PORTLAND Massage Schools?

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Shay_Marie in Portland, Oregon

82 months ago

I'm sorry if this has already been asked...

I've just come to the Portland area and have
decided to embark on a long dormant love of mine.
Does anyone know which school are great for massage in Portland?

I'm currently looking at East West College of Healing Arts.
I need a school that is close to a MAX and so far that is
the only one so far that I have toured.

There is also that I've checked out:
(but were not as easy to get to...)
Oregon School of Massage
Everett (which was Ashmead?)


If anyone has any tips and "wish I had known that when I started" moments please feel free to share. I found this forum because I was looking for opinions on cruise ship jobs for massage therapists.
Much to my dismay there was a lot of bad feedback :[

However, I've always wanted to mix passions and I love hockey... so I would REALLY appreciate any advice on Sports related massage therapy. Is being licensed enough to work for professional teams?

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Tony in Beaverton, Oregon

82 months ago

I went to East West and highly recommend it. I had a much stronger base of knowledge than my coworkers who went to OSM. Don't bother with Everett as it's a diploma mill.

I wish I had known when I started that massage is best for part time income unless you want to operate a large clinic or sell products. I don't care for either so I'm also a personal trainer/corrective exercise specialist (certified with the National Association of Sports Medicine). It's easier on my poor body and doesn't involve the issues of a sexual nature that are common in massage. Oh yeah, that's another thing I wish I had known beforehand.

Being licensed is definitely not enough to work for professional teams. You need advanced certification with years of experience and you absolutely must have a friend on the inside. It's not easy to work for professional sports teams as everyone and their dog wants to do it.

The massage field is so saturated in this area that you can dial any random number and reach another massage therapist. True story, that happened to me twice.

Sorry I can't be more encouraging. I enjoy massage but it has plenty of challenges. Good luck to you.

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mariposatrece in Portland, Oregon

62 months ago

University of Western States is the only massage therapy program at a University in Oregon. That means if you want to further your education afterwards your credits can be used/transferred to another university. You can fill out the FAFSA to receive financial aid. The have a campus in NE Portland and another MT program that runs out of Salem on Chemeketa's campus.

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