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What is the best training for becoming a hirable java developer? What types of ongoing training or certifications are necessary to be an effective java developer?

What do non-traditional career paths look like?

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Joaniethebronxgirl@*****.*** in Los Angeles, California

134 months ago

What exactly does a java developer do? I am interested.

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Chris in Tucson, Arizona

132 months ago

Java Developer is a broad title for anyone developing software using the Java programming language. What you do day-to-day depends a lot on the company you work for, there are good companies and bad companies. I am a Sr Software Engineer (basically a Sr Java Developer) and my week includes writing/testing/debugging java code, managing build/deployment scripts, managing development servers, writing code and usage documentation, team meetings, code reviews, internal education presentations, after-work LAN games, social lunches with other team members, and the occasional happy hour.

It's a job that you have to love to do well. The hours can be long, but if you are in a good company you can get compensation or flex time to offset (e.g. you work a 60-70 hour week and then take a take a long weekend or two later without subtracting from your vacation time)... yes, in both good and bad companies, you will work long hours. I generally work a 50-hour week during the light weeks... and up to 80 during crunch times, which thankfully dont happen all that often here.

To answer the other posting... the "traditional" path into Java Devlopment is via a Computer Science or MIS program, but experience and a passion for coding will make up for the lack of that, though you generally MUST have a degree of some sort, preferably a science or technical degree. I have a degree in Chemical Engineering but I loved programming... even that, I started out as a web developer learning HTML and JavaScript, picking up Java on a whim.

The big thing is that you have to realize that going down either path will not immediately get you a job or the "big money". I have interviewed numerous candidates who had a CS degree with no experience that thought they should get a mid-level developer position and that they could "learn on the job"... you can and will learn on the job, starting from the bottom up. Experience is the most important key to getting a Java Developer position with a good company.

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Chatan in Pune, India

103 months ago

Hi Chris,

I have been working for 3 yrs now.
Some development and maintenance.
I feel my java skills are descent.
I mean I have a good coding logic but I am not good at interviews.
How do I put my coding knowledge accross?

Would there be opportunities for a java developer with good logic?


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