Just how hard is it to get into a ADN program?

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imaginaryK9 in Oakland, California

29 days ago

I am in california, currently doing prereqs.
Just wanted to get some perspective from you guys (especially those with not the best grades),
how competitive is it to get into an ADN program? what were your experiences like?

I spent the last 2 week researching every school in CA that offer an ADN program. Narrow it down to about 25 that I may have a chance with. So I'll probably apply to 15-20 schools.

Is this overkill? under kill?

what is realistic in hoping to get into a school? I am willing to relocate (to a different state if I must) but I feel I might be overdoing it...

I'm a bit on the older side so I really don't want to waste time if I don't get in my first round of application if I can help it.


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