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Jenny in Miami, Florida

Updated 12 months ago

2nd grade teacher considering OT... - 11 Replies

I am a first year 2nd grade teacher who is realizing that teaching, while often rewarding, is not really for me. I have to admit I didn't really know...

tsanderson33 in Wanstead, United Kingdom

Updated 12 months ago

Occupational Therapy vs. Recreational Therapy - 2 Replies

So I have been interested in becoming an OT ever since I discovered what they do. I am currently 15 credits away from my Bachelor of Psychology and...

John in Shawnee, Kansas

Updated 12 months ago

OT as a guy / Guy OTs - 23 Replies

I am currently accepted into a very good school which would allow me to go straight into their MOT program right after I get my bachelor's. I have...

Lailah H in Mesa, Arizona

How to track hours to become CHT

I have been working in outpatient for 1 year now and would like to start tracing my time with hand patients to become a CHT, I was wondering if there...

OTMingW in Sterling Heights, Michigan

Updated 13 months ago

Fieldwork Issues - 84 Replies

Hello everyone. I found this forum through searching for advice on fieldwork. I just withdrew from my first placement because of the concerns of my...

OTMingW in Clawson, Michigan

Updated 13 months ago

NBCOT Reassurance/Tips?? - 2 Replies

I am set to take my NBCOT in 5 days, 6 weeks after I started studying. I've generally done 6 days a week, between 4-6 hours with breaks but this past...

OTR/L NH in Goffstown, New Hampshire

Updated 13 months ago

Non-clinical/less physical jobs for OT?? - 5 Replies

I'm a tiny woman in mid-20s, 5" and weigh around 90 lb... I'm one of the people that got accepted into OT school with no prior shadowing/volunteer...

megamom in Walnut Creek, California

Updated 13 months ago

Canadian OT wanting to work in California, USA - 22 Replies

Hi OT colleagues, I am a Canadian OT and recently passed the OTR exam for USA. I submitted my papers for California license. I am really eager to...

OT123 in Los Angeles, California

Updated 13 months ago

Is there a large demand for occupational therapists in the pediatric unit of a hospital? - 1 Reply

I am currently in undergrad and I have shadowed in a hospital. I realized quickly that I did not think that I would be able to work with older...

Daffy in Montgomery, New York

Subacute rehab

Does anyone have experience in subacute rehab? I've been working in skilled nursing and have been offered a change to a sub acute setting, I'm...

Running1987 in Springfield, Massachusetts

Updated 14 months ago

OTA to MOT to DOT... - 1 Reply

Hi, a little backstory 29 y.o. male graduated college in 2011 with a degree in Justice and Law Administration. Been working in the Psych field since....

Andrew in Santa Monica, California

NBCOT Exam question

Creating a video for the elderly regarding safety. What should the video include? 1.Patients in the same age range 2. Way to do things correctly...

Andrew in Santa Monica, California

NBCOT Exam question

2 year old has mild oral delay and is participating in an early intervention feeding program. Which option has the MOST impact on the child's tongue...

Andrew in Santa Monica, California

NBCOT Exam question

A Patient with bilateral below knee amputation is independent in w/c to bed transfer but has difficulty transferring from bed to w/c. Wheelchair seat...

Cota in Bronx, New York

Updated 14 months ago

Advice for a new graduate searching for jobs with moving being out of the question - 1 Reply

Hello! I am a recent graduate searching for jobs and feel like I am hitting a wall. I have searched on indeed, therapistjobboard.com and all the...

Cota in Bronx, New York

2017 Pay thread

Ahh the age old question..but a lot of these posts date back years. Please contribute your info to this thread for the 2017 year: 1) COTA or...

OTS in NJ in Mineola, New York

Updated 14 months ago

Occupational Therapist Career - 2 Replies

Hello, I'm torn between OT, OTA, or dental hygiene. I'm 30 years old and am wondering if I should go the OT route or stay in my dental field...

OT-Eric in New Haven, Connecticut

Updated 14 months ago

Level II fieldwork in San Francisco CA - 1 Reply

I have been having difficulty finding a Fieldwork site in SF. My fieldwork supervisor has not been very proactive! My rotation starts April and goes...

RDavis11 in Walnut Creek, California

Updated 14 months ago

Should I be an OTA first and then go on to become an OT? - 1 Reply

I am currently finishing my prerequisites for the COTA program to apply this year, but I shadowed at a school recently and the OT was present. I...

anticuti in Brentwood, California

Updated 15 months ago

Why does the NBCOT exam cost $500 (for Occupational Therapists) but the FSBPT only costs $370 (for Physical Therapists)? - 4 Replies

Do you think OTs are getting ripped off when it comes to paying to take the exam? Why is the OT exam significantly higher of the three main rehab...

NewGradOT in Santa Clara, California

FT SNF or 3mo Outpatient contract for a future Inpt Hosp position?

I am a new grad and I have two exploding offers at SNFs, but my desire is to work in an inpatient hospital setting. For this track, should I take a...

ElleBean in New York

Is OTA School Hard?

Simple question: Is OTA school hard/is it hard to become a COTA? I've been in nursing school, and done really well, but found that nursing just...

OT Student in North Bergen, New Jersey

Updated 15 months ago

Any single mom OT students? - 1 Reply

I'm a single mom to a 5year old and I just got accepted into a private school MOT program. It is out of state and private so tuition is high and I...

