Concerned I'm not getting the work-experience I need

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frallen2002@*****.*** in Northville, Michigan

105 months ago

I've been working part-time as a children's librarian for the past four years at
a library which is extremely limited in resources, and therefore one thing I'm
anxious about is that I think I've done all I can to increase turnout and come
up with creative programs. The thing is, except for holiday crafts I've only
ever had a maximum of 5-7 kids (all ages) come to programs. Holiday crafts
sometimes attract 12-16 kids, but I have very limited opportunities to do things
on this scale (I have to use one of our 2 public spaces as a program room, etc,
The children's area itself isn't big eoungh for activities other than
story-reading and board-games.)

I'm scared that if the recession ever lifts and I ever get other job-interviews
the interviewers will think I haven't achieved enough turnout and gained enough
experience. I won't volunteer information about my limited turnout, etc. but they ask about things like this so then I have to answer.

I'm also scared because I at one time had a second part-time library job as a
teen-librarian and had similar problems during the 15 months I worked there.
Eventually, in rushing around trying to publicize that library to the schools,
come up with low-cost programming, etc, I got stressed out, and was asked to
resign. At that job, although the library itself had more resouces, there
weren't enough resources to bring about the kind of programming the teens
wanted. I'm scared that in explaining why I quit the teen librarian job if I
say that I was working many extra hours to establish programming at both jobs,
the interviewers will say "so why weren't you able to increase turnout at the
library you stayed at after you guit the other library?" How can I handle this
question so it won't sound like I get stressed out and that its my fault about
the turnout? Any ideas, please?

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