So... how much do OTs REALLY make?

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csn0803 in Irvine, California

60 months ago

Ok so I'm googling stats everywhere and it just gets more and more confusing... How much do OTs REALLY make? How much does a part-time OT make? It seems like a lot are stuck around 60k range even after experience, while some get offered 80k as a new grad! Does the salary go up a lot as you build experience or does your salary pretty much level off around 80-90k? Is it possible to earn 80k+ as a new grad in southern California?


Karamococa in San Diego, California

59 months ago

It completely depends on the setting. I have only worked in skilled nursing facilities, and in LA I was making $45/hr, and in San Diego, I'm making $48/hour. Do the math, and it's about $90k & 96k, respectively. So, in a word, yes it is possible to earn 80k+ in southern CA as a new grad. I only have a bit over one year's experience :) In terms of leveling off, from what I have heard, you typically don't break the $100-110k range unless you are particularly scrappy and go into home health or move out of treating entirely and into management, but I certainly cannot speak from experience. Typically, part time per diem or PRN (called in as needed) OTs make more than full time employments, as they don't receive benefits. From what I know, most OT positions pay by the hour, so you could expect a $4-5 increase from full time to part time/per diem rates to make up for the lack of benefits (PTO, health insurance, 401(k) match, etc.). Also, if you are working as an independent contractor, you're typically paid one rate for each hour treatment, and a significantly higher rate for each evaluation, as evaluations are reimbursed by insurance at a much higher rate.
Hope this helps and isn't too confusing :)


newtosd in Thornhill, Ontario

56 months ago

Hi Karamococa,
I am a new grad in SD, just took a position, and would like to ask you some questions if possible on
per hour rates! Can I get you're email if possible? Thanks.


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