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sathyab86 in Auburn, Alabama

105 months ago

I am an international graduate student of Industrial and Systems Engineering in Auburn University, AL. I specialize in process and quality improvement and lean implementation. I am a six sigma green belt too.I am graduating in Summer 2010 and I have some questions for which I have been desperately trying to get answers. Please help me with these.

1) Soon after graduation, I have decided to move to a bigger city to hunt for jobs. As this is a very important decision, I am having a tough time deciding between San Jose/San Francisco, Dallas, Raleigh and New Jersey. Can I get some guidance with this.

2) I have been applying online for almost a year now and the response has been not very encouraging. I am starting to have doubts about my resume now. Below is a link to my resume. Please comment on the structure of my resume and where it needs work.

3) Is it true that applying from a local address to companies make a significant difference?


syseng in Manhattan, Kansas

88 months ago

hey... any luck finding a job?


Tom in Durham, North Carolina

84 months ago

Spend time targeting 1 company you want to work for in each area. Your resume is irrelevant. You need to talk to people within those companies (preferably just 2 companies) until you know what their biggest problems are day-to-day, and the terminology they use in their work. Then you keep talking to people in those companies (in-person is best, phone second, facebook/text/linkedin third, email fourth) until you get conversations with DECISION MAKERS (hiring people). At this point, you know the company's internal lingo, you know their biggest problems, and you demonstrate to the person with the power to hire that you can help solve those big problems, in their words. It's also necessary at this point that you NOT possess any personality if it's a soul-sucking job, or that you possess a personality compatible with the company culture if it's a job worth having. Every conversation, and the interview is just another conversation, needs to focus on gathering this information about the company, connecting with its people, and deciding whether you'll fit with the culture.

Forget about the resume. It sucks, and <25% of jobs are given through the pattern of: look at resumes --> narrow the pool of candidates with criteria --> offer live interviews. >75% of jobs are given through the informal networking process I described above.

If you think you don't have a network, start talking to your friends, family, facebook friends, school career center people, and strangers. Talking to people who work at companies you want to work for, and eventually talking to hiring decision-makers at companies you want to work for is the efficient way to get a job you want.

And as IE's, we want to maximize productivity and efficiency, right?


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