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Do you have any tips to help prepare for an upcoming massage therapist interview?

Are there common interview questions that come up again and again?


Theresa in Kasson, Minnesota

138 months ago

Interview Questions for Employers
or Preparing for an Interview
1.What school did you graduate from?
2.When did you graduate?
3.What experience do you have?
4.What type of clients do you like to work with?
5.What is your philosophy about healing?
6.What do you feel your role is in the healing process?
7.How would you describe what type of work you do?
8.What is your personal vision for yourself in the profession?
9.What do you think is the future of the massage profession?
10.Do you participate in any associations activities?
11.Do you do any volunteer work in massage?
12.What other job experience have you had outside of massage?
13.Why do you want to work here?
14.If right out of school - did massage school prepare you enough to work in massage?
15.Do you consider yourself a self starter?
16.How do you take care of yourself?
17.What do you do for fun?
18.What kind of books and magazines do you read?
19.How would you describe yourself?
20.Why did you choose massage?
21.How would your best friend or spouse describe you?
22.what are your plans for continuing education?
23.What is the toughest part about being a massage therapist?
24.What do you want to accomplish through your work?
25.What type of clients are you least comfortable with and why?
26.What type of clients are you most effective with?
27.What ideas do you have for marketing and building your practice?
28.What goals have you set for yourself and how are you planning on achieving them?


Jane in Minneapolis, Minnesota

120 months ago

I cannot stress enough...look your best on an interview....any kind of interview. I have interviewed many individuals for many types of positions and come looking professional for any interview. A pressed shirt/tie/pants and shoes. PLEASE no flip flops or tennis shoes.

Also, be honest with yourself and the interview. Don't pretend to be more or less than who you are.

And show respect by sending a "thank you" note to each individual you meet. Sometimes those individuals may not have been as strong as another candidate but they did receive the job offer. Sometimes it is the little things!

Good luck!


fusionmassage in Kissimmee, Florida

116 months ago

Host said: Do you have any tips to help prepare for an upcoming massage therapist interview?

Are there common interview questions that come up again and again?

Some of the questions will be deterimined by the type of establishment: spa, clinic, hospital, franchise (Massage Envy).
I work in the salon spa, resort spa industry.
> What attributes/traits do you think you bring to the table?
> How do you get along with co-workers?
> How would you handle a guest situation?
> Why do you like being a therapist?
> Do you have a desire to move up in the company?
> How long do you see yourself doing this job?
> Do you get along with others in charge?
> Do you see yourself as a team leader?
> What is the best thing about your work?
> Are you flexible with your hours?
> Can you handle additional responsibilities?
> Why did you choose to apply here?
> Would a difficult client frustrate you?
> If a problem arises, should you handle it yourself or bring it to management?

As stated earlier, dress professional, be on time and when answering questions, think of it from the companies perspective. They want to see confidence, professionalism and that you are guest-minded. Good luck!


Raquel in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

114 months ago

grace in Tallahassee, Florida said: I have a interview today with a chiropractor for LMT. My first one. Can someone who has been to a chiropractor LMT interview help, give some ponters, maybe interview questions I can be prepared for, anything that will help me land the job-

How did it go at your chiropractor interview.


Julie in Redmond, Washington

114 months ago


Grace in Tallahassee, Florida

114 months ago

Thanks for asking, I was nervous at first, then I gave it my best and got hired on the spot! I had to do the practical and pretended it was just a regualr client.


AnneR in Grand Rapids, Michigan

112 months ago

Thank you! This really helped me prepare for an interview!! I am grateful to all of you who posted questions and gave pointers!


thebodyworker in Redmond, Washington

110 months ago

Figure out what you want in a job.

Research the company and find out what type of work the chiro does. Have you ever been to them as a client? Be sure to go before you take a job there so you can see how they work.

How much do you need to make? What will you do for them? How will you improve their business?

Ask them:

How much they charge clients/insurance for massage? There is usually two different rates.
How much of that will they pay you?
Will you be an employee with full benefits or a subcontractor which really means you will be self employed. Most try to hire you as a subcontractor when you really should be self employed. Know the difference.

If it is a subcontractor position get a written contract.
If they are paying you a percentage be sure to research kickbacks as it can be seen as a kickback.


dwarren in SAINT MARTINVILLE, Louisiana

110 months ago

can any one help me with this question ,what questions should i ask the employer? going on an interview .


BReese in Atlanta, Georgia

106 months ago

I'm a massage therapy graduate of January 2009. I have my 1st interview tomorrow and want to know some questions that might come up?


Tari in Champaign, Illinois

106 months ago

I am also a recent grad and have had many interviews recently. The main questions are usually:

1. What made you choose massage?

2. What is your favorite modality? Why?

3. Describe your experience.

4. Describe any Continuing Ed training.

5. Where do you see your career in 5 - 10 years? Your ultimate goals?

Mainly it seems that the verbal interview is to find out what type of training and personality you have, so make sure to dress like a professional and put your best self forward. Ask a lot of questions about the clinic/spa/salon, etc. and do your research about the facility beforehand. I suggest a workout or massage for yourself earlier in the day before you give a practical interview, just to settle your nerves. Also, just relax and be yourself - enjoy!


Bucek Chiropractic in Chicago, Illinois

22 months ago

These are great questions! We are looking to hire a Massage Therapist for our office Bucek Chiropractic in Batavia , IL and will be using these questions.

If any one you know would be intrested in this position please have them send me their resume via email at or check out our website for more detail at

We also have an indeed lisitng for it here:


ashley gonzalez in Allentown, Pennsylvania

12 months ago

Hello my name is ashley gonzalez and i was wondering is you couold answer some questions for me for a priject that i have for my massage therapy class


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