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Monica in Richland Center, Wisconsin

Updated 40 months ago

no job as lpn without experience - 83 Replies

how can i get a job if they don't give oportunities to new grad to work, I passed my nclex on september 2009 and no luck. Please any suggestion


willing to move out of state lvn-adn

I'm based in Southern California and very eager to start my goal of becoming a RN. I just recently been accepted into a 12 month LVN program at an...

kas1206 in Natick, Massachusetts

any agencies out there fot travel

time for a change

kas1206 in Natick, Massachusetts

any agencies out there fot travel

time for a change

Miranda in Orlando, Florida

Updated 44 months ago

Moving from TN to FL - 2 Replies

Hello everyone. I'm new to this, but I am currently an LPN student, and have my Associate's Degree in Applied Science. I plan on bridging to RN later...

Chu in Yonkers, New York

Updated 45 months ago

I am a CMA in Georgia and I'm trying to find a fast-track LPN program here. I just completed two years of an accredited MA progr - 2 Replies

I'm a CMA in Georgia. I'm wondering if anyone knows about an LPN fast-track program here. I live in Albany, GEORGIA To be exact. I completed a...

Gullah in Sherwood, Arkansas

Updated 45 months ago

Contract work, Brightstar - 1 Reply

I've been a LPN for 21yrs- have worked in Hospitals, Nursing Homes , even a methadone clinic. Have been thinking of contract work - going to homes...

basher in High Bridge, New Jersey

Updated 45 months ago

Job market in new york city for lpn - 9 Replies

How is the job market for lpns in new york city, especially, new graduates


Updated 46 months ago

Michigan nursing - 143 Replies

Can anyone share about the job market/wages in Michigan for LPN/RN. Would appreciate everyones input.


Updated 48 months ago

Are there any LPN schools in Baltimore - 146 Replies

I have been searching for a LPN school in Baltimore, Maryland. Do anyone know if there are any? Please Help!

Barbara in Southfield, Michigan

lpn programs

Can any graduates from the Everest LPN program give me any information on the program, is it a good program ?.

OrthoNurse in Annandale, Virginia

Urology office position

There was a temp working in my office today who mentioned a job opening at the Falls Church Medical Center in Falls Church, VA. The urologist there...

Misty in Corpus Christi, Texas

Updated 52 months ago

LPN travel agencies - 6 Replies

Hi Im 46 and kids are grown so I am free to do LPN work traveling. I would appreciate you letting me know about any travel agencies who work with...

Jessica Labrecque in Massachusetts

Taking the NCLEX in Mass... Will a CWOF stop me?

Big question! I am about to graduate my nursing program and thoroughly everything was ok with my CORI... I have a CWOF from 8 years ago. Will the...

Doodlebug21 in Middleville, Michigan

Lpn at Latoyas health education. Saginaw Michigan

Has anybody been here for the 1 year LPN program? I have a lot of questions about it and am thinking about attending October of 2014. It doesn't seem...

Tiffannij in Bronx, New York

Updated 57 months ago

LPN training school - 7 Replies

I'm searching for a LPN accredited school in NYC, but I can't find anything... Can anyone help me?? Please!

goodas016 in Springfield Gardens, New York

Updated 58 months ago



CALVINNHOBBES in Lutz, Florida

Updated 60 months ago

Finding wk in Tampa, fl - 15 Replies

I,m a new LPN, no one wants to hire in Tamp without experience does anyone no who hires. How are ya sopose to get experince if no one hires. HELP!!!

Startingover2013 in Centereach, New York

Board of nursing

I am currently on probation with the Bon. I have to take a course at my expense on record keeping / documentation. It has to be a plan of...

Misswifie in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 62 months ago

Looking FOR A LPN SCHOOL IN NYC - 11 Replies

i am looking for a school in NYC where i can train to become an LPN in the evenings.Any suggestions?

Leah in Aurora, Colorado

Updated 62 months ago

LPN programs in Michigan - 18 Replies

Please someone tell me that there is a school in Michigan that has an LPN program. Please.

Derek in Lawrenceville, Georgia

Updated 62 months ago

lpn school online - 1 Reply

iam looking for a online school or a school in memphis, tn for lpn class

Misswifie in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 63 months ago

LPN moving from NYC to GA...... - 6 Replies

I just wanted to know if my current license will be valid in Atlanta GA and if not how do I transfer my license to GA????

janeana in mesquite, Texas

Updated 63 months ago

lpn - Rn excelsior - 52 Replies

Is there anyone in Atlanta, GA doing the lpn-Rn excelsior program if so can you please contact me at rachy29581@yahoo.com

Blondie in Valrico, Florida

Excelsior College CPNE

Looking for anyone out there who has successfully completed their Clinical Exam through Excelsior College, who would be willing to share their...

JOBLESS in Taunton, Massachusetts

Updated 65 months ago

No one willing to hire New Grad LVNS - 4 Replies

I recently passed my NCLEX and have been applying everywhere with no luck! I have applied to over 70 places and I have background as a medical...

Jill K in Hammond, Louisiana

Becoming an LPN

Do y'all think its good to become an lpn and work your way to bsn?