GSS in New York, New York

Quality Continuing Education Courses with Focus on Occupational Therapy New York and Ohio

As an OT interested in orthopedics continuing education courses can be frustrating. Most are geared towards and presented by physical therapists....

heather noffsinger in Scottsville, Virginia

Updated 16 months ago

Torn between COTA and OTR - 59 Replies

I am 21 years old. I have my associates in Early Childhood-6th grade teaching. I love to be around children. I know that I want to work with kids as...

ievaluna in Dallas, Texas

Updated 17 months ago

Occupational therapy in California - 1 Reply

I am considering moving to Florida: Jacksonville/St. Augustine or St Pete area and I am wondering how competitive the job market is. I have recently...

ievaluna in Dallas, Texas

Occupational therapy in Florida

I am considering moving to Florida: Jacksonville/St. Augustine or St Pete area and I am wondering how competitive the job market is. I have recently...

OT bud in Bay Area, California

Updated 17 months ago

In desperate need of a non-clinical job as an OT - 2 Replies

So I made the mistake of not shadowing enough settings before walking into OT school. In the scheme of things, the career sounded picture-perfect;...

Looking for suggestions in Newark, California

OT's consulting on building design-how do you get into this field?

I have been an OT for 9 years and worked in a lot of SNFs among other settings. I have been doing a lot of reading around OT's acting as consultants...

JakeEdwardBrooks in Chico, California

Can someone with an MOT work as a COTA?

I know that there are Masters of Occupational Therapy (MOT) degrees and Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA) degrees. I also know that OTs usually...

Lister05 in Austin, Texas

OT versus PTA

I graduated a couple of years ago with a bachelors in Exercise Science, and am currently teaching life skills to young adults with intellectual...

Jake in Charlotte, North Carolina

Updated 17 months ago

OTA to OT Route - 62 Replies

Did anyone transition from OTA to OT and would you recommend it? I have posted here before and I have a masters in Nutrition but want to break...

UpperMidwest in Saint Paul, Minnesota

Age 35 and thinking of being an OT or OTA. Which option would make more sense financially?

I am 35 and an older career changer considering OT or OTA. My understanding is that both jobs entail the same responsibilities except that the OT...

Diana in Houston, Texas

Occupational therapy assistant

I have decided to get my associates in OT and continue from there. My question is: will the associates allow me to get a job as an OT assistant while...

Shilpa in Fremont, California

Updated 17 months ago

NYS license query - 9 Replies

I've just moved from the UK (for my husbands work) - where I trained and worked as an OT for 8 years. I have been through the OTED process (took 6...

Trish in Downey, California

Updated 18 months ago

How much do Occupational Therapist actually earn? - 18 Replies

I have been looking into OT and I have a hard time grasping how much an OT can expect to earn. At this point I think it is false that an OT earns 90...

Antmart in Bronx, New York

Updated 18 months ago

Mercy College In NY - 13 Replies

Did anybody take from Mercy College for Master of OT?

Marie in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 18 months ago

LIU Occupational Therapy or Laguardia Occupational therapy assistant?!? - 1 Reply

So, I'm a 30 year old dental assistant married with a 22 year old. I absolutely hate what I do. I'm so over teeth. Anyway, I just found the...

Lacaza3 in Prosper, Texas

Updated 18 months ago

Going back to school for Occupational Therapy - 14 Replies

Hi! I am considering going to back to become an Occupational Therapist. I'm currently a Licensed Social Worker and graduated from grad school in...

scarpy in Fort Bragg, California

Applying for OT jobs with pending state license-- yay or nay?

I'm a current travel therapist with a contract ending soon, and looking to apply for permanent jobs. I've been submitting and failing ink fingerprint...

Jennifer in California

OTR pay in the Bay Area

Hello! I am considering moving to the Bay Area but have no idea what to anticipate as pay for home health or SNF with 8 yrs experience, I was...

Jenny559 in Deep River, Connecticut

Can't choose an undergrad major!!

Hello, I am having a hard time choosing a major for an OT program. At first I choose business because if for some reason I didn't get into OT school...

linloo in North Hollywood, California

Updated 20 months ago

Easy OT schools to get into - 47 Replies

I'm currently applying to grad schools for my Masters in Occupational Therapy. I have a 3.3 undergrad GPA, 4.0 in my pre-reqs and I'm studying for...

JayJ in Ventura, California

Can anyone work in two full time job as COTA?

I am a COTA/L in CA and I work around 60-65hrs a week in two different companies since two months ago. Is it legal to work as COTA in different...

lshemone in Augusta, Georgia

Updated 21 months ago

OTA VS OTR - 13 Replies

Okay, I know this has been posted a million times, but I need some opinions about my situation!! I am graduating in May with a Child and Family...

Otto Ortega in Los Angeles, California

Updated 21 months ago

What's the biggest pain point you have in your OT practice? - 1 Reply

Hi everybody! My name is Otto, I'm a Computer Science Engineer currently doing research about the Occupational Therapists market, I'm trying to...

esla in Fort Myers, Florida

Updated 21 months ago

need advice for travel position - 1 Reply

I currently work in adult home health but my numbers have been too low lately to keep going with it. I am considering a travel position in an...

Dancin'K in Washington, District of Columbia

Updated 21 months ago

Spirituality in Occupational Therapy - 25 Replies

The newly revised Occupational Therapy Practice Framework designates SPIRITUALITY as a client factor (specific ability, characteristic, or belief...

Matthew R in Metamora, Illinois

Updated 21 months ago

Scoring the Sensory Profile - 35 Replies

For anyone that's interested, I've posted two free scoring tools for the Sensory Profile on my website: http://www.upanzi.com (click on "Sensory...

roseladaOT in milwaukee, Wisconsin

New job OT

I recently changed speciality areas from SNF to OP neuro. I am going through extensive training and mentoring. I have noticed through my mentoring...

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