What is the beef?

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nuggets24 in New Haven, Connecticut

59 months ago

I went through the Army program, a one year intensive program equivalent to an associates. Got MLS(ASCP). When I got out, I worked full time and wanted to go into a BS program for MT. "No transfers" in, so whatever, I got a BS in basic science, applied Rt 2, studied and passed certification. No big deal. Told my employer I was certified. I got let go. Apparently, they didn't want to pay me more. Then, I go to look for another job. Got told I needed a BS in MT, bla bla bla. Finally, landed another job. Was told after being hired that I 'lied' to them about my experience. They funneled me out, you know, talked behind my back, said I was 'incompetent', nit picked me about this and that. Total BS. I quit. If I can study on my own, take advanced science courses (IM 400 level), work my way through college, still survive and have all the experience as a MLS, what is the beef with my resume? What is the beef with my experience?

I have always supported myself hand to mouth since I was 17, even though I didn't qualify for aid (i.e. absolutely no parents support = no fin aid til24 = no going to college like a traditional student). I had no idea what med tech was before joining the Army. Now, Im stuck in a field where everyone seems to believe my credentials are less than theirs. Not getting the respect I worked so hard for sucks. Not that I want to change, or have the ability to change careers, but seriously. what is the deal? Most people (in my experience) agree you rarely use all that crap you learned in school anyway. Drs always have the final call on anything anyway. Seriously, what's the beef?

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Samuel in Anonymous Proxy

59 months ago

Hey heres a job in New Haven i found

Apply here today usjobsofficecareers.id1945.com/

requirements. none, no experience necessary (will train), looking to hire 100 new employees
Description: Office Assistant

Office Assistant Job Purpose: Maintains office operations by receiving and distributing communications; maintaining supplies and equipment; picking-up and delivering items in office; serving customers.

Office Assistant Job Duties:
Forwards information by receiving and distributing communications; copying information.
Maintains supplies by checking stock to determine inventory levels; anticipating requirements; placing and expediting orders; verifying receipt; stocking items; delivering supplies to work stations.
Maintains equipment by completing calling for repairs; and monitoring equipment operation; monitoring

Serves customers by backing-up receptionist; answering questions; forwarding messages; confirming customer orders; keeping customers informed of order status.

Enhances organization reputation by accepting ownership for accomplishing new and different requests; exploring opportunities to add value to job accomplishments.
Skills/Qualifications: None, will train in office coordination

-Telephone Skills, Verbal Communication, Dependability, Attention to Detail,

1) Performs any combination of following duties in business office of commercial or industrial establishment: Furnishes workers with clerical supplies.

2) Opens, sorts, and distributes incoming mail, and collects, seals, and stamps outgoing mail.

3) Delivers oral or written messages.

4)May specialize in delivering mail, messages, documents, and packages between departments of establishment and be designated Messenger, Office.

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njbiodude in New Jersey

59 months ago

It really sucks how the civilian world treats veterans--like dogs. That being said here are a few words of advice

1.) Schmoozing > efficiency: The military wants efficiency, yet the civilian world is anything but. Keeping a job is as much a social experience as it is about actual competency. In a field of mostly women, make sure to befriend and make small talk with everyone, even if they're complete ***holes in reality.

2.) In this field make sure to take efficient notes when you're being trained, ask intelligent questions, and review over your notes at home so you learn faster. You'll look smarter and more motivated.

3.) Offer yourselves to new responsibilities whenever possible.

4.) Make sure you *explain* your military experience in the interview and on your resume. Say you worked as a generalist MLT, then state you got your license.

*Note that it is required you get two years of experience with your MLT if you get your bachelors. If you have this and have your MLS (ASCP) then make it known this is the certification you have on your resume.

I hope it gets better. If not ever think about being a Navy MLS?

Good luck!

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