Civilian Intelligence

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ChrisK in New Port Richey, Florida

63 months ago

Hello, I just had one quick question that I haven't been able to find an answer to. I was wondering, if I was to get a Top Secret clearance/TS-SCI while doing Intel for the Marine Reserves, would I be able to get a civilian job from a defense company or somewhere along those lines. Thanks in advance.


Dusty in Joliet, Illinois

62 months ago

Most likely not. Having the security clearance is nice, but unless you have deployments and years of active experience and/or a degree, contractors won't look at you. The field is already ripe with experienced dudes because of the drawdown, I'm getting out for a contractor job only because I got disgruntled with the mil after recruiting duty. I imagine there are other intel Marines that got put on other "keep it real" lifer duties and are probably looking to get out as well. Not being a pessimist, just saying how it is now.


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