Doing Fieldwork With Another College?

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gmc in Spring Valley, New York

66 months ago

Hi everyone. I'm currently finishing up my first semester (Fall 2012) in an Occupational Therapy Assistant program with my community college. With the way the curriculum is layed out, and factoring in fieldwork, it looks like I will not complete the OTA program until Spring 2015.

This is fine with me, however, my fiancee wants to go back to college starting Fall 2014. She is serving in Afghanistan right now and wants to put the GI Bill to good use. The problem is that all of the colleges she is interested in are on the other side of the country. If she starts in Fall 2014, and I'm not done with fieldwork until late Spring 2015, then we will be separated again for quite a while (about 8 months or so!).

We don't mind it that much and will make it work if need be, but we just wanted to know if it's possible to complete fieldwork in another state. For example, if there's a community college with an OTA program near her school, would it be possible to transfer there and just do my fieldwork hours with them? I would have already completed the academics and just need to complete the required 16 weeks of fieldwork.

Thank you.


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