Can someone please do an interview?

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Werunthingz17 in Englewood, New Jersey

138 months ago

hello i'm a student a junior at the academies @ englewood and i am currently doing a report on Industrial Engineering. i was hoping that you could answer a few questions that i have. thanks for your time. Jaiwanttie

1)Describe the duties and responsibilities a electrical engineer have. What does it involve?
2) What are some importants goals you have achieved with being an enginer?
3) Whar are some projects you have worked on?
4) What are the advantages of this occupation?
5) Do you have to do alot of traveling?
6) What are the benefits?
7) Do you work alone or with other people?
8) How long did you had to go to college? What degrees do you have?
9) What strengths and weakness do you have?
10) what park of your job do you find most rewarding? Why?
11) What part of you job do u find most frustrating? WHy?
12) Do you work well under pressure?
13) What about your vacation?
14) well this is all, is there anything else you would like to add?


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