma ISO project management quality management lean manufacturing work...

A Morelli in Costa Mesa, California

Updated 131 months ago

Getting ahead... - 2 Replies

What is the best training for becoming a hirable industrial engineer? What types of ongoing training or certifications are necessary to be an...

Sphiwe Mngomezulu in Parow, South Africa

Updated 134 months ago

IE in manufacturing - 2 Replies

I want to know the role of an IE in a manufacturing process environment,what his specific areas of direct responsibilities are and what additional...

donald yuen in Central District

Urgent need help! IE: Overseas working expereince

While I'm in Hong Kong last week I got an offer as a Production Planner or Production Engineer from KONG Branch) which require to work...

Werunthingz17 in Englewood, New Jersey

Can someone please do an interview?

hello i'm a student a junior at the academies @ englewood and i am currently doing a report on Industrial Engineering. i was hoping that you could...

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