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Tariq0777 in West Jordan, Utah

Updated 1 month ago

entry level Mechanical engineer - 11 Replies

Hi I graduated 3 years ago and I still haven't even received an interview for an entry level mechanical engineer position please help out if you can.

SeattleHoosier in Edmonds, Washington

Updated 4 months ago

BSMET vs. BSME - 61 Replies

I am currently attending Navy Nuclear Power School. I have about 5 years until I'm out on the job market, but I am trying to make the right...

afetkilinc in Columbus, Ohio

Updated 5 months ago

Mechanical engineer and can't find job - 6 Replies

Hi there I graduated last year 2015 but finish 2014 and still haven't found a engineering job. I moved from Puerto Rico to Texas about 6 month ago...

Calicat in Springfield, Illinois

Updated 11 months ago

Don't quite 'fit in' - is this a problem? - 17 Replies

I am acually at this time getting close to finshing my MSME. I have a good GPA (~3.8), ALOT of interest in the subject, and enjoy doing such things...

Katnavar13 in Chandler, Arizona

Updated 14 months ago

Cannot find an entry-level mechanical engineering job - 1 Reply

Hi, I graduated last year without any co-op or internship experience. Now I am not longer a student, so I can't apply for the co-op anymore. I have...

Grifdt in Yonkers, New York

Updated 26 months ago

have openings for engineers - 4 Replies

hiring engineers in ny any one out there

ZachME in San Jose, California

Updated 26 months ago

Mechanical Engineering Graduated - 3 Replies

I've graduated in mechanical engineering since two months and every day I apply for at least 20 position with no or limited response. I talk with...

A JNbbb in Valley Stream, New York

Updated 44 months ago

Mechanical Engineer Entry to Mid - DFW Area - 1 Reply

Hello everyone, I am a mechanical engineering graduate from the University of Texas at Tyler. I have passed my EIT exam and am pursuing a P.E....

Alper Alten in Berlin, Germany

Looking for a job: Mechanical Engineer from Germany

Hello. My name is Alper Alten. I recently graduated with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering at Technical University of Berlin. I am fluent in Turkish,...

stinson20 in Rajkot, India

Updated 50 months ago

Entry Level Mechanical Engineer - 82 Replies

Hello. My name is Jonathan Edwards. I recently graduated with a B.S. in mechanical engineering and am finding it difficult to find a job in the...

gerrythibodeau in Griswold, Connecticut

career transition to engineering

I could really use a bit of advice here. I have been working as an HVAC technician now for 10 years. I'm very good at it and I have put my time in to...

Running1987 in Hamden, Connecticut

Can you do anything with an associates in mechanical engineering

I am looking to go back to school again. I have a B.S. in Business...I am interested in Civil Engineering. If I go for my bachelor's, which I plan on...

jimmy in Chandler, Arizona

does materials engineering have better job opportunities than electrical engineering

Im a senoir in high school going to be starting ASU in august. i have changed my mind about certain fields in engineering. at first i wanted to do...

Stephen in Seattle, Washington

Any Seattle Entry Level Mechanical Engineering Positions?

Hello all, I have been looking for some entry level mechanical engineering work in the Seattle area for a few months now; but from what I have...

KS in Denver, Colorado

Rotational positions for mechanical engineers

Hello, I'm interested to see what type of rotational positions anyone might be working in, or know of, as a mechanical engineer. Just to be clear,...

valderrama in Beaverton, Oregon

CAREER CHANGE: ME with Experience in Consulting Engineering: Mechanical HVAC and Plumbing looking for a career change.

I graduated back in 2007 with a BSME. I have worked in different small and well known big companies in HVAC design, energy efficiency and factory...

Alex in Jacksonville, Florida

Updated 70 months ago

lean manufacturing & project management - 1 Reply

Throughout my job search, I've been encountering "lean manufacturing" and "project management" experience as requirements for most, if not all,...

Rizwan in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Updated 70 months ago

looking - 7 Replies

HI I'm looking ror a mechanical engineer in the HAVC field all the best thanks in advence

Richardphi1618 in Norfolk, Virginia

1 year from graduation do not know what jobs are out there

I am just under a year away from getting my Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering. I also decided to minor in Business Administration to be more...

Holly in Provo, Utah

Updated 79 months ago

Entry Level Mechanical Engineering - 6 Replies

Hi, I graduated with a BS in Mechanical Engineering June 2009 and have been jobless eversince. I had one internship using AutoCAD and passed the EIT....

Tony Myers in Liverpool, New York

Anyone knows Mechanical/Process Engineer positions open in Missouri?

I have been worked as a staff mechanical engineer at NY-based renewable energy company for two years, specialized in process design of anaerobic...

Patrick B

Having trouble finding an ME co-op job that interests me.

I am an ME major at Kettering University. I am currently employed as an NVH co-op at an automotive supplier, however I find the work unsatisfying. I...

RBear in Pebble Beach, California

Updated 84 months ago

About to graduate in December with BSME. GPA not good. No job offers or even interviews yet. Should I be worried? - 9 Replies

Hello, I am about to graduate with my BSME from University of illinois Chicago and I am starting to worry about my chances of landing a job. I've...

TMC3 in Apo

Updated 86 months ago

Future Job Opportunities - 2 Replies

I'm trying to put some feelers for what to expect in the Engineering field in the future. I am a career Navy Pilot with just under 8 years until I...

Nate K in Methuen, Massachusetts

Updated 86 months ago

Not sure about engineering - 65 Replies

I've always wanted to be an engineer, but Im not sure Im smart enough. Did any of you guys think like this? Will college prepare me, or should I...

sdfg in Ottawa, Ontario

school vs work?

