more "testing" after a Master's Degree and Sun Certifications ...

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rcl2 in New York, New York

106 months ago


I do not underestimate the importance of "cultural" things in business, but what could possibly be in employers' minds when they want for you to sit a(nother) test. Are they just "breaking" and "weeding out" candidates in an HR fashion?

I am a Sun Certified Programmer and Web Component Developer. I also hold a Master in Physics/Math. Aren't Sun Certifications and University Degrees not good enough anymore?

If I were to hire someone for a technical position, I would read through his qualifications and experience, I will check them, and then I will just give them a call to sense them out technically and also as a person and check their references. I think –some- things you could do with machines and procedures at some point it is supposed to get to human

It is not that I am such a proud dude, but to me it is like always paying on time your bills and maintaining a good credit throughout your life and then having a company ask you to sit a lie detector session or answer a google-like long psychologically poking questionnaire, about "how do you handle your money"

To me many companies don’t realize as much as they are checking people, people are checking them too and honestly I don’t like to work for idiots

What is your experience with such things? Am I overreacting to this type of nonsense?

Thank you


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