Nuc Med is all about who you know!

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Cali Girl in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

87 months ago

I was very lucky to land a job 2 months ago in Philadelphia, Pa after being unemployed for 6 months after graduation. I graduated from Nuc's school in Arizona.

My personal opinion- This is a small tight-knit community and in order to get hired it is all about who you know. If you don't know people or have connection with powerful people then you probably are not going to get a job.

Nuc med departments hold a lot of liability on their hands. We work with Radioactive materials that are very heavily regulated. Nuc Med department can't take the risk of hiring someone that they don't know or someone that is not recommended by someone they know. I have heard senior technologists at many different hospitals express this opinion to me. And lets face it, they have a ton of people to choose from.

You have to hope that where you do your clinical rotation while you are in school will hire you. If they don't it is going to be very hard to find a job. If they like you they will spread the word for you and recommend you for positions with in your community. Most of them all know each other and talk regularly.

Keep those connections and keep good relationships with your instructors.

That is my best advice.

Nuc Med I believe will turn around and every senior tech will tell you they have seen many booms and busts in this market. They say it happens every seven years like clock work.

I went to private market instead of doing patient care. This was my choice, but know that it is an option.

It saddens me to see so many struggling.

Good Luck to you all


Cali Girl in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

87 months ago

Oh and if you have several years of PET/CT experience keep your eye on Eli Lily's web page. They will be looking for application technologists. I will post a link when I know that they are really in the hiring process.

No new grads though, sorry guys. You have to have experience with many different cameras and be able to set up protocols on many different cameras.


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