Shance in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 66 months ago

LPN Schools in NYC - 99 Replies

Hello Everyone, i am intrested in studying to become a LPN.Does anyone know the best solutions interms of schools to start off looking at?

Startingover2013 in Centereach, New York

Board of nursing

Hello. One year ago I was suspended 3 days for signing for a sacral dressing that I didn't do. My don reported me to the b o n. I got a call from...

Sundas in Centreville, Virginia

Lpn schools near centreville, VA please help

I need to find a school near centreville,VA that has a good lpn program I need to start by January I already looked into standard health care which...

Vgoode in Manassas, Virginia

Updated 71 months ago

ECPI Manassas, VA - 8 Replies

Has anyone attended here for the LPN program? How was it? Im trying to decide if I should attend here. I just want to hear some feedback from...

yvonnephilippines in West Palm Beach, Florida

LPN to Scrub Technician (Nurse)

Hi, I have been a LPN for about 3 years and have worked in MD offices, outpatient dialysis, etc and tried a job in a LTC facility (23 patients per...

Nord101 in Grand Forks, North Dakota


Hello everyone, I am a stay at home mom and would like to start taking some online courses. I just don’t know what to go into and what would be...

amikan76 in Orlando, Florida

Updated 71 months ago

Are there any lpn that are in home health? - 5 Replies

I was wondering if there are any LPN's out there that are in home health care, and if so do you like it? Which side of nursing do you like best and...

Waited to late in Norfolk, Virginia

Updated 72 months ago

LPN TO RN - 115 Replies


AmeMay in Wesson, Mississippi

working with restricted license

I am a LPN. I have restricted license. I have to be supervised by a LPN or RN when doing patient care. I have look everywhere and can not find...

Jane in San Diego, California

Updated 73 months ago

LPN certificate vs. associates degree pay - 3 Replies

I am 40 yrs old, married with 2 kids ages 11 and 7. I am currently an MA/phlebotomist and seriously considering taking the LPN certificate program...

Barbara in Eatontown, New Jersey

Updated 73 months ago

LPN schools in NJ - 11 Replies

Does anyone know any good LPN schools in or near Burlington County NJ?

LPN_Cincinnati in Cincinnati, Ohio

Updated 73 months ago

Wages inOKC, Galveston, Tx, and Tampa, Fl. - 81 Replies

Hi, I have been a resident of OKC, Ok. for 2 years, and I don't believe that I am being paid a fair wage. I have been LPN for almost 15 years. My pay...

anurseindeed in Marion, Indiana

What to do?

I have been an LPN since 2003. I was also having alot of health problems and was cut from several jobs due to having to have major surgeries. I am...

MM in Columbus, Ohio

Updated 74 months ago

lpn vs rt - 1 Reply

hello, im thinking of starting at nexcare to become an lpm. at this moment i have been accepted to hfcc respiratory therapist program. i am so lost @...

985GIRL in La Place, Louisiana

Updated 74 months ago

LPN to RN Exceslior College Louisiana Chapter - 1 Reply

looking to start a excelsior study group. I have all material needed for CPNE. I just need someone to study with. It can be held at a park, library,...

jalums 50 in Rosedale, New York

Updated 74 months ago

Who's having a problem finding LPN work as a recent grad with no experience? - 5 Replies

Ok, I thought that becoming a nurse (whether it be an RN or LPN) would generate enthusiasm from prospective employers, even if the candidate doesn't...

985GIRL in La Place, Louisiana

Exceslior Cpne study group Louisiana or Mississippi

I'm looking to start a CPNE study group in Louisiana. I see that our state seems to be the only where people don't join together to help one...

David in Knoxville, Tennessee

Updated 75 months ago

cleared with the board - 2 Replies

I am in my 3rd semester with prereqs toward my rn. I am in recovery and have been for 8 1/2 yrs. lost my lpn license and completed all of my...

Beth Smith in Lombard, Illinois

Updated 75 months ago

Reciprocity of license - 4 Replies

Im moving to florida and am a LPN in CT right now; I an wondering if anyone knows if I would have to test in Florida or just apply for reciprocity??...

Rajvir kaur rahal in Sangrur, India

to get a job as lpn in vancouver

good afternoon,here is a rajvir,i have done B.sc nursing in punjab {india}and i have one year experiance throughout female medical ward,so now i want...

Night shift Nurse in Americus, Georgia

Salary for a Lpn in North Atlanta. Also, any info about traveling nursing.

I'm planning on moving to Smyrna in a few months. I have 3 years experience in LTC. I would just like some info about the pay rate in North Atlanta...

Blue in Clarksville, Tennessee

LPN with a dismissed misdemeanor

I was thinking about getting into an lpn program in september,but I have a few questions to ask. First my embarrassing story, I was arrested and...

angy black female in Dublin, Ohio

Updated 77 months ago

No LPN work, should I go back for RN? - 5 Replies

In Cincinnati: I got my LPN in late '08 and have done home healthcare (peds vent/trac/gj) part-time. Now that my husband doesn't travel w/work and...

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