Hi, I've got a few questions im wondering about and want to see if anyone can provide me the answers. Do you find it harder working than going to...

Pinballmachine in Hagerstown, Maryland

"Superb" Product designer/engineer for 27years - No Degree. Anyone need real talent?

My colleagues and superiors use the terms “superb”, “one of the best” when they describe my performance as a Mechanical Engineer. In concept...

donnalynnmagee@*****.*** in Rochester, New York

Updated 89 months ago

Temp to Perm - 1 Reply

I have worked as a mechanical engineer for just under 30 years. I first took a contract assignment about 8 years into my career after working as a...

donnalynnmagee@*****.*** in Rochester, New York

Updated 89 months ago

Manufacturing/Mechanical Engineering job options - 5 Replies

I have been working as a Manufacturing Engineer (CNC) in the aerospace field for about 6 years. I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering (MS) and...

zbest1966 in Bowie, Maryland

Updated 89 months ago

Consulting Engineering jobs from home - 3 Replies

I am a Sr. Mechanical engineer with experience in Solidworks, Inventor and Pro-E. I currently have Inventor and Solidworks at home and I'm interested...

zbest1966@*****.*** in Bowie, Maryland

PE registration advice

How much weight does a P.E. matter in different fields of Mech. Eng, such as in aerospace, facilities, piping, HVAC, Machinery, fire protecton,...

zbest1966@*****.*** in Bowie, Maryland

Getting a PE reg.

Is PE still worth getting even though membership is not as strong. Also what your opinion of being self-employed as ME. Is the oppty great in being...

UdontKnowMEuNeverSeeMe in Wilmerding, Pennsylvania

Updated 90 months ago

Is mech engineering right for me? - 5 Replies

Hello, I have been looking into getting a degree in the field of m.e., im wondering if this field is good for me. I have read that it is boring work...

UdontKnowMEuNeverSeeMe in Wilmerding, Pennsylvania

Updated 90 months ago

CAD software programs in Mechanical Engineering industry? - 2 Replies

What are some of the most common and useful CAD programs in the engineering industry? I graduated with my B.S. in Mechanical Engineering in May, and...

UdontKnowMEuNeverSeeMe in Wilmerding, Pennsylvania

Updated 90 months ago

Benefit of credential evaluation for foreign trained mechanical engineer - 1 Reply

I am a foreign trained Mechanical Engineer and want to get in to the system here in North america. I was been told by other people that I need to get...

Thomas in Medford, Massachusetts

Updated 91 months ago

Mechanical Engineering - 5 Replies

Hello my name is Thomas and live in Massachusetts. I was thinking about becoming a Mechanical Engineer or an Electrical Engineer. I am very...

Jconter in Tempe, Arizona


Hey guys I'm a sophomre at Arizona state university and am currently an MET degree here doing my first years of the program becasue I did ChE my...

Thomas in Medford, Massachusetts

What are the responsibilities of a Mechanical Engineer.

I am considering becoming a mechanical engineer and I have been looking up the responsibilities of a mechanical engineer and I am getting a very vage...

anjan in Ellicott City, Maryland

Updated 93 months ago

Entry level engineering. - 18 Replies

Hi. I graduated with a B.S.M.E. in 2002. I have worked in dry cleaning and retail ever since then. I want to work in mechanical engineering...

coolman in Mitcham, United Kingdom

Updated 93 months ago

Mechanical Engineer, energy experience - fuel cells - 3 Replies

Hello, My name is Jonathan Brodie, I have been working with solid oxide fuel cells for the past 3 years. Unfortunately company closure has left me...

Entry-LevelME in Vallejo, California

Engineering From Home

I'm wondering if there are opertunities out there to work from home doing design or analysis as a ME. If you have thoughts on how to get started with...

justAsugestion in Fayetteville, Arkansas

Updated 96 months ago

What should I do next? - 2 Replies

I have been looking for work for a long time now. I have only managed to secure internships due to my lack of experience (I graduated BSME 2010)....

sml2010 in Mashhad, Iran, Islamic Republic of

grinding software

Hi* Can some one help me for find a grinding software? I need a software that be able to program five axis grinding. We can't do the grinding...

Anthony D in Voorhees, New Jersey

Updated 97 months ago

British student one year Mechanical engineering placement in America. Which states/cities? - 5 Replies

I'm a British student and I've just started the second year of my four year undergraduate course, mechanical engineering. Next year, I'd like to do a...

bigu in Herndon, Virginia

BIM vs mech engineering

would you choose a mechanical engineering position paid 20-30k less that a drafting one (BIM) with a degree in mechanical engineering?

eric planting in denver, Colorado

Updated 100 months ago

Thank you Indeed - 1 Reply

I just want to express my thanks to for having such a wonderful site. I just graduated with BSME in May and it only took 3 weeks to get...

Brooke Atkinson in Mckinney, Texas

Updated 100 months ago

Engineering Positions in Texas - 1 Reply

Does anyone know where they're hiring Mechanical Engineers in Texas. I got my Bachelor in 2007(3.7 GPA), my Masters in August of 2010(3.8 GPA) and...

Neil in Boston, Massachusetts

Research or Industry

Hi, my name is Neil. I am a mechanical engineering graduate student with a unique background in that my undergraduate degree was in business but...

Lou K in Dallas, Texas

Updated 102 months ago

Mechanical Engineering Jobs - 1 Reply

Does anyone know of anywhere that is hiring an entry level mechanical engineer? I have been looking around and I see that mostly any company that is...

Corey Knighton in Skaneateles, New York

Updated 105 months ago

Looking for guidance--trying to help a friend find MEP work - 1 Reply

I was replying in another thread but I thought it would be more polite to start a new one. Here's the short story: I recently moved to Phoenix from...

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