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Updated 1 day ago

Requirements to get a CA-CLS license: Out of State (DRAFT) - 259 Replies

Hey everyone, I need an information before my supervisor sign my CLS generalist work experience. I followed the ASCP work experience format but it...


Updated 3 days ago

Molecular Biology ASCP certification exam - 1396 Replies

Hi , I got My BS in Biology and MS in Cellular and Molecular Biology, i have 10 months research experience in a lab in the university i have studied...


Updated 4 days ago

Loma Linda University CLS Program - 113 Replies

[QUOTE who="Hliu in Loma Linda, California"]Hi Biostudent, I am currently enrolled in the CLS program and the posted incoming GPA of 3.0 remains...


Updated 9 days ago

Im Planning to take the AMT exam. - 1181 Replies

[QUOTE who="Avani Desai in Redmond, Washington"]Hi Pinoy, I am planning to take AMT exam next month. I have Cuvelion for preparation. Do you use...

Msrn in Houston, Texas

Any MLT to MLS program that does not requre ascp certificate as a admission reqirement?

All the mlt to mls programs i searched require mlt ascp certificate as a n admission requirrment. Is there an6 mlt to mls transituin program that...

Evon in Washington

Updated 13 days ago

pinoy MTs in US, discussion board naten ito. - 388 Replies

calling all my fellow MT colleagues.. as ASCPi certified, are we entitled to NCA/ ASCP merging?? are we benefitted? if yes, how do we enjoy it then?

KRishna Moradiya in Toronto, Ontario

Updated 13 days ago

Medical Technologist - CSMLS certification - 1360 Replies

Hello I am just wondering if there is anyone preparing for CSMLS certification exam on this forum?

MPetri in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Updated 14 days ago

UK Biomedical Scientist trained in microbiology - 1 Reply

Hi I am seeking advice here. I am a registered Biomedical Scientist in the UK. Although I am able to work as a Biomedical Scientist in any of the...

MPetri in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Microbiology technologist in Florida?

I work in Wisconsin as as microbiology and molecular technologist; I have a BS in microbiology and I have both the M(ASCP) and the MB(ASCP). My work...

drmdtodd in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 14 days ago


Pre-req 1. Must have your BS MT/CLS degree, 2. Post Grad test (GRE) 3. MLT's, Bio and Chem majors CANNOT apply. List of...


Updated 15 days ago



BMS2018 in Birmingham, United Kingdom

UK Biomedical Scientist trained in microbiology

Hi I am seeking advice here. I am a registered Biomedical Scientist in the UK. Although I am able to work as a Biomedical Scientist in any of the...

Nada in Poplar, United Kingdom

Should I leave UK to work as a MLS in USA?

Hello everyone, I am struggling in the UK as living is extremely expensive such as rent is unaffordable. I was thinking of apply for the ACSP MLS...

Nada in Poplar, United Kingdom

Updated 17 days ago

UK Biomedical Scientist wants to work in the USA - 5 Replies

Hi All, I am a UK Biomedical Science graduate with IBMS certificate of competency. I would like to work in the USA as a Medical Technologist or...

Bri MT

Updated 17 days ago

AAB Board of Registry Exam - 258 Replies

Has anyone here taken the AAB MT exam lately? I am in the process of studying and was curious about material covered and difficulty. Thanks

FC in Seattle, Washington

Updated 21 days ago

texas tech university - 24 Replies

Has anyone interviewed for cls second degree? Also I'm curious to find out if majority of applicants majored in.

Yared bekele in Seattle, Washington

Updated 21 days ago

Anyone accepted to the TTUHSC program for next year? - 40 Replies

Hi y'all! I will be attending TTUHSC's online CLS program starting in the Fall, and I am really excited to start the program! I wanted to see if...

shaniecelynn in Ypsilanti, Michigan

Updated 22 days ago

Going no where with a BA in psychology? - 263 Replies

It has been about a year since I graduate with my BA in Psychology. I feel stuck going no where. I have a 2.5 gpa so getting into graduate school...

Student in New York, New York

Updated 22 days ago

How hard is it to land a job as an MT? - 34 Replies

I started pre-nursing, but backed out when people were telling me there were too many nurses. I got into the program, complete the pre-reqs, but I'm...

CLSstudent in New York, New York

Updated 22 days ago

Is there a the New York State MLS exam different than the national ascp cert. exam - 69 Replies

Rumor around my hospital is that the ASCP New York State only exam route is easier than the ASCP national exam is this true

Eisenhower in Anaheim, California

Updated 25 days ago

Who likes their job? - 230 Replies

Does anybody here like their job as a Medical Technologist? I've read many negative posts, which are generally about pay and respect. What are the...

Eisenhower in Anaheim, California

Updated 25 days ago

Bad career choice? - 55 Replies

I was very happy after I changed my major from chemistry to MT, but now I'm having second thoughts after reading some posts on this forum. I am doing...

Urmi in Alpharetta, Georgia

Suggestion on Online courses related to Medical Laboratory Sciences

Hi, I have completed by PhD in Molecular Biology and Tissue Culture from India and looking for some online certification courses on Medical...

MsLabTech27 in Queen Creek, Arizona

ASCP Route 2 Certification

Hello, I have one last class that I did not finish (long story short due to family obligation) from my MLS Bachelor’s degree. I have an associate...

Noor alazawi in Victorville, California

Updated 27 days ago

CLS trainee license prereqs? - 137 Replies

Does anyone from California know if two semesters of General Chemistry with labs satisfy the Quantitative Analysis prerequisite? Also would an...

CLSstudent in New York, New York

Updated 27 days ago

Masters in CLS - 10 Replies

Hi, I have a question about pursuing a masters degree in CLS soon after I finished my BS degree MLS with University of Cincinnati (online). I only...

brooklyn girl in Hicksville, New York

Updated 28 days ago

MLT to MT - 81 Replies

Hello I am curently a ASCP Medical Lab Tech in New york with a license and with an associates degree. i have been working for 3 years and I am...

Adelaida in Manassas, Virginia

Updated 1 month ago

Anyone know any sites that show examples of admission essays? - 3 Replies

Workin on my application. and i'm at the "admission essay" portion. Just wondering if anyone knew any sites that gave some samples or examples of...

G in Grand Prairie, Texas

Updated 1 month ago

Medical Laboratory Science Program at Tarleton State University - 19 Replies

Anyone out there currently in this program or graduated from this program? I'm thinking of applying for a post-baccalaureate certificate (already...

BB Girl in Alabama

Updated 1 month ago

What is the difference btwn: Blood Banking, BB(ASCP) vs Blood Banking, SBB(ASCP) - 3 Replies

What is the difference between the Technologist Certification and the Specialist Certification? All the requirements looks about the...

DKF in Houston, Texas

Updated 1 month ago

I have a Bachelor degree in Biology and I'm interested in this field, but I have some questions - 183 Replies

I have a bachelor's degree in biology. My college had a med tech program, but unfortunately closed the program before I could enter it. I worked...

apaccc14 in Orlando, Florida

Updated 1 month ago

Any CLS Students from Texas Tech? - 235 Replies

Hello there, I got accepted for the Second Degree CLS Program from Texas Tech, Lubbock... I was wondering if there is anyone else out there who...

DaisyRose27 in Decatur, Georgia

Updated 1 month ago

I failed the ASCP exam - 72 Replies

I was shocked. I have been training for three years and I took a few months off after graduating to study 6 hours a day 5 days a week for the exam...

CLSBBbusta in Las vegas, Nevada

Updated 1 month ago

CA limited CLS license - 13 Replies

Howdy, Could anyone explain the CA limited license? 1. How to get one, how long it takes, can out of state people get it 2. Who hires people...

DSW in Fairfield, California

SFSU CLS Program

Hello, I'm starting this post so people can ask me questions about my experience with the SFSU CLS program. I'm currently one month into my...

Bigg Rigg

Updated 1 month ago

Why you really don't make that much more money in California... - 50 Replies

California tech @ $36 an hour will make $74880 before taxes. Federal taxes will cost this tech $13395, State taxes at 10% will cost this tech...

Calen, Phoenix, AZ in Peoria, Arizona

Graduated with B.S. in Biology, BUT need additional Classes (HELP)

Hello, I Graduated from Grand Canyon University in April w/ my bachelors in biology. I am perusing a career as a CLS, and was looking to apply to...

William Philpot in Hendersonville, North Carolina

Updated 1 month ago

AMT IS WORTHLESS - 162 Replies

ASCP has the sole license in the state of new york, therefore you cannot work if someone has their AMT. How many other states will follow? Once the...

njbiodude in California

Updated 1 month ago

How to make money working in a lab/MLS Bachelor degree?? - 2 Replies

Hello. I am 90% sure I'm going back to school for MLT. I'm 34 yrs old and I cannot afford to mess up going to college again. I'd like to go the...

Labgurl84 in Nashville, Tennessee

Call pay

I'm just curious to see how much do MLT and MT make to be on call.

Rebecca in Thomasville, North Carolina

Updated 2 months ago

Preparing to take ASCP MT exam in three weeks time - 3547 Replies

Hi, I'm preparing to take the ASCP MT exam in three weeks time and I am freaking out. I am relying on passing this exam inorder to process an H1...

Kiki in Portland, Oregon

Updated 2 months ago

Requirements to get a CA CLS license - 744 Replies

There are a lot of people on this forum that have asked how to get a CA CLS license and the education requirements. The information is below. The...

MeMe1111 in Austin, Texas

Updated 2 months ago

Super List of Hospitals with 7 on 7 off laboratory shifts. - 4 Replies

Hello, 7 day on 7 day off shifts are great. I you know of hospitals that actually care enough about their employees to offer such, please list them...

Raven131 in Honolulu, Hawaii

Finding jobs when only certified in microbiology

I got my M(ASCP)CM certification as a medical technologist in microbiology last summer. I'm looking to leave my current employer (and state) but I'm...

Alvina from GA in Cumming, Georgia

Updated 2 months ago

MLT vs. MT - 37 Replies

I've read several posts on here about the "differences" between MT's and MLT's. I just wanted to add my opinion, and maybe some insight to those to...

ann in San Leandro, California

how to study for MT (AMT) exam? resources?

HEllo guys, Planning to take the MT (AMT) exam in 2 weeks time, really need help because did the practice exam that AMT website sells and looks...



I have a Bachelor degree in Biology. I'm interested in becoming certified. I've worked two years in a blood bank lab. I'm not sure what route to go...

Allison in Springfield, Missouri

Getting into MT school

Hi all, I'm currently trying to get into MT school and I wanted to know if I had even a chance at getting in. I have 3+ years of lab and phlebotomy...

sbio in Las Vegas, Nevada

Updated 2 months ago

Questions about nevada state license for MT - 2 Replies

I have a Bsc in biomedical sciences and a Msc in microbiology from Canada with 6 months of experience in Summer jobs as a lab tech. Relocating to Las...

wilmarier in Colonial Heights, Virginia

Updated 2 months ago

Medical Technologist vs. Clinical Laboratory Scientist - 13 Replies

What is the difference? I have been told that they are interchangeable names, but the salary difference is dramatic. In my area, Medical...

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