Reading this forum, I can see why some are discouraged.

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shay in Chicago, Illinois

97 months ago

I have been researching the field of imaging technology for some time now probably two or three years. I started off being interested in Radiologic Technology but then when I read about the so many different imaging modalities associated with RT I got intrigued by Sonography the most. Just recently I came upon some information on nuclear medicine technology from a community college in my area. Now since I have never heard of it I figured this field had jobs far and in between but I thought nuclear technology would be interesting. So I did a little research and happen to come across this forum.

I realize there aren't many jobs in this field but I myself am so in love with the thought of being a Radiologic Technologist that I just don't care. I certainly dont care for others telling those like me to enroll in other programs (such as RN, physical therapy, physician assistant, etc) when not every program is right for everyone. To enroll into a Associate degree RN program in my area you have to have a CNA certificate. I was a CNA for a year and a half almost 7 years ago and there is no way in the world I would ever venture into that god awful underpaid job ever again. Not even to be re-certified. Secondly, an RN has way too many patient care responsibilites. It honestly scares the living daylights out of me to know that at any time I could make a mistake and kill someone. Hence the stress most RNs experience. At least as a RT I'll have some piece of mind.

Oh and those suggesting physician assistant programs or physical therapy. These programs require ALOT more education than RNs do. For starters pre-med like prerequisites and a Masters degree.

As a future RT, I have plans to specialize in more than one imaging modality (MRI, Mammography, Sonography, and Radiation Therapy). Rather it will be nuclear medicine technology I dont know yet. But what I do hope is with all the extra education under my belt is that I'll be more marketable in this uncertain economy.


Nuk05 in Virginia Beach, Virginia

97 months ago

By all means, if you do not want to do any of those programs, don't do something you are unsure of. We are simply telling you on this forum, as a fair warning, how volatile the nuc med field is. Many of us wish we had this information and chose a different path when we were in school.

You do understand though, that if you go through an RT program, that it does not automatically grant you the capability to do all these other modalities, right? If you become an RT, and pass the boards, you are certified to perform diagnostic X-rays. You still would then have to go through another accredited program to do nuc, sonography, or radiation therapy and pass the boards for each of those modalities. Nuc med requires many pre-requisites, such as A&P, Chemistry, and Physics before starting the program. Each of these different modalities that you want to specialize in take a lot of time and effort to complete, and when it's all said and done, would probably take the same amount of time as a graduate degree if you wanted to be certified in several modalities. So again, this forum is meant to warn prospective students how the field really is. And trust me, employers don't care how many things you specialize in, if there is no need for a job it doesn't matter if you are certified in every allied health field there is or if you have 20 years of experience under your belt. They are all about numbers and the bottom line.


WheelSpin in Everett, Washington

97 months ago

Would you put $$$ into a fund that had close to zero chance of yielding a return? For tha majority, an educational endeavor is an investment in a career for the purpose of a higher return on the time + $$$ + effort originally alloted. Invest in something that has better odds of yielding a return. I can't emphasize that enough. Don't want to be a RN? Fine. Don't. But don't also let dreamy-eyed idealism cloud out reality. Ideology won't put food on the table. As someone else here already said (in a different discussion thread), there's a dinstinction between what you like & liking what you do. Sometimes, compromise is the road to victory.

But, I digress. It's your life, time, & money. Feel free to do what you want. See you on the other side...


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