Nursing or Another Healthcare Profession?

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Lisa in Portland, Oregon

62 months ago

I am going to my local community college and I was looking into some nursing programs to transfer into. I love anatomy and physiology, and I also enjoy the sciences. I know I can handle blood, and I've dissected animals and whatnot in previous anatomy classes. I'm currently taking the prereqs to get into one of the schools that I'm interested in. I know a woman who graduated at the university and she found a job within a few months. If I got accepted into the Nursing program, I will receive a BSN upon graduation. My plan was, after working for a few good years, I would become a Nurse Practitioner or go into Health Management. I was wondering

a.) What is the nursing field like?

b.) I was reading on the other discussion boards and I saw people saying that the hospital setting (i.e. management, and other interactions with the nursing staff/doctors) wasn't too great.

c.) Is it really worth getting into right now?

d.) If not, then what would be a good healthcare position to get into?

Thank you!

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Well in Las Vegas, Nevada

62 months ago

Don't be a nurse. Sure, you'll always have a job. As long as your body and your mind hold up. And being a nurse, it's sure to wear you down and eat you up.

A physical therapist makes more money, does less, and has more respect.

A respiratory therapist makes less money, does less, and has more respect.

Same goes with Speech, Occupational therapy, etc., but those jobs are fewer and harder to find.

As a nurse, you will ALWAYS have a job. Remember...there is no shortage of RN's. There IS a shortage of RN's who are willing to work in these conditions.

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Lisa in Beaverton, Oregon

61 months ago

Yeah, I have been reading on these forums, and it seems like the nursing job is very stressful. Constantly having so many tasks to do and working 12-hour shifts with little to no breaks. I know a mother who works at a nursing home (she has a BSN) and she is stressed out. I can only imagine what it would be like in a hospital setting. I think I need to job shadow a nurse in a hospital just to see what it is actually like.

I am still doing research. Occupational Therapy sounds promising though. It does require a master's but I'm only 20 and I'm going into my junior year of college. It seems like OT would be more suited for me. Plus, maybe a little less stressful than nursing! I don't think I can see myself being a nurse for the rest of my life, but after I job shadow, I will make that final decision on whether or not I should apply to nursing school.

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