Failing a alc blood test in NYS

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dweaver4 in Le Roy, New York

72 months ago

I have a question I am a registered nurse in NYS for about 1.5 years recently, I went out and had approximetly 12 beers from 6 pm until midnight I had work at 7 am so I felt as though I was totally sober. I got approached by my manager around 10 am bc someone said they though they smelled alc on my breath when I arrivedand stated she didn't smell it on me then. I agreed to do a breathalyzer so she allowed me to continue caring for my PTs for almost an hr before returning with an hr rep who told me policy was a blood and urine tox screen. I allowed the
To draw it and gave a urine sample. I am wonder if approx 16.5 hrs would bring my blood level to a .000 ? If it comes back as a .001 what will nys do? Should I go in prior to results and say I would like alc help even though I don't normally drink daily ESP not on work days, or wait n see what becomes of it


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