My Massage Work Story: Am I successful or not? You decide!

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mtcoach in Pickering, Ontario

68 months ago

About 5 years after graduating from high school, I found myself bouncing around doing odd jobs while trying to figure out my purpose in life. I had been attempting to eek out a living as a martial arts and boxing coach, personal trainer, and professional dancer. Things weren’t going too well though, as my wife and I found ourselves having more month at the end of our money, if you know what I mean?

I hadn’t really discovered what my true calling was, but I knew it was more than carving out a meager existence. But it wasn’t until I was fortunate enough, while away on a Boxing exchange program in Cuba, that I witnessed a therapist working with each individual on the Cuban Boxing team.

So, after returning home from Cuba, I found a training program that would fit my needs and circumstances. There I was, enrolled in a fast-paced 18-month condensed Massage Therapy Program where you found yourself mostly overwhelmed and flying by the seat of your pants as you tried to learn all about anatomy, physiology, neurology, and a whole host of the practical skills you would eventually need to operate a successful practice.

I’ve discovered a system that help me become the healer that I wished to be for so long. Once I started to consistently apply this concept, my practice started to simply EXPLODE! My patients started to see MASSIVE improvements, and that’s when I realized, I discovered an effective, easy, measurable and duplicatable system of treating even the most difficult problems that entered my treatment room.

It’s been at least 12 years now since I’ve been fine-tuning this system. I moved from a struggling and frustrated therapist, making $24,000 – $36,000 in my first two years, and ready to quit the profession, to now making 6-figures applying these techniques and having a ton of fun doing it!


chelleyang in Oakdale, Minnesota

63 months ago

Great story! I am in a similar boat trying to decide my future. I have a family, husband and a 4 year old daughter and I am just tired of jumping around from job to job. Currently I am employed but I just can't see myself doing this even for a temporary job security, espcially because it's just not a passion. I have been really interested in massage therapy but in most times of bringing it up, people have just been so negative and discouraging about it. Most of them relate to not getting anywhere--money-wise. I like to massage people in the side, (my husband for most of the time) I like the thought of healing, being relaxed and just helping people in relieving some of their stress. From reading your post, it definitely made me feel better and makes me more optimistic about my choices.